These sleepphones would work?


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By the way if you’re using sleephones wich one are you using?


Why wouldn’t they work? Unless you’re using ultrasonics in which case they don’t specify a frequency range anywhere so I wouldn’t know.

You might check if the Velcro in the back is elastic or not. Also, you might consider if you really want to sleep with a band on your head that’s constantly broadcasting Bluetooth. I personally sleep a lot better in places with as few radio-signals as possible. I once slept in a Faraday cage, it was pure heaven.

When I sleep alone, I use speakers on either side of the bed for good stereo. When I have company I use the original SleepPhones:


These ones:


What speakers do you use?


I sleep terribly if my wifi is on, or if my phone is left near my bed and not in airplane mode. My wife didn’t believe me when we first started dating, so a few times she left her phone on during the night as a test and I could always tell based on how I felt in the morning. How does it feel? Like I’ve been up all night watching tv… head hurts, eyes hurt, everything feels like crap.

A faraday cage would be awesome for sleeping. I’ll have to try that sometime!