The power of suggestion


Just wanted to share a story that popped into my head the other day as I read one of the posts here. The post was about how the scripting in SC’s programs is question-based, rather than command, or affirmation-based.

So one day I got a splinter in one of my fingers (can’t remember how) and my mother-in-law offered to take it out using a needle and tweezers. She knows I’m typically not the best at being poked with needles, or seeing blood, etc., so as she was doing it she casually said “don’t you get dizzy?”. I swear I was perfectly ok until then. There was no blood, no pain, nothing at all, so I was not even paying attention to what she was doing. However, the second she said that…boom! I fell like a rock, dizzy as fuck.

The point of the story is that I believe this is why SC’s programs work so well for me. People are different, and some may respond better to affirmations, or commands, but to me I think one of the key strengths of these subliminals is how nothing is pushed, but instead assumed and questioned.


All I can say whether suggestion or command these subs from subclub are potent …