The Olympian (Khan + custom)

Modules in the custom

  1. Emperor fitness stage 4
  2. Spartan
  3. Lots
  4. Empfit height inducer codex
  5. fusion optimized
    7.deep sleep
  6. omni dimensional
  7. epigenetics

The reason why i am running a custom with those cores is because they are the few subs that i have ran that have given me fast results and limited recon . For some reason emperor gives me a lot more recon than khan but the cycles I’ve ran with emperor did some ground work so that things can progress smoothly . I’ve been running the custom for about 1 cycle now and so far i am really happy with the results .

Physically the synergy between the cores have been phenomenal. I actually look pretty jacked even though I’m not super lean , my strength and cardio are have become so much better which has carried over to my boxing . I threw as hook so hard and sharp that the noise made me think i broke a bone in my hand . My hair is a lot healthier and thicker then it ever has been with a nice texture .

Khan is doing its thing in regards to forcing me to clearly define what my life should be like . i feel more at ease socially and i feel myself snuffing out alot of limiting beliefs that pop up .


Haven’t been journaling consistently but what ive looked to do with the stack is working wonderfully . Mentally the interplay between khan and spartan have been very exciting . And the physical shifting is quite fast especially performance wise . Now my diet isn’t perfect and I really need to crack down on that to really get the results I want but the drive I’m getting during my workouts is amazing . In the gym I train at people are commenting on how I look jacked and how im a natural heavyweight (despite being short for one but hopefully height inducer could help with that) . My custom has been changing the muscle and fat composition in my body . Normally my legs are the biggest thing on my body but my upper body has begun to catchup and really surpass them . All my pants are getting lose and baggy around my legs which is a first. It seems that my body is shifting to that of a boxer which is pretty good.

My footwork has improved quite alot in a short period of time and even my cardio . I’m rarely out of breath during training and am only breathing through my nose which makes everything alot smoother . During spars I’m making faster adjustments and not over reacting .

Khan is really ironing out the kinks and helping me get over the oneitis I’m having .

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