[Theoretical] Disc. Business Man Ultima


How many people would like an Ultima focusing on putting you into the state of a successful business man?

Here are some things I would like in such a program.

  • Creative thinking for marketing / ads
  • Innovative thinking for products and processes
  • Technology awareness
  • Market awareness
  • Knowing how to get things done to get the desired results
  • Negotiation skills
  • Time management skills
  • Understand people
  • Read people

@Azriel - Finding exactly what people value

@Hoppa - Hiring people - Find the right people, have the courage to let them do the “important” jobs, letting other people to take responsibility

What else would you like to see in such an Ultima?

  • I will buy for sure (commitment)
  • I might consider once it comes out
  • Not interested

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Please don’t title it with “Main,” will confuse others into thinking it’s official.

  • Hiring people - Find the right people, have the courage to let them do the “important” jobs, letting other people to take responsibility

Edit: Voted for the I might consider it option. The key to making the subs to work is running your chosen stack for a long time. If the time is right, I would add it.


@Hoppa I thought of you the second I saw this


Yea, had to answer as soon as I saw the thread.


I haven’t voted.

First, remember that major programs affect your state as well.

Second, whether you use an Ultima for the purpose of a meeting/event, or as a regular booster for your primary business tasks, most of your requirements are already handled with existing products.

Like, when used along side a Business Major like EOG, Medici, EQ, or even Khan, Limitless Executive will support all of the following.

Which is why @SaintSovereign used BLU as his Major, before the development of LEU.

Similarly, alongside an MP, Commander is great for the people-specific activities.

I guess a user could create a custom G4 Ultima or HOM Ultima – it would be fun to discover how they perform. :+1:t2:



I’m agreed here. I want new titles to be comprehensive or innovative in ways current one’s cannot cover.

The only thing not directly covered in the above is negotiation and understanding people (any tech or market awareness would be covered by the limitless function in BLU). Although BLU helps with both tremendously in my opinion.

If someone also ran LE or BLU or Commander for business for several months and then said this is what’s missing despite being continuously immersed in these x,y,z actions, that be potentially valuable for a new title build as well.

The other direction I could see a Business Man Ultima be would be a more wealth based Ultima. This could include negotiations, finding exactly what people value, manifestations etc. I like the idea a lot and just think it would need further refinement in how it differentiates itself to be worth adding to the stack.


In my reply above, I had first quoted a very old post of mine. It pre-dates even Khan and True Social, let alone the Ultima product line. :blush:

Edited out because it upset the flow of the point being made.

Here’s a snippet from that: