The Ride: Quantum Limitless + Ascension for Women + PCC

Hi everyone :blush:

After some thinking, I decided to start a journal here after all. Originally I wasn’t going to journal but over time I realized it’s necessary because I keep forgetting things and dismissing progress, however small it is.

Right now I’m on stage 3 of Quantum limitless. I have been listening to it consistently for the past 3 months (1 stage for 1 cycle). I have listened to other titles along with QL but since I wasn’t seeing much results I dropped them. I listened Love bomb for 1 cycle and Sanguine for 2 cycles. I suspect I wasn’t seeing results with Love bomb because on the sales page it says that Love bomb “is nearly completely aura based, so it is more dependent on your inner growth. If you are closed off, scornful to those around you, low energy, unavailable to others, filled with blockages and traumas that need to be dealt with, then hold off with Love Bomb. Having a profound aura of love is quite a bit harder if you are all of those above, and it’s not the solution to your problems.”

I suspect I wasn’t seeing much results with Sanguine because of the same reason. I would probably need a healing title for awhile and then go back to those titles. Around 10 days ago I added Ascension for women and I’m very pleased with it so far.

So to sum up, right now I am listening Quantum limitless and Ascension for women by following the recommended official listening pattern.

Some things I have noticed so far:

  1. Being more productive in general

The progress here is small but it is visible. I often catch myself thinking of doing something, decide to postpone it for an hour, or a day or whatever but then decide against postponing and do it anyway. The surprising bit (at least for me) is that this started when I started listening to Ascension even though I have been listening to QL and it’s a learning & productivity sub.

  1. Desire to take care of myself

Here I’m mostly talking about my health. Two days ago I finally went to get my blood work done after like…10 years or something. My iron is low so I’m taking supplements. I always knew I was iron deficient (because every time I tried to donate blood they turned me away), I just never did anything about it. Next on the list is gynecologist which I also haven’t seen in forever. This I attribute to Ascension.

Another thing is looking into improving my nutrition which is terrible (lots of sweets and almost no vegetables). I was seriously contemplating trying carnivore but decided against it as I feel it would be too much of a shock for my body. So I am looking into keto, looks more doable and realistic for me. I even wrote some things down on a piece of paper which I haven’t done in a long time. The goal here would not be to lose weight but to feel better and just eat healthier in general. If I lose a couple of pounds in the process, even better. This I attribute to QL.

  1. Finance

Thoughts of investing small amounts to create a more secure financial future. I think Ascension is responsible for this.

  1. Thinking

I noticed that there are times I seem to be faster thinking and making faster connections. Other times, I am slow as usual. Hoping this will get better in time.

  1. Looking into picking up new interesting hobbies

I was seriously looking into rollerblading and waveboarding. I have done rollerblading as a kid. I have never done waveboarding but it looks cool. I looked into waveboarding before but kind of seemed grueling to learn but I guess after listening to QL now I’m thinking I could learn it easily. I almost bought myself the equipment needed for rollerblading and waveboarding. But then I started thinking how that money could be put to better use for financing creating myself a custom down the line. It almost feels like a battle between QL and Ascension.


Excellent decision! Now prepare for even better results as time goes on due to affirming your results on this journal.


I suspect because Quantum Limitless is such a big title to run - it overrides other smaller titles. Just a guess.

Not sure I understand which part of my post you are referring to? I’m not here long but it doesn’t make sense that a big title would override a smaller title…In that case, what would be the point of stacking titles then?

Stage 3 of Quantum limitless finished. One cycle of Ascension finished. This is my last day of washout.

I am seriously considering adding PCC as a third ZP title. I was thinking either Rebirth or PCC but office environment has been crazy lately so I think I am gonna go with PCC. I hope I don’t turn into a Machiavellian.

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I am really interested in PCC as I believe it would help me navigate my work environment easier since I have to deal with different types of people on a daily basis (some of them which are very difficult) but reading through some of these laws like " Never put too much trust in friends, learn how to use enemies", “Get others to do the work for you, but always take the credit”, “Keep others in suspended terror,cultivate an air of unpredictability”…It’s not really appealing to me. I love my friends and I don’t like to take credit from other people. And I certainly don’t want to keep people in a suspended terror.

Any advice from people who have ran PCC or anyone else?

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PCC is awesome. Running it with any alpha subliminal (in your case Ascension for Women) will work very well.

It will make you a smooth operator but in a good way. You will naturally grasp social dynamics and will ooze charisma and skills necessary to deal with any one around you, whether they be family, work colleagues, friend or foe. Your verbal game will be on point and it will help you influence others as if you have done it all your life.

Speaking from personal experience.

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Well Lion…I bought PCC. Should be interesting :smiley:

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You might be much more likely to know when someone is trying to get you to do something against your well being, and then know what to do. Think of PCC as a type of emotional and interpersonal self-protection.


I am currently into 6th day of stage 4 of QL as well as 2nd cycle of Ascension.

Some things I noticed:

  • finally doing some stuff I have been postponing a lot
  • I downloaded Habitica to track my habits and to-do list which has been going really well
  • certain things at work were clicking faster in my head than usual
  • less stress at work over things that would usually stress me out much more before

Today will be my second loop of PCC so not much to report. Though I did hug my coworker today which I usually don’t do, it was out of joke to throw him off guard. Could be a PCC thing or maybe not.

I have also been thinking about what to do when I finish with stage 4 of QL. Should I create a custom around stage 4, or just listen to stage 4 for awhile or do another round of all 4 stages. Decisions, decisions…


Feeling unusually light today. As if some weight has been lifted off my shoulder.

Work today did not feel as emotionally draining as usual. Problems at work today did not feel so much as problems, more as challenges.

I like it. I hope these feelings/states stick.