The Way of the Lion

Starting off with a simple stack of Paragon + Ultimate Artist.

When the ZP Custom option arrives in the Q Store, I will be building a UA custom. And maybe a Paragon custom too. Lets see.

Any changes in my stack will be reflected in this journal (and in my Forum Profile). Don’t need to keep creating new journals for new stacks and make it confusing for all of us lol.


Day 1
Ultimate Artist, Paragon

Woke up early in the morning to a ringing sound in my ear. Which is odd since ZP titles have never given me that issue. And I have run both these titles before and never had this problem due to it.

I do have a bit of tinnitus so maybe it has increased a tad over time and this is a coincidence or even a form of reconcilliation. Will take extra rest days if it persists. And maybe even run DR ST1 for couple of days in case I need some Dragon Fire to get rid of it.

UA is working fine. Although I ended up using the creativity on writing political commentary on social media. Man, is such stuff addicting. Especially the Likes. But Likes don’t pay your bills man. Need to discipline myself and do something more rewarding.


Day 2

Fortunately the ringing in my ears has decreased significantly today. Will take an extra rest day to heal a bit more.

Since ZP Customs will be dropping soon, am wondering whether I should build my last Qv2 Custom (which I made at the end of January this year) in ZP format. It wasn’t exactly a focused title but the discount might be tempting. Will make my decision when SaintSovereign/Fire does the release.

The modules for that Custom were:

  1. Khan ST4 Q Core
  2. Lion IV
  3. Emperor’s Voice
  4. Gloryseeker
  5. Sultan
  6. Ultimate Writer
  7. SPS: Fat Burn
  8. APS: Hair
  9. Emperor Fitness Height Inducer
  10. Male Enhancement
  11. DEUS
  12. Mosaic

Again, not a focused custom at all but it has only one Core and 12 modules.

I guess if it doesn’t work out, I can always build a more focused custom later.


@Lion did you end up ordering an upgrade of your last custom or go with something else?

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Not yet, my friend. Am taking it a bit slow. Want to be sure before I do. Giving myself the whole of today to decide.

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Good choice, take your time to get it right. Be sure to tag me when you start thinking of ideas for it.

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This is the only custom that qualifies for the special discount since I made its Qv2 version this year:

As you can see, it’s not focused but it has everything I need in a single file. Am debating whether to build this or my book author custom:

Note: Might add RM Core. And possibly reduce the number of modules.

Decisions, decisions :grin:

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I really like the book author custom. It seems more in line and focused than the custom you would receive with the discount.

One thing I would suggest is removing Blue Skies because I’ve seen Saint say that is already in the ZP primer so it might not be necessary. Possibly look at other modules to fill in with the author goal.


I agree. Am leaning towards that too for that reason. Else I wouldn’t have given time to think up this one.

That’s very good advice regarding Blue Skiss. If am building it, I will remove the BS module LOL.

Yup. Will definitely look at your custom idea and pick some modules from it. Especially since SaintSovereign has verified it.

Thanks, bro :pray:

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Day 3

@jayvee - the 37.50 USD discount on my previous Qv2 custom was “an offer I couldn’t refuse.” (I had ordered it in Solace before so no extra 30 USD now AND the 25% Arch Alchemist discount still applies on 50 USD leading to a total sum of 37.5!).

So will try this ZP custom for a while (when I get it) along with Paragon ZP. If am not happy with it, will make my book author ZP custom.


Day 4

Removed Ultimate Artist from the stack in order to prepare myself while I wait for my custom (whose Core is Khan ST4).

Part of me wonders whether this custom will be the right choice cause it is a rebuild of my last Qv2 Custom and which isn’t exactly focused. But I have made a decision and I have to test it.

I find myself waking earlier in the morning these days. Reminds me of StarkQ. Some of StarkQ productivity is surely in UA ZP.

Diacovered that 1 loop of Paragon has less recon than 2 (when am having a stack only consisting of Paragon). I didn’t come to this conclusion today but noticed it over the course of several months. Wonder if it is the same for other titles.


Day 5

Yesterday snd today were exhausting trying to resolve some differences between my sister and her husband over the phone. Red pill knowledge did come in handy since I could see the pattern quite easily. Although the exercise was both rewarding and mentally draining, am detached from the result of their choices since what others, including what my own sister might choose to her detriment, isn’t something I can control. What I can do is to highlight the consequences of their decisions for them and their children and let them decide.

I did notice that I felt that it was extremely easy for me to talk and get their attention while I shared my knowledge of evolutionary biology with them. I think it was UA ZP and it definitely boosts creativity and intelligence with regard to teaching and influence while at the same time being able to listen to others when they talk.


Day 6
Ascension Chamber

I got my custom today and am eager to try it. But that will have to wait for the day after tomorrow.

Had a dream about not being able to catch a train. The first thought I had when i woke up is that I must be feeling that am not able to reach my destination. It was anxiety riddling and I have had a few dreams before of missing flights which also caused me some panic during the dream.

I checked with Google and it showed that such dreams usually “indicates that you feel you may be missing some opportunity to fulfil a particular ambition in waking life”. Which sounds pretty accurate. As if life is passing me by as I try to look for solutions to my issues. The most important one being my health.

Talking about health, I have begun One Meal a Day (OMAD) today. Had done this before to lose weight and for general health, and it had given great results.

I do have the Fat Burn module in my custom and am sure that will help.


Does OMAD give you more energy for subliminal use?


OMAD might work against the subliminals in terms of giving energy (especially in the first few days). But am willing to take that risk since at my current weight, it would be unhealthy to not lose a significant amount of pounds right now.

I will give some time to test this out but if the ZP’s don’t work because it isn’t receiving energy, I am willing to take more rest days or even stop running subliminals for a while (maybe only run Ascension Chamber once per week).


If I ever end up creating a new journal, you bet yo’ ass it’ll be called “The Way of The Senate”




Do you do any sport or physical activity?


I do yoga.


Some members changed their forum nickname(and I am a bit lost in who is who), are you raphael? You write like him…in case you are: hi!

Very interesting to hear about yoga, I think it is good to combine yoga with sub use, especially helps with grounding for me.

Curious to know how long you have been practising yoga and what benefits you obtained it from it?

Edit: just clicked on your profile and saw your previous forum name was Raphael lol👋