This Astronaut's Dream Journal


Hey kids,

so… I hope it’s okay if I post my Dream Journal here. I got my track today (btw thank you subclub-team, you’re awesome!) and I guess it’s time for me to start my first journal.
So I havent listened to the track yet, will try it out soon to see what it’s like (Im pumped for it)
To make things easier to measure Ill state my objective here:
Short Term: Become lucid in a dream
Middle Term: Have lucid dreams every night and be able to control them
Long Term: Raise the vividness to 16K CrystalUltraHD = sharper than reality (This is possible, trust me. Something similar happened to me before)

That’s it. Excited for my first entry later today or tomorrow!


Glad to see you got your sub! I trust it’s worth the wait.

Are you using any techniques to trigger lucid dreams at this time? And using/doing anything to influence the direction of your dreams?


Yeah, I think so too.
I listen to other lucid dreaming tracks from time to time, I have a journal in which I outline my dreams when I remember then, yep. I guess that’s it. Ive noticed, the more I try to force lucid dreaming, the worse it got. Guess my subconscious knows my evil intentions … :smirk:

Btw: I ordered GOLD too now, you may say thats pretty daring given that I dont know yet if the subliminals work for me but I guess that’s what you do in an emergency haha.
Again, just to remember it: It actually isnt the subliminal thats changing your life, its the subliminal that gets the subconscious to think and feel in a specific way to target certain genes, which then produce the desired outcome… Just adding this here because I think its important to remember that it is us who have the power and potential to create and manifest


I like the attitude! :slight_smile:
Looking forward to your EoG journal as well. Don’t go through it too fast, emergency or not.

To those that start out with lucid dreaming there are techniques/habits you can develop. In a dream, everything is normal, even flying pink elephants going to work. In order to trigger lucidity, you need a fool-proof way. Many people develop a habit of reality-checks in their daily lives. Like looking at a digital clock every hour, or at their hand or an open book. Once it becomes a habit, you tend to start doing them in a dream as well. And that may trigger confirmation that you’re dreaming.

Of course there’s more advanced techniques like waking up in the middle of the night and going right back to sleep. Or using devices that stimulate you (no, not that kind of stimulation!) or monitor your sleep-cycles. Not to mention the super-cool Calea used by shamans and the like to have visions. But those are for another time.

I think I have many lucid dreams. Too bad I don’t remember any of them. :cry:


Yes, I think its the same with me. I think I have many lucid dreams, but I dont remember them.
For example yesterday I had a dream which felt very real, and when I woke up I was just about to forget the dream. So there are more disciplines to master than just “vividness” if thats an actual word.
The problem with reality checks is, well… what happened to me was that I just repeated the rc in the dream, but it didnt result in me becoming more lucid. Its really tricky.

For the EoG-Thing… Yeah, I know what you mean. I read the description and I absolutely feel that I have many negative attitudes towards money, making money etc… Things like “This is too much for me, Its too great to be real, lets stay real” and such stuff.
And now its time for me to let those attitudes go, I guess. I know.

Btw: A ***toy which makes you lucid in your dreams! That would be a great niche! DP, you’re a genius! (You dont listen to limitless by any chance?)


DP? You just had to go there in the same sentence as ***toy, didn’t you? You and your dirty mind! :wink:

I’m looking forward to hearing if Dreams helps you with dream retention. As for the reality checks, once they become habit, they should start working. You could try asking yourself “Am I dreaming?” while doing them. If you just go through the movement without telling your subconscious why you’re doing it, it’ll just repeat it in a dream and ignore it, just like you ignore it when you’re awake. It’s just routine. Try really focusing on your check, imagining what would happen if you were dreaming and in doing so confirming that you are not dreaming at this time. Don’t just ask yourself if you’re not dreaming, ask why you’re not dreaming.

For vividness, you need to understand that your senses are utilized in your dreams just like they are in your waking life. Which is why the result of using a certain stimulation would only lead to a certain dream. Same for smells and sounds.

That little Calea Z I linked to above is like a cheat in this regard. It tastes like the worst thing you’ve had in your life, but it temporarily turns your senses into those of a werewolf. You will hear your blood pulse through your body. And if you doze off, all those enhanced senses will operate in your dreams. It’s not called dreamweed for nothing. Of course, all medical warnings apply here. It’s perfectly legal as far as I know, but NOT recommended if you’re on any kind of medication. Do your due diligence if you consider it.

For a more responsible way, start this meditation practice: at a fixed time of your day (morning is most effective for this one), meditate for 5-10 minutes. You choose one of your goals, whether it is wealth, women, fame or your own tropical island, and then imagine yourself as if you already have it. It’s not easy, considering there’s a part of you telling you that you don’t, but keep with it. Then start engaging as many of your senses as you can.

Take the tropical island. If you are like most people, it’ll be doable to imagine what it looks like. You could walk up to a mirror to look at yourself, or look out over the beach. But the other senses take time. Can you hear the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach? The birds in the jungle behind your mansion? Can you smell that refreshing ocean smell? Feel a slight breeze coming in from the open doors to your balcony adjoining the bedroom? The sun on your skin? Breathe in deeply, just experiencing that tropical air, feeling completely fulfilled.

As you start engaging more of your senses, start going into more and more detail. The rustling of the curtains touched by the breeze, the feel of the evaporated moisture from the waves on your skin, the smell of fresh ground coffee beans that your tropical lover is making downstairs (unless you can look back and see her still asleep on your bed, the silken sheets covering just enough of her body to leave it up to your imagination, her chest slowly rising and falling as she dreams of you). Allow yourself to get that contented smile.

Take another deep breath and slowly come out of your meditation at your own tempo, opening your eyes when you’re ready.

The effects are twofold. First, it more clearly tells your subconscious what you want in life compared to other methods. Second, it teaches you body awareness and mindfulness, the ability to look inward and exist in one moment. This will translate to your dreams. The more vivid you become, the more vivid they become.

PS And yes, I have used that one as a hypnotic induction on people. While you’re reading it, just imagine a slow, deep voice. :slight_smile:


Day 1 - Log-Entry 1 - Total Times Listened: 2
I listened to it 2 times now, first time yesterday before bed, second time after waking up today.
Pretty interesting stuff I gotta say. So… I had this pretty interesting dream actually in which I was at home and a pack of thugs was roaming the floors and they were on their way to my door. And I did the best I could to be quiet so they’d think Im not at home and leave.
Then there was a taxi-driving woman, who winked me in and she was ready to help me get out of the situation. She was a little elderly. Hm…
The symbolism is pretty interesting but right now I have no idea what to make out of the symbolism.
Oh and I think it’s important to add that I took about 1g of Ashwagandha before bed


This is good, maybe it is worth journaling on the possible meanings of that symbolism, until you find something that resonates, that your subconscious tells you: “Yes, this is right.”


Well… It could mean alot… What comes to my mind is for example that the thugs are the outside world Im battling and the woman with the taxi is my subconscious/right hemisphere, wanting to help me get out of the situation to find my true and united inner core, like CG Jung put it…

It could also mean that I should pay my debts though


Day 2 - Log-Entry 1 - Total Times Listened: 3
The last time I listened to the track was just before sleeping.
I took again 1g Ashwagandha and woke up at around 5:40 AM and got back to sleep.

The first dream was about a girl from my former school class. She was actually pretty clingy in the dream and she used numerous opportunities to be close to me although we were in public. And then she admitted that she liked me. (Why doesnt this happen in RL, dammit?)

The second dream is pretty complicated to explain… lets see… “We” meaning people from my highschool and me and strangers, we were in some kinda park… With a lot of water and sunshine and people… It looked like a festival and they made the water pretty dope so there were like water-swim-parcours, which probably could not exist in RL.
Anyway, it seems like I did quite some things there to piss people off and I think they were right to be pissed off (Im an expert in this, trust me)
The dream ended with me being with some of those guys and a guy from work in a kitchen and I would do something with a shelf. I felt the presence of someone I know who passed away… (Guess it got something to do with the things the lady in the track tells you)

So all in all… We’re getting closer. Maybe one day Ill be able to be conscious in those dope-water-parks (and piss people off consciously)


Day 3 - Log-Entry 1 - Total Times Listened: 6

Hm… had quite a few dreams tonight, but I just remember 1 or 2.
The one I remember the most vivid features me walking around in my room nervously. Then, there are these two women playing chess. One is in obvious advantage to the other, as she managed to get multiple queens. However, she is impatient and calls it a day. She just breaks the game off and that’s it.
Someone asks me why I dont join and play a match against the woman.

That’s all I can remember for now


Day 4 - Log-Entry 1 - Total Times Listened: 7

Couldnt remember my dreams today… well… I guess my subconscious had a huge overload…


Day 4 - Log-Entry 2 - Total Times Listened: 7

Still cant remember anything. But what I can definitely say is, that getting eager to achieve lucidity in dreams and making plans what you will do and getting excited about it etc… leads to the opposite of what you want. At least I made the experience numerous times.
Feels kinda stupid… Its a bit like my subconscious wants to play Master Yoda and teach me to let go of expectations and be patient and stuff… “Patient you must get if to succed is what you want…”
Damn you, George Lucas


Would you prefer Confucius?
It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.

Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.

Benjamin Franklin?
He that can have patience can have what he will.

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

I can do this all day. :wink:

Thanks for continuing to share!

Can you give us a bit of a review of the Dreams subliminal (that’s the one you got, right)? No explicit details of course, but just enough to make everybody want to buy it. :slight_smile:


There is a fantasy novel I read in which it literally said: 3 of 4 parts of war consist of waiting.

What do you mean by review? You mean of the track itself?
Hm… There is a woman talking to you and well… saying things… Umm there is actually a word I dont know. It sounds like “abict” “addict” “affict” but I have no idea what it means. Will listen closely next time and look it up. I think the speaker could take a longer break between each sentence, cuz its kinda like brain-gym, you got to use your head and she is firing one sentence after the other. Maybe thats on purpose, I dont know.

Day 5 - Log-Entry 1 - Total Times Listened: 8
I must admit that the last few days Ive only listened once a day, right before bed. The first days I listened after waking up, but I woke up too late the last days and so I would have been late for work.
Anyway, Ill listen a few times to it today.
There is actually something I remembered, but I forgot it now. The first time I woke up I remembered it, then I forgot it. There is just an imagine thats still in my mind and thats too abstract to describe actually. It looks very colorful, I see a room, maybe a classroom and maybe there is my mother but I cant see much because my view is hindered by colored ballons… red and yellow.
Yep. Party-time.


I tried very hard to use my fledgling psychic powers to guess the word, but I couldn’t without knowing the rest of the sentence. :slight_smile:

By review I meant how your experience of it was. Did you feel like it took you on a little imaginative journey? Do you think it’s helping you dream better or remember more? What do you think about the background sounds/music? Like your idea of how she’s talking a bit fast, that’s a review.

As for that, I think it’s a bit like this: you know how some people influence what they dream about by telling themselves a story while falling asleep, or thinking about a particular problem to solve? From what I’ve read, the Dreams supercharger fires off some deep things that should cause your subconscious to look for creative answers. Perhaps you’re not meant to consciously interpret everything she says, but rather accept it and let your subconscious think about it further. Which is why Dreams is the only supercharger (I believe) where the recommendation is to run it at night before you fall asleep.

Have you noticed your dreams have education as a recurring theme? High school, classroom, a girl from school. Even playing chess is essentially a learning experience.


Ah that’s what you mean, alright.

Did you feel like it took you on a little imaginative journey?
Well… kinda yes. The problem is, the track is pretty short, and there is no induction. Im a bit experienced when it comes to induction, but I cant get really deep in.

Do you think it’s helping you dream better or remember more?
Hm… Not yet. But I dont think this is a problem with the track, I have noticed that this happens numerous times when I start to approach the topic. I think this little defense-reaction is quite normal and it should go away if I keep going I guess.

What do you think about the background sounds/music?
The beginning is a bit sinister hahaha. Her voice fits the theme, the music used is not constant, so there are different tracks. There is actually something that always catches me offguard. The last question she asks you is “-” Well… Im not so sure if I want to dream about that hahaha. I had some really terrifying dreams before and what I noticed is, there are more vivid than normal dreams. I think that goes for every emotional charged dream.
The sentence I dont understand is “-”

About the education-thing. No, havent noticed that yet, great hint, thanks!
There were times in which my dreams consist of school-related stuff only, so I didnt pay much attention to it. But thats a great tip, there are many things right now in my life connected to learning. Actually I see all what Im doing as a learning-and-solving-problems-thing.


Well, I shall presently switch from my psychic abilities to my inner Sherlock Holmes and deduce the word for you. Let’s see, I already know she speaks Queen’s English, so given the sentence, it must be…

avid adjective

  1. characterized by enthusiasm and vigorous pursuit : very eager and enthusiastic
    example : an avid lucid dreamer

Elementary, my dear Astronaut.

Saint mentioned the superchargers aren’t meant as hypnotic inductions, but rather as guided meditations. Although you are not the first one to mention the lead-in is on the short side. Saint also mentioned most people have a hard time staying focused for longer than 10 minutes until they practice a lot, so the lead-in had to be short to keep the track short.

Maybe it’s not the questions that matter or even the answers to them, but instead the creative process that starts in your subconscious when it hears them. Maybe in your dream you’ll end up in Hogwarts waving your wand and shouting Ridiculus!
Another classroom dream, this time about facing your fears.

And yes, emotion does make dreams stronger and more intense. A good thing too, since it is emotion that wakes you up from nightmares when they get too intense.

Do try to listen once or twice before going to sleep. If you just stay in it, then maybe the second time you’ll go deeper. It’s likely more effective than listening in the morning while your subconscious has all day to think on it.

PS. Best not to post any more specific lines from the product. Thank you for the review though!


So thats what it meant, alright. I never heard that word before. Well, Im not a native speaker after all, so thank you :smiley:

Thats exactly why I held back and didnt write the full sentence first.

No problem, going to continue


Day 5 - Log-Entry 2 - Total Times Listened: 10

I just listened to it again 2 times, but passively so I didnt pay much attention. I think thats still better than nothing and Im going to listen again before bed.
I just noticed that the question the woman asks you are really profound and deep. Actually Im used to deep conversations about pretty much anything but, she asks you things you cant just answer right away. You’d have to put alot of thought into it.
Very well done.