The value of Limitless


I was listening to subliminals today, and a creative thought began growing in my mind. I wondered how powerful Limitless is in helping one heal mental limits and emotional blocks.

I heard something in recent weeks, and I’m hanging on to it. The message was “those who are aware of events and changes (in the financial markets) are those who can make confident decisions both now and in the future.” I’ve been focusing on financial matters in recent weeks, but the aim I’ve held on to for years has been emotional healing and growth.

My main reason for writing is to say I’m getting it, piece by piece. Limitless, included in all major programs, opens my mind up to things I’ve been afraid of handling. It makes me THINK, encourages me to question known or assumed facts, and keeps tickling my curiosity when I know I’m avoiding something due to fear.

Awareness is powerful considering I’ve seen and acted on the opposite of it. But ignorance breeds frustration, while awareness opens pathways to peace. I choose peace, and it feels better.

I appreciate the foresight Fire and Saint put into these programs. It’s a lifeline.