The last moment Q



Thank you @SaintSovereign for helping me with this order/sub. :+1:

The epic effort for getting my order the way i wanted. I hope everything is okay and next time i will make a master plan, before i order. :sweat_smile:
Excellent service! five of five star! :+1::smile:

So basically i ordered a custom sub that contain, Stark Core +Khan Core ST4 with 18 TOP secret modules. :sunglasses:

The reason why i made this is that i want a lighter sub.

While i wait for my sub to be made, ill enjoy my life. "1 hour later is it there yet :smiley: "


What strength (Q, Terminus, T^2) did you get?
You basically stole my idea for my next custom, except I’m adding ALCH4 in there too haha


I’m going easy with Q first, maybe stronger later, i do feel Stark and Khan is a good mix.
@Neurokinetic what strength do you like and did you make a new custom sub? :slight_smile:


Enjoy :wink:


I have a Q custom that is wealth/status focused, a terminus custom that is romance/seduction focused, and my third (the one similar to yours) after the Ultima test I was thinking of doing T^2 :sweat_smile:


Oh nice, seems like you have it all. :slight_smile:
I did try Mind Eye T2 it was super powerful, the effect lasted very long with just 1 loop.


Not yet, but someday and someday soon hahaha

Congrats on your first custom and good luck on your exciting new journey :slight_smile:


Congrats @Badboi I am going to run my Terminus Squared sub for a week or two by itself after I get it then I will probably buy one last Terminus Squared subliminal focused entirely on wealth , money , and productivity. If I am going to ever be as relaxed as I want to be I have to know shit is taken care of


@Neurokinetic @JCast

Thank you! :slight_smile:

@JCast Cool, How many loops per day are you gonna run?

It may be a good way to split the subs focus into 2 subs, like you plan. :thinking:

So many ways to create in Q store, so much fun :slight_smile:


@Badboi I will probably start out at two loops. Yeah two focused very powerful subliminals is the way to go. I wasn’t going to initially but I just decided that I am adding Deus and Gratitude Embodiment to my wealth subliminal. Feels mandatory


Dont be blown away with the power of T2 haha.

Yep they are good modules i think.
Being grateful for what you have is so great. Is like we can slow down and enjoy what we have, instead of looking for the next thing, and it makes us happier.


I know. Honestly right now I am looking so forward to my first Terminus Squared custom


Just received my files.

Lets see how it goes :slightly_smiling_face:


Update, Day 1, Running my new custom, Khan ST4, PPC, QLQ ST4 and modules.

Feeling really good inside, so much fear is gone, so much confidence :slight_smile:

Walking like i am the king.

I notice people seems nicer to me, giving me their spot in parking place, letting me go first even if its their turn.

Hm maybe i had a good day.

PPC seems to help me take control with my kids, they always fight and now i stopped them before they even begin to fight. :sunglasses:

My GF is yelling at the kids when they fight and i am like chill and knowing what to do to calm them down.
Also i notice distraction is a good tool, good stuff.

What else, i had this experience with this hot girl in store, it felt like very intense seductive eye contact, it just happend, khan took over lol :slight_smile:,
Social anxiety seems to almost vanished.

Good start for me, loving how i feel atm, lets hope it stays this way :stuck_out_tongue:



Many more good days to come!

What happened to StarkQ core?


StarkQ is on pause atm, i wanted too check out how Khan is alone with custom. :slightly_smiling_face:
I might go back after.


The sub was playing all night.

When i woke up i had no energy.
I could barely open my eye.

After 5 cups of coffee i can finally walk again :sleeping: :relieved: :smile:.

Anyway after 3 hours my energy is coming back :crazy_face: feeling good again.


I had a similar experience with playing EOG St1 all night


The feeling after playing Godlike Masculinity :muscle: :wink:


GM= Lion Sin at noon