The Problem With The Subliminals


Hi guys, hope you’re doing fine.
While I really enjoy reading the sales pages, I notice every time that I cant really tell the difference between certain programs. Where this is most obvious is the seduction niche.
For example:

  • Sex & Seduction
  • Primal Seduction
  • Libertine
  • Primal
  • Iron Throne

I cant really tell the difference. I know there are differences, but the overall goal of the programs is to help you turn into a man whose second nature is seducing women and having a great time in social situations. I’d really appreciate it if someone took the time and explained the details about each program so it is easier to find something that suits. I think this might also be helpful for people who are new here and have the same issue.

Thank you very much


I really feel like the sales pages r not full in the sense like with every programme we know what we r using it for in general but we don’t know what to expect fully with each programme, I understand that full information cannot be given out but I do feel like a little bit more clarity in terms of what the product contains and what r the expected results/benefits will go a long way. I’m not saying there isn’t any information, especially in the multi stages i find them explained very well but I just feel like more could be added (again personal preference).


Specifically a section within the descriptions that explains the differences to other products would be really helpful imo


I think with Seduction salespages it’s easy…

  • Primal = Inner Game = Owning your Sexuality as a Man

  • Sex & Seduction = Outer Game = Faster learning of Skills as you take Action

  • Primal Seduction = Synergized Combination of both the above;
    PLUS several bonuses like Sex Mastery, Spartan Lite, and a newer Limitless than S&S.

  • Iron Throne = Same as PS, but without Healing modules, like Supreme Rebirth
    (Has faster effect because of smaller script; Better choice for Advanced players)

  • Libertine = Supercharger, NOT a Subliminal = Helps with getting in state/mood for approaching

Now, telling the difference between Ascension, Emperor, and Khan from salespages - that would be a challenge. :smile:

You’re right though. Not only could we use lists of modules/benefits/effects on salespages, the website itself could benefit if restructured from a Newbie’s perspective - someone who doesn’t know anything about Stack Modules, Superchargers, etc.
I do believe @SaintSovereign sometimes works on it - the tags & categories are certainly updated compared to a few months ago.


Thank you.
Actually, that is easier to me lol.
Ascension = I guess could be considered the groundwork for either Emperor or Khan in which you ascend from limiting beliefs
Emperor = Focus on your mission
Khan = Become socially successful while also advancing in your business


I think khan is more towards creating an amazing social and sexual life, and has money aspects to be able to support ur amazing social and sexual life


This is one of the things @Fire and myself are discussing and working on at the first annual Subliminal Club Business Retreat in Paris in a few weeks. We’re mapping out better onboarding, sales pages, etc. and… of course, the super secret project. We’re actually meeting with some specialists from Silicon Valley in about an hour to discuss the project. :wink:


From an Ecstasy of Gold perspective, this is really inspiring.

Great to see you building the company.


Think that needs to be emphasized.

There are levels to this subliminal game, Ascension is the first and quickest platform for all the others. In fact, Regeneration should be ground zero.

Personally the sales page for Ascension is clear - benefits, overall arch of results, what situation you might need it for.

I think most of the confusion comes from which situations the subs could be best used for. Emperor, Khan and Ascension are alpha subs, but only one is best suited for entrepreneurs. Likewise with the Limitless trifecta.