This is is NOT an official announcement

To those who may observe their results fading, there NOTHING like that.
It’s just overload and recon.
Pretty much everyone is informed here that how much of a stubborn over-exposer I was and how much chaos I caused since my constant reconciliations.
Lately I have been exposing myself MAX 5 mins ( and I did that 5 mins with my custom which has 3 cores, after saint’s announcement). And I have been taking long breaks from 2 to 13 rest days frequently(today I listened to my 11 total minutes of 3 subs after MORE THAN 9 REST DAYS). 10 days ago I listened to total 9 mins of the subs and believe me recon was there after even on the 7th day. This can be my past overexposure but I started listening to 3 mins for a loong time.
And the final point is that when I listened today BOOM! results skyrocketed and I had not these intense results when I was overexposing myself EVERYDAY.
Now this post is not for everyone, cuz we have very much experienced users and I cannot talk for everyone. But honestly 15 mins every other day is TOO MUCH. Even saint does not do that. And ME, I listen to 3 mins average EVERY WEEK.
I just wanna say that when scripts are reconciled, and the proper synergistic effects are created(even when you listen the first and wait for the proper processing, maybe you will have very much less recon in your next session of rest days. So be patient.
Thank you


I thought it would be an official announcement but boy was I wrong.