The Ozmandias Protocol - SmartWater42069

Good evening.

Today is Day 1. Ran 2 loops masked on Logitech speakers. On the 2nd loop, about 5 minutes in, my head started swaying in some trance state for a few minutes. After that I relaxed completely into my chair. Also on 2nd loop, I had a thought go in my head like: “Ah, hell yea. Ah, hell yea baby.”

That’s about it. Gonna sleep soon. Will keep you posted.


Very interested in following this journal. Did you end up including any other modules in this custom? If so could you please list them?

You’re overexposing yourself, mate. Take it easy.

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QL ST1-4 stacked into one file. Only the QL modules and nothing else.


Should not be an ultrasonic version on speakers instead of masked?

I’m following the recommended ZP schedule.

Today is rest day. If I do feel any discomforts I’ll take a longer break.

I woke up early today. Birds are chirping, the air is fresh. No alarm clock needed.

Didn’t dream much.

There’s 2 files, masked and ultra. I prefer the masked.

Yes, there is no problem with that but you should listen to masked version with headphones, not on speakers.
The ultrasonic version is for speakers.

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Sounds good. I’ll grab me some headphones today.

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Maybe it would be good to reread the instructions which you obtained with the files.

That’s a very interesting build, I’m also surprised to see that it passed the integrity check, but it does make me want to try out a few ideas…

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Badda-boom. Now I wait for tomorrow evening.


Precisely, ZP not ZPT2, therefore, be careful and don’t blame anyone but yourself when recon hits you hard.

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You really just have the 4 cores in, no other module, 4 things in total? I was thinking 10 is the minimum, seems my belief is false and there are new interesting options :wink:


Update Day 2: Oh yea, its working. I had the urge to declutter my desk and clean my room. I got to work 5 minutes earlier than usual. I get home now and I have this urge to handle more tasks especially the ones I’ve been procrastinating on. My headphones also arrived and are on my desk.

@Voytek I read through your logs. You seem experienced in handling recon. I’ll defer to you for how long I should wait before listening again. How many days do you think I should wait since it is a ZPT^2? I’d rather not have the same issue happen where at the gym, I ego-lifted and hurt my shoulder. I think this subliminal might be the same to the mind.

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It’s best to ask about that here:

Also, users who have used ZPT2 may have a better idea about that. Like @Invictus

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Sounds good. I’ll check those out.

Day 3 - Ran 1 masked loop in the morning after my shower on the new headphones. I had this very clear vision come into my head that I achieved my goals. It felt like looking through a clear mirror. I had trouble visualizing before. After the loop ended, I sitting in my chair completely relaxed. I felt gratitude.

Also might be important to note, I’ve been weaning myself off nicotine for the past 2 weeks. Sleep and diet are improving, been having a persistent sore throat from the smoking but that will go away in time.

I’m going to follow the ZP schedule for the time being with just 1 loop. Over the weekend I’ll probably space out the rest period to 2 days. Next loop with be Friday morning after my shower.

Day 4/5 update.

Day 4 - Friday - I went out last night on Thursday. Friend got me a free ticket to a club. Club reached 25% capacity by 12am. We dipped to another club around 12am, paid the $45 cover. I went in, talked to some pretty girls, did some dancing. This was my favorite place pre-covid, but I was a different person then. I felt the clash of my new behaviors and old in there. My 2 friends and I were about to leave and a promoter comes over, tells us he has some girls he needs help with and brings us over. We thought it was a setup. The girl he put me on rejected me earlier, so she rejected me again once she saw me, no biggie. Guy was cool. We got his number for future networking opportunities. One friend was hitting it off so we saluted him and left. I lost my voice in the club, and had a terrible mucus filled cough to follow along with it. I threw out my vape the previous day. No more smoking anything. I got home at 2:30am and passed out. Work at 8am.

Thursday night dream: I was in a gunfight in the jungle. I had some gun on me with little ammo. I was finding these metal crates for cover. Some shadowy figure was shooting back at me. I bobbed and weaved to find ammo on dead bodies and different guns that I can use.

Friday - 7/1/2022
I woke up in daze from the jungle warfare dream. 5:30am again. Maybe it was the adrenaline from the drinking. I got ready, took another nap, and got to work. My voice was barely there. Google says inflamed vocal cords from yelling. Coworkers gave me funny looks but I got my work done and all was well. We left early from the office.

I get home from work. Been eating Halls lozenges all day and coughing up pleghm. It is getting better. The body looks like it is purging. I have this new urge to continuously de-clutter my desk. My desk at home and office are alot cleaner now. My room looking cleaner than usual is a blessing. I have some food and run one loop of QLZPT^2. I fell asleep near the end of the loop but felt extreme relaxation about halfway while sitting down. I thought nothing of it, and took a 4 hour nap to get ready for the night out at the club. I did not dream much.

Upon getting ready for the club, all my friends were in different locations. One was in a date, another was not in the states. July 4th weekend everyone seems to be traveling. I decided to go solo to my favorite place and if my friend’s date finishes, he will join me. I get to my favorite club/lounge, chat with the bouncers and doorman for a bit. Then I grab a beer and sit by the dance floor waiting for it to fill. The two girls next to me were studying to be pharmacists. I had a good convo with them with what little remained of my voice. It didn’t go anywhere after a while. We parted, I grabbed another drink, and hit on a few more girls. The coughing was getting less with another drink. I focused mainly on nonverbal communication, damn near doing charades. However, when it came to conversation, it went poorly. 2am rolled around. My throat was on fire. I called it a night and went out to the bouncers. Chatted a bit more, called the uber and went home.

Friday night dream:

I woke up and got ready for work. I get to work. the office has changed into one giant office. There were about a hundred new people and a hundred new desks. Where my main manager used to sit, sat a new guy, a younger guy. I walked up to him and asked what is going on. He said “oh, you were bought out.” I didn’t get it. I kept asking him questions and who he was and where the real managers and bosses were. The guy gets up and goes to a room and shuts the door. I look around the room. Lots of fresh faces. Some chinese overseas hires were sitting in a corner. Some jewish folk with the curly hair, and a general mix of others. They looked eager and waiting and chatting up a storm. It seems I didn’t get some memo. The main owner of the firm walks in, and sees me, gives a huge sad and annoyed sigh. He quiets the room and tells everyone that they sold the company out and this is the new workforce. The old workforce is let go, including me. I took it had for a few seconds. Then composed myself and walked near the rear entrance. One pretty coworker and her friend walked in. They worked with me. I grabbed them together by the hips and held them close. For a second the prettier one thought I was going to tell her something flirty. I told them the news. They sighed and kept it moving. We wanted to get out of there fast.

I was surprised, but also relieved. I can apply for better jobs now without a worry. I looked for boxes to pack up my shit that is on my desk. Couldnt find any. I went to the back of the room. I found another old manager there completing the transaction to move companies. I met the guy who facilitated the deal. His energy reminded me of someone in real life that I met. Very strong character. I asked him many questions but he brushed them off. Seems lots of people asked him the same questions. They mentioned a book which did not exist and I caught glimpses of the guy’s physics textbook and the new documents they were using. I saw the new owner’s name. Anyways, I got up to find that box to pack my shit in. It was in another building or in my car or something. So I went over there and hear gunfire. A murderous psychopath with a minigun was gunning people down a few blocks from the place I worked. I thought nothing of it. Bullets were not at me. I walked faster to the car to grab my things. The bullets were coming nearer. A group of guys near me got his attention. I saw the lead trail and dived into a small sub-surface basement entrance. Felt like a concrete trench. Saw the bullets whiz past up me. The guys ran too so the minigunner was shooting concrete mostly. The gunfire went away. I went back into the office to grab my things.

I woke up, turned on my laptop and googled the book the dream character mentioned. It doesn’t exist. The company and owner also don’t exist. I was coughing for a good 5 minutes but it died down. The dream might be side-effect of nicotine withdrawal, but I have not felt any rush of nicotine in a few days now. I developed a tolerance to it so now it is going away.

So far, results/observations are:

  1. My thoughts are clearer and I can articulate them better
  2. Uber driver was seasoned and told me a different networking strategy to meet even higher quality girls.
  3. High emotional stability
  4. waking up early regardless of how I feel
  5. Lack of eye contact ( will fix this)
  6. Urges to do baseline habits and things I have procrastinated on.
  7. The dreams have ramped up in craziness but there are definitely subcommunications and emotions that I can sense coming from it. Maybe I need to still meet the right people and learn more things.
  8. The dream was incredibly vivid.

Update: day 6/7

So far, I’ve been following the protocol. Day 6 was Saturday, rest day. I went out to the club. Had a good time. Talked to some pretty girls. Sunday, I woke up, took a couple of naps, chugged about 2 liters of water and had some food, and ran 2 loops. The immediate response during the loop listening was a mixture of gratitude, and also a bit of shock. I was sure the QLST3 module kicked in because during a moment I felt completely relaxed. I carried that relaxation with me after the loops and cleaned up my room and decluttered my desk.

The past 2 days, I powered away at my latest data analytics project. I pumped out a blog post and …the progress is night and day.

Usually I would feel all sorts of mental discomforts. Now, when I am coding, I feel a calmness in my body. The answer is right around the corner. I know I can do this. I know more about coding than I think I know. The usual anxiety I have to learning code is gone.

The blog post I made was the largest one I did so far. I used a new tool that I didn’t know how to use but went through the documentation like a child looking through a dictionary. The code came alive to me today. I saw the errors and bugs and fixed them within seconds rather than procrastinating with a Youtube video.

I was speaking to a friend of mine and offered to do some basic data predictions for some stocks since that was what my blog project was about. He was too excited and send me immediately a list of stocks for me to run the code on. This might blossom into something magnificent.

Definetly proper sleep and diet will be imperative as I progress. I am satisfied so far with my progress. Not going to rush it. This tree will bear fruit in time.


Update Day 8

Happy 4th of July. I got that project for my friend done.

Today was interesting. I had some resistance for a good 8-10 hours where I watched YouTube and generally bummed around. Saying I deserved it after getting a project done. I could have attributed it to my tiredness or the shit food I ate throughout the day, or the coffee I had giving me anxiety or the rhodiola supplement. Regardless, there was a huge decrease in activity today until around 8pm when I took a shower.

I started working on that mini-project for my friend in the morning but the resistance came once I hit about 5-6 errors at the same time from different sources and I felt overwhelmed. I escaped into YouTube and food. About 1-2 hrs of work was done in the morning before I felt like quitting.

Around 8pm, after that shower, it was as if my body reset. I got back into focus mode. Time was an illusion. It is 1:30am right now and I sent my friend that pdf with his stock predictions. I was tinkering with the model since 8pm. Tinkering was an understatement. I was reading documentation, looking at YouTube videos for clues, Googling solutions to errors, and even running multiple models on multiple notebooks to find what each parameter change does.

My brain was like a sponge. The post-shower behaviors felt like a 2nd wind hit me.

This is totally unnatural.

Looking forward to the next loop tomorrow.

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