The Strongest Subliminal I've Ever Tried(StarkQ T)


So i’ve tried one loop of starkq terminus yesterday and holy damn it’s so strong. It’s so strong that I felt side effects the day after and trust there painful:( however after you push through it’s amazing. I taught starkq gets girls to text you first and new girls come well that kinda is true and girls answer right away which is good. Only question is when i was in the painful side effects I wanted to change to emperor fitness however I push through the pain and I didn’t do it and felt better why is that @SaintSovereign


I agree with you, started feeling the effects immediately after running it.

I’ve been running StarkQ (not the terminus version) for 2 months and noticed the same thing about texts from girls among other things. After a few weeks of listening, I got a bunch of them texting me on the dating apps. Sadly this didn’t last nor lead to anything… so probably reconciliation.

I’m also feeling a very strong urge to change to another sub but decided to keep at it for a few more months and see what happens


That makes no sense. Reconciliation happens WITHIN your head. It didn’t lead to anything because it just didn’t work out/they lost interest.


Yeah true, but that aside. I stopped noticing any changes in my thoughts and behaviors too unlike in the first few weeks where I was much more confident and motivated than usual.