The Legacy accelerates muscle growth?


Ever since I listened to the legacy supercharger before my workout (which is not long ago), I have noticed a drastic physique change. I look leaner even on a bulk and have gained 2 lbs this past week. My bulk has tightened up and I’m getting my macros in.

So I’m wondering if this muscle growth is due to the supercharger or the diet?


I don’t think the supercharger is per se creating these changes. However, you might subconsciously make better nutrition choices, training harder pushing you more in the gym, knowing what workout/exercises you need to do to get to a new level leading to the results above.

Please continue posting your results as I am very interested in your further progress.


I am interested aswell


Well, I suppose if Legacy does what it states in the description and increases the connection between your mind and body with the purpose of sculpting your body, then it is not beyond the realm of possibility that it can help your mind direct your body’s development.

According to science, gaining or losing fat/muscle is a caloric equation. You want to lose weight, have a caloric deficiency. You will lose fat and muscle. Your diet determines the ratio of fat and muscle. You want to gain weight, have a caloric excess. Once again, your diet determines the ratio. In the theory, it should be impossible to lose fat while gaining lean body mass.

And yet there are people that can eat fast food every day and still gain lean body mass while keeping the fat off (mesomorphs). And there are people (often seen in compound disciplines like kettlebells) that manage to lose fat while gaining lean body mass.

Is it possible that in these cases the mind directs the body to burn the fat and feed the muscle, even when diet isn’t necessarily ideal? If so, can we achieve the same effect by using Legacy to teach our mind to do so?

Like I said, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility. Maybe your mind is instructing your body to use your diet better than it previously would. Literally telling it where to invest the calories, rather than just giving the calories to the part of the body with the loudest voice.

I have to say, people really have been raving about Legacy lately. I’ll have to put it on my to-buy list.