The Rebirth of The Limitless Emperor


Entry 1 of my weekly journal.

It has been 3 days since I started with Rebirth, Limitless, and Emperor. Based on the suggestions from @SaintSovereign and @Yardbird, my stack has more iterations of Rebirth and Limitless.

I am easing into it to avoid jolting my subconscious with constant positivity. I will follow a 3-5 hours/day regimen with consistency for a period of 3 months. In most cases, it is an ideal time-span for measuring the performance.

I have set short-term “learning” goals to harness the potential of Limitless and Rebirth. I have also taken stock of my past efficiency for a quantitative measurement of the benefit of the program.

For example, it took me 4 weeks to finish the first half of a particular course that I have signed up for. At this rate (including the inevitable chaos of life), I would be able to take up 5 courses until October 2019, my deadline for the “Learning” phase. With Limitless, I hope to

a) Add at least one more course to my skill-set.
b) Gain basic knowledge of a new Language.

Immediate effects : I felt a little heavy the first day, sort of a brain-fog. I feel sharper today and also feel a strange calm within me. Even if it’s a placebo or psychosomatic effect, it is welcome. As I go deeper into the program, I hope to see these qualities manifest permanently.

Until next week !!


Entry 2

I have been running my program for a week now. Have not had any unusual experiences like some of the subclub mates have described in their posts. But I certainly feel an “order” manifesting within me.

I had a bad day this week. Well, it was a mother-of-all-bad-days. In the past I have at least resorted to losing my temper, or worse, lashed out at others if the fault was not mine. Surprisingly, I did not “react”, angrily or otherwise - no complaining, no whining, no yelling. I silently analysed the turn of events that led up to the colossal mess that was my day, and to my own surprise had a very profound realization about what I need to change to avoid such chaos in the future.

I have been busy with tasks, professional and personal, and manage about 3-5 hours of listening to the program. For the first 2-3 days, I did experience a heaviness in my head and continue to feel a strange restlessness in my body – churning in the stomach, muscles twitching etc. – especially when I listen to Emperor. Perhaps it is the reconciliation phase.

Well, my first week has been positive if not life-altering. Will continue this process consistently.

Until next week !!
Ciao !


Entry 3

This week was rather hectic. I could not devote as much time to “actively” listen to the subliminals. I stuck to Limitless and rebirth while working and played emperor at night time right before I slept. On some days, I let it play throughout the night and woke up feeling good. Emperor seems to have struck a cord with me. I have experienced very little internal resistance so far, unlike some of the experiences of other members.

Like last week, I was again in a difficult situation - An urgent situation which was bound to cause some panic. Yet, I was pretty calm and handled it well (I hope).

@Fire @SaintSovereign : Will playing Emperor while asleep have the same effect as listening to it when awake ? I came across a video of Dr. Bruce Lipton, and he claims that subconscious rewiring is best done while asleep. He calls it behavior/belief modulation.

I need to spare more time towards my learning endeavours and benefit from Limitless.

Until Next Week !


Entry 4

I missed an entry last week. My schedule has been rather hectic. Lately I have been listening to Emperor and Rebirth a lot more than Limitless. Another change is that all my Emperor + Rebirth exposure is now “subconscious”, i.e., while I am asleep.

I have been swamped with a lot of challenges and have also undertaken new responsibilities. So far I am managing well.

One thing I have noticed is that I am forceful in conversations. Not in an impolite or arrogant way, but in an assertive fashion. This has given me an edge in several interactions. Twice I have had to reprimand someone for their mistakes, and both times, I didn’t “loose” it. I went from 0 to 100 for a second, and was calm as before a moment after. Usually, the anger lingers over, but surprisingly that has not been the case in these two instances. I am almost always in control.

There’s still miles to go and improve upon. Especially when it comes to Limitless : I need to harness its potential effectively.

Well, slowly and consistently I suppose.

Until next week !



Entry 5

I have moved to a different country for a few months. This entire week was consumed by the preparation for the trip.
Almost all of my Emperor listening is now subconscious - while asleep. On the contrary I listen to Limitless while working/learning, and also include a few loops of Rebirth in the stack.
The next 6 weeks are crucial as I have a lot to learn and this is when I will be testing the benefits of Limitless. As I have admitted earlier, haven’t quite been consistent with Limitless for the past few weeks.

The inertia that my subconscious might have presented to Emperor is much weaker now. I am less restless and fatigued while listening to it actively. As @SaintSovereign has repeatedly pointed out, the changes manifest only when action accompanies the subliminal programs, and my experience has been the same. I have put in effort to become a more formidable person, and that is beginning to reflect. On the other hand, I did not yet make any significant “moves” on the “empire” front, so financially and career-wise, I haven’t made any progress. I intend to remedy it this week.

Well, I truly hope Limitless helps me in my learning goals as as much as Emperor.

Until next week!!



Entry 6

I have begun working on my learning plan and have adopted the set-forget method for Limitless v2 and Limit Destroyer while I am at it. The challenges are manifold : I have enrolled in a course that has prerequisites with a year long experience, which I do not have. My objective was to learn the prerequisites on the fly, dynamically bridge the demand-supply gap of knowledge and move forward with the course. It was going rather well, until I had to take a 1 month long break from the plan which crashed my “flight”. Now, I am at an advanced stage in the course and the deadline is approaching. I can no-longer equip myself with necessary tools before taking on the assignments and have to take the challenges head-on.

This will be a true test for Limitless for me. I need to overcome the mental barriers and the fear as I will truly be approaching the unknown without the weaponry one would wish to have at his disposal. I hope it helps me bridge the psycho-social barriers and accomplish the objectives.

I am also learning a new language. It has just been 2 days so I can’t comment on my learning curve, but perhaps in a week I will be able to observe more. In the past, I have never cared or been interested in learning the local languages, despite living in places where people attach immense pride to their language. I just wasn’t motivated. This time, it’s different. I do want to learn the language and am counting on Limitless to keep me on that path.

@SaintSovereign, I am looking forward to the Quantum Limitless program. All the best !

Until next week !



Entry 7

This will be a quick one. Deadlines after deadlines.

Running Limitless daily with Emperor and Rebirth. In the last week, I have begun using ultrasonics a lot more than masked. And surprisingly, I have had rather vivid dreams and slept more than usual. Surprising because I have been using the masked versions for over 2 months now.

@SaintSovereign : Does the impact of masked and ultrasonics vary depending on the individual ?

As for Limitless, I am beginning to see a clear impact. I make it a point to finish what I started, sometimes to my own detriment. This time however, the odds were too many in the course I have enrolled in. There was a day when I decided to switch to another course after a thorough cost-benefit analysis, which made perfect sense too.

And then on a spur of the moment I cancelled my switch request, and continued with the current program. It was hell. For days I did not know or understand what I was doing. I only knew the why. Still, I kept moving forward, and yesterday I reached half-way through with a better grasp over the subject matter.

I do not know why I acted on impulse. Perhaps it was Limitless helping me push my limits beyond what I falsely believe they are. Whatever it was, I took a leap and made it across. And it feels exhilarating – Knowing that you can do what you thought was impossible.

I will perhaps not meet the final deadline and seek an extension. But then again, maybe this is another limit I will breach in the process.

@SaintSovereign : Thank you for Limitless. Willingness + Action + Limitless = Accomplishment !
I look forward to Quantum Limitless. And request you to add a focus/concentration module as well.

Until next time.

Ciao !!