The Quantum Limitless Emperor - 11/11


So Ladies & Gentleman,

Welcome back to this promising forum post. In this post I will be affording hope and assurance to the ones that haven’t yet reached there wished for whatever subliminal stack you’ve used. As well as documenting my progress on the two major programs, Emperor & Quantum Limitless. Combined with two superchargers being Beyond Limitless & True Social. I will be putting the focus on Beyond Limitless and will use True Social every now and then when going to a social event. I am already a social, ambitious and energized person in general yet I have found from running Emperor I’ve focused my energy more on building an Empire so to say. That’s not really where my energy should go when attaining certain social events because of this I chose to add True Social to my stack. Having that said let’s go a little further into details.

A few things personally. I am an 18 years old high school dropout running a business as of October 2019. I actually turn 19 on the 14th of november this month. I studied Cyber Security in the high school of Mechelen in Belgium. After I few months I decided to opt out as there was really not much for me to learn there. Be aware, school is one of the biggest marketing scams in history. I knew this already upfront but I decided to give this new “Cyber Security” study a chance. We’ll let’s say it was as expected. Oh god, I’m happy I’ve graduated :sweat_smile:! A few more things on me, I always knew I was going to be an entrepreneur and build my own business since around the age of 10. I am not just taking this decision out of nowhere. I’ve been manifesting this reality since I was of the age of 10, so also be aware of that. I’ve been preparing for this moment over the last year, while I was still in high school.

Starting date 11/11, for some being an interesting date for others just regular 11 november. The stack I’m running goes like this:

  • Emperor x 4 a day | No particular ending date as of now

  • Quantum Limitless x 4 to 6 times a day | Stage 1 from 11/11 until 11/12

  • Quantum Limitless x 4 to 6 times a day | Stage 2 from 11/12 until 11/01

  • Quantum Limitless x 4 to 6 times a day | Stage 3 from 11/01 until 11/02

  • Quantum Limitless x 4 to 6 times a day | Stage 4 from 11/03 until (Time will tell).

Exposure to Emperor - 84 hours a month
Exposure to Quantum Limitless - 84 to 126 hours a month

I will play Beyond Limitless everyone morning when I wake up and incorporate it into my routine. As well as playing it whenever it feels like I need a boost in my consciousness, before a study session or a deep work session. True Social as said before will be used before social events of any kind.

Disclaimer, this is only one of the many technologies I use in orde to improve my personal development, health and consciousness. I do not guarantee that you’ll get the same results in the periods of time. I do guarantee if you follow the steps in my journal you’ll get amazing results.

Steps to take in order to get good and fast results. (There are probably many more but I’ll put the ones in that come to my mind as of right now.) There will be more positive habits and mindsets in the description as you’ll follow my journal.

  1. Have discipline, no shiny object syndrome. Stick to your stack and goals.
  2. Whatever you think you deserve to achieve you’ll achieve. Believe in yourself.
  3. Take action.
  4. Don’t quit if you’re not getting the desired results.

The one most important rule to succes is to never quit. Your not going to win anything by quiting, if you really want something dedicate yourself to it. The only reason you didn’t get the desired results is because of you and nothing else. Change and adapt your plan and get back in the race. Eventually you’ll reach the goal you’ve set it. It takes time to manifest something, for some it will be quicker then others. It really all depends on your own frequency.

All you have to do is dial into the desired frequency and you’ve already created your desires. Time is on an illusion as Einstein said and yes it’s true. The only real moment in existence is the present of now. If you tune yourself into a certain frequency into the present your future is set. It’s already created and there the only important thing now is to stick to that frequency and take the time for it to be manifested. I’m sure everyone on here ever has done a guided visualization where you’re successful, you feel the energy, you know you’re going to get it. Well you’ve created it already and you’re dialed into that frequency. But then the next day you wake up and you’re not feeling it anymore. Well guess what you tuned into your lower frequency again. This is why highly successful people will go over there goals every damn morning and visualize them. Only after a few weeks it’s programmed into the subconscious and they end up creating even greater things imagined.

Also be fit, be healthy. None wants brain fog. Be in charge of your mind and body. Be aware of what you put into your mouth. You are what you eat. Eat junk food and you’ll feel like and operate as junk food.

Slow & Steady is key. Little steps every day will make you a great person. I don’t expect you to wake up next morning and be one of the greatest ever lived. Building up momentum is also important.

So that are some hints and tips that came to my mind when typing this forum post. I hope it is helpful to some people out there. Also English is not my foreign language so if there are in typos or if a sentence doesn’t make sense be sure to let me know and I’ll adjust it.

Now let’s cover my goals for next year. I’ll make it nice and simple.

  • Building a multiple 6-figure Business by the end of 2020. Do keep in mind I have a plan waiting to be manifested. I’ve been working on this for quiet some time. I really love to help people out and because of this I took my time to make this forum post. Coming across many motivated people young and less young puts a smile on my face, having hopes for humanity!

° Yes, we’ve been programmed, brainwashed and imprisoned by a small group in power of earth. It will all come to end though in the near future. So I’m hoping everyone can manifest there dreams and make a change. Remember it’s all about your mindset folks this is what differentiates the rich from the poor. Watch out for your ego tho, it’s not all about the materialistic things and money. Be passionate, come with great ideas to help people not to rip people off. Business is only solving problems. Do it in a good way. Money will be a by-product of your passion and effort.

Lastly some book recommendations, I’ll keep it on the Personal Development topic :

  1. Think & Grow rich - Napoleon Hill
  2. Reality Transurfing - Vadim Zeland
  3. Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Robert T. Kiyosaki
  4. Psycho Cybernetics - Maxwell Maltz
  5. The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains - Nicholas Carr
  6. The Way of The Superior Men - David Deida
  7. Power vs Force - David R. Hawkins
  8. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen R. Covey

Good look & Have a lovely day :heart:


Nice intro, excited about the updates


Though my updates will not be as regularly as the other journals out here. I’ll at least keep updates every other week or so. I hope people will be able to see what can be achieved in the time span of a year. This was also my main motivated for making this journal. I’m not so into leaving my personal life on the table. Especially on going into detail what I’m working on, as there is much secrecy involved with it. Everyone has there own path and will, some things do not have to be heard unless someone is seeking to known. I don’t want to expose people to certain information that would change there destiny you could say. The karma would end up being mine.

I’m only trying to document the power of the subconscious mind, how it directs our life, the personality we have and the person we become.


I’m eager to start my QL journey soon as well, will be following your journal in the meantime!


Can you explain more about this “small group in power”?


These elites we’re talking about? There are souls on earth who have basically been incarnated without a connection to the heart space. Making them completely devilish and selfish. They are in complete control of the world and the systems that have been put into place because they own the banks and the money. So we’ve pretty much been enslaved without even knowing. Which is the best way to enslave a species do you think? Enslave them without making them realize they have been enslaved. While a human being has so much power we’re like rats being toxified by all sorts of chemicals to keep us in a low state of energy and conscious. That being said, by keeping us in a low state of energy and conscious they can easily manipulate us into believing anything. While the universe does have a process of ascension put in place and we’re heading into the third state of ascension where we head in to a greater state of conscious they will be no longer able to take advantage over us for there egoistical purposes. We’re heading into a civilization of union living in the heart instead of the head or ego. A 5D state of conscious as you may call it. These souls we speak of our also soul that have cut of there connections with source creator, meaning they do not get energy straight from source to survive and need to feed on other species, like humans that are connected to source creator.


saying we have democracy while we dont have is one the biggest scams of this world

and most people believe we have


Well the first lie we get told is that we are going to die. We are immortal beings, dead doesn’t exist it is an illusion. How many of us have made a decision out of fear of death? All of us, knowledge is power and knowledge would change the decisions we make. The decisions we make shapes our reality, isn’t it?


Welcome to the forum @Hermit.
I look forward to reading your journal consistently :blush:


@Hermit - your goals are very detailed and on point. Good job, man. And good luck.

Am curious to know what your experience in Reality Transurfing has been. The Vadim book is a very recent addition for me.

PS: Also, am glad that we share interests in the same books. Have all of them (except The Shallows).


I’ve read many more. Although this is a good foundation to build on in my opinion.

Reality transurfing basically exposes what has been hidden from us for many ages. Well… at least in a quantum physical way. Ha! Hence the name you chose. I’ve had contact with him before, only a few weeks ago. Either he activated something or healed me but it was a warm, kind of honey like energy. Going through my body and fixing various centers.

You should definitely read The Shallow, it’s pretty much the most interesting one on there, for most of us.


@Hermit - really interesting that you met him and experienced activation. I need to deep dive into transurfing. I do have his book “Transurfing in 78 days” too. Need to keep aside time to read and practice.


Ah well, if a connection with your angels, guides, the archangels like Raphael is what you seek I’d suggest you learn and practise magick. This is the best and easiest way to gain immortality, strengthen your psychic senses. Light up on the astral, raise your vibrations and build your light body. The book from Vadim is also good, but like the Law of Attraction it is not the pure essence and understand of the laws of the universe and there manifestations. But that’s just my viewpoint.


@Hermit - to be frank, am a bit hesitant with Magick. Must be my catholic upbringing. Theoretically I know that it isn’t demonic but emotionally am still stuck there. Maybe when I do The Alchemist sub, it might help with that. Thanks for the advice though.


@Hermit - if you have any advice on angel Magick though (especially books), I wouldn’t mind a recommendation. I do pray to Archangel Raphael and it might just be right up my alley to communicate better with him especially in terms of manifesting health and wealth.


I’m very much against demonic magick which is also a dangerous practice and comes with karmic justice. I only work with higher entities and higher forces. I’m also catholic, neither do I care. Jesus was a magician himself, so was Moses. The scripts of the bible have been changed by the church for manipulative purposes. You’ll be surprised how some simple rituals increase your state of consciousness, decrease the mind chatter, increase insights. Not to talk about the evolution of your mind, increasing your perception of the interconnectedness of things. You’re enabling yourself to become the supreme self.

Angel Magick, just do the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and Middle Pillar everyday for the upcoming 6 months until you get into something else. This will increase your connection already tremendously and you’ll experience very much strange things, don’t be scared this is all safe.

Do it in this fashion LBRP - Middle Pillar - LBRP.

In the LBRP you charge the Pentagrams with the energies of Archangels Raphael, Gabriel, Michael and Auriel. You’ll increase your connection with these angles by allot just by doing that. These rituals are not to be underestimated.


@Hermit - good stuff. Thank you. Yes, I do agree that Jesus did Magick too and that the church edited a lot of the Bible to suit their needs. I guess the brainwashing was a bit too hard on me in some sense especially because I was a real pious catholic boy in my younger years. In my search to break off, some past beliefs do still do stick hard. But yes, I will definitely give heed to your advice.


Who is the author?


Nicholas Carr :). I’ve got extensions to block YouTube & Facebook Timeline. Also removed FB & Instagram from my phone.


The esoteric branches of many major religions include rituals, practices, and frameworks that would be categorized as ‘magick’. Catholicism is a great example. You actually don’t even need to change any of it. It’s pretty much a great magickal system already.

magick is a set of technologies and frameworks for conducting will and intention.

symbol and symbolic forms (visual, aural, physical, etc.,), and emotion/intention/will. Combine them together, and mix in understanding of subconscious process, and you’ve got the basics. Sort of like having a bare-bones basic go-kart: simple engine with fuel source, and some sort of basic chassis with wheels. That’s the basic.

Everything after that is: 1) structural refinement (gradually upgrading your gokart to become a sports car or a jet plane), and 2) map-making (as you drive your vehicle around, you’re going to see, bump into, and interact with different spaces and different characters. knowing what is located where and who tends to act how is helpful).

Organized religions prepare a whole range of top-quality vehicles that you can hop into and begin to drive. Of course, sometimes they’ll say, ‘This is the only true vehicle. No other is as effective/legitimate/etc.’. But then so do sales people, sports fans, comic book lovers, ideologues, and everybody else.

That’s not religion’s fault. It’s just something that people of a particular maturity/sophistication level tend to do with whatever they care about: Establishment of and contention around arbitrary in-group/out-group boundaries. It’s a beloved tradition! :slight_smile: Even has some benefits, if not taken too far (which it usually is).

Anyhow, to put it briefly: Catholicism is already quite magickal, by itself.