The Race To The Peak - Peak Physical/Success

I’ve decided to create a custom to make sure I’m at the peak of physical attractiveness and success. One thing I’ve always missed and I’ve felt deep down is being physically attractive and it’s only when I introspect on it deeply I notice it. Don’t get me wrong I’m a good looking guy but I don’t feel it (I’ve been told it but I’m not as physically attractive as I want to be). And only realizing this now was why whenever I would try to make a custom with Wanted or any modules that are supposed to help me talk or act a certain way with girls I would have issues with it, drop it or hate what it gives me because when I truly think about it and look at my life as a whole. I’ve had more luck with girls then the average guy and this says something. I’m not particularly the smartest guy from the average nor am I the the most attractive one but what I have that others don’t is the motivation/discipline/experiences and that have grown me and allowed me to get the money side of my life going up, my fitness side going up and all other factors.

If I look even deeper, what I notice is if I ever truly wanted a girl and I knew she found me at least somewhat attractive I knew how to make her fall in love with me and what to say to her to keep it going so my issue was never my personality or how to seduce a girl I like I was always competent in it but I always my entire life felt not the most physically attractive and in this is why I made this custom. To focus on success while building up my physical attractiveness to attract and by them use the power I’ve been blessed with to go for a girl that I like and that is physically attracted to me.

With all this said in done, I would like to welcome the custom that I know for sure I will run for 6 months if not more, no matter how hard it gets, no matter how painful it is, I swear I will do so @GoldenTiger @enigma12 hopefully this makes you happy guys:) I present you Supermind ZP:

Superman ZP
  • Stark Core
  • Technological Prodigy
  • Productivity Unleashed
  • Machine: Action
  • Extreme Exercise Motivation
  • Lifeblood Fable
  • Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
  • The Streams
  • Financial Success Reality Shifter
  • I.Q. and Cognitive Booster
  • Physicality Shifter - Sexiness
  • Facial Morphing
  • Emperor Fitness Height Inducer
  • Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
  • SPS: Endocrine System
  • Direct Influencing Aura
  • Ethereal Presence
  • Informaticon
  • Carpe Diem Ascended
  • Dominion

Notes from week 1:

  • Hunger is much higher then usual, I’ve been eating so much but luckily I crave more fruits as a sugar source then fast food

  • My recovery has been sub-optimal according to my WHOOP (41% average) which I contribute to the fast physical shifting I’m experiencing.

  • I sleep and need much more sleep. Usually I can survive and be optimal with 8 hours of sleep but now I seem to need at least 9 - 10 hours of sleep to perform at my peak and recover well.

  • Less social then usual I think this is because of my mini run of the new Emperor a week ago (Never again will I run Emperor it was a mistake for me because it doesn’t fit who I am at all and I payed the price for the time that I ran it)

  • Fatigue/tiredness which is normal because of the physical shifting.

  • My intuition told me that it would be best to upgrade to the new Sony WX-1000XM5 to get better results with subs instead of my Jabra Elite 85h. Not sure if it’s worth it but it’s worth a try. Also started to take a magnesium blend again to get more deep sleep which seems to be what I’m kind of missing according to my WHOOP.

Now let’s go now to the results of week 1:

Physical Shifting:

  • Face seems to be becoming more and more like Henry Cavil with conscious guidance and same as my facial hair (I will maybe post pics of it towards month 3)

  • Seems my posture got better and I got a bit taller? Not sure but that we will see as time goes.

  • Way more vascular then usual and my shoulders seem to be blowing up and all muscles seem to be bigger. This can be further seen by my weight going from 85kg to 87kg this week (Obviously not all muscle).

  • Eyes and eyebrows seem to be more sexy and more hunteresque.

  • Way better work outs/more motivation to train.

  • Insane strength gains which leads to PR’s every single day of this week. For the first time since I started working hit I almost hit 2 plates on squat (Keep in mind the week before that the most I could do was 90lbs for 8 reps, now I can do 160lbs for 10 and I’m still to trying understand how on earth I did that in a week with good form and normal tempo).

  • Better hair and it seems to be growing much faster.

  • Deeper voice but I’m not sure if it’s just me and my T seems to be higher (SPS: Endocrine System?).

  • Seems IQ booster is working as well but subtly I’m more calculated and I know when to say something at the right time. My memory seems to be better as well as my problem solving skills. And I feel calculated similar to how Andrew Tate acts as an example.

Tech / Success:

  • People keep inviting me to hang out and girls as well and I seem to be an authority figure and a person of influencer if I want something and say it/think about it it usually happen it’s crazy (Dominion and Direct Influencing aura). For example, I have a friend who usually never has any time or but when I told him to come for something suddenly he was free and wanting to hang out (This happen 2 days after my first loop from my custom). And it seems that whenever I ask any of my friends to hang out it always goes as I wanted it to go and we have a lot fun together.

  • Girls seem to be more comfortable with me in that they usually approach me more at the gym and if I text them their more friendly/flirty with me then usual.

  • I get situations and information when I need them or when I don’t understand a topic (Information).

  • I had a situation at work where I was stressed about a task I had no clue how to handle but somehow not only did I resolve the task and move it forward but I did it well.

  • I seem to be learning cyber security concepts at a much faster rate which will be an asset when I start my cyber program in September.

  • Much better focus and I can focus longer, be more productive and have a proper schedule (Machine Action and Productivity Unleashed)


Looks more like a Batman sub than Superman lol

Hi, so Wanted did not give you as much physical shifting as Stark?

Wanted would give me more physical shifting then Stark by default but if I use a Stark + Physical shifting modules in custom then my Stark custom would give me more physical shifting then Wanted.

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Found this and instantly started taken creatine: Creatine sleep insomnia - YouTube

Curious to see how the Stark custom + Paragon Sleep would be to perform optimally.

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With your experience with Stark, Wanted and Limitless, do you think a Stark custom with Physical Shifting + Temptation + IQ would be comparable to Stark + Limitless + Minds Eye?

Never tried Temptation or Mind Eyes. But Stark + Physical Shifting + Temptation + Iq booster is very different to Stark + Limitless + Minds Eye. It’s like comparing Wanted to Emperor their very different archetypes but one thing for sure I would not recommend doing IQ booster + Temptation.

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Why? Is it because the custom would be less focused?

Yepp exactly. Temptation is a very seduction focused module and Iq booster is very intelligence focused module. Adding them together would not be a fun ride (Coming from a guy who made a mistake and added Wanted to an intelligence custom once).

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thanks :slight_smile:

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New custom that I will run with Mind’s Eye (If everything goes well I should be able to run this custom for at least a year):


Limitless Core
True Sell Core


Technological Prodigy
Productivity Unleashed
Machine: Action
Extreme Exercise Motivation
Lifeblood Fable
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
The Streams
Financial Success Reality Shifter
Index Gate
Virtuoso di Matematica

Physical Shifting:

Physicality Shifter – Sexiness
SPS: Fat Burn
Emperor Fitness: Height Inducer


Direct Influencing Aura
Ethereal Presence

Result Enchancer:

Carpe Diem Ascended

What I noticed and I great benefit of the WHOOP. Is I know exactly when I have recon. For example, if I had excellent sleep (Above 95%) and good recovery (Above 70%) then I know for a fact I don’t have any health issues or anything I did wrong. The only logical answer that would be is that I’m having recon which is why I would have headaches or tiredness. I would highly recommend the WHOOP or Oura ring if you ever want to know exactly for sure if your having recon or you had bad sleep/recovery. For Oura, not sure how it works since I don’t use it but @BLACKICE might.

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Also in the new custom I have SPS: Fat Burn and Emeperor: Height Inducer which I think the WHOOP can help with tracking the progress. For example, for SPS: Fat Burn I will know if it’s working if the calories I burn per day is more then 2000 calories on rest days (Not 100% accurate as per every fitness device) if it’s higher then I know SPS: Fat Burn is giving the results and something is happening. Also if my skin temperature is higher then usual then it would be a indicator that SPS: Fat Burn is working since on it your supposed to feel more heat (This is just a theory relating to skin temp but it would be interesting to see). As for height inducer, whenever I get good physical shifting results, usually my recovery on my WHOOP goes down to yellow which I believe is because of the continuous strain of shifting the physical parts (Again just a theory) since whenever I use a sub without any physical shifting it’s only in green and it’s always in yellow when physical shifting is involved.

With Oura, I can tell if I’ve had a bad sleep quite easily… it puts, IMHO, too much emphasis on REM sleep over deep, but aside from that… the longer it takes me to fall asleep (a metric they call sleep latency) and the more REM vs deep that I get, the more I feel I’ve had recon. That just as easily correlates to how I feel in the morning, but it’s nice to see both the cumulative sleep score and the breakdown of each metric for confirmation.

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