The Highway to Paradise City - Ultimate Artist and RegenerationQ


After some kind of a break, I’m about to start another chapter in my life.
So I had this random desire to improve my art, either illustration and writing so I thought “Lemme add Ultimate Artist to the mix.”

Wise choice I’ve made. Not gonna lie, an intense, fiery will and desire to start my road as a artist.
It’s like I found a purpose. Something to do. Not anymore aimless wandering through the days.

After laying a bit of foundation back in my previous journal. It’s time to build the skyscraper.
Track some progress, and overall shade some light regarding Ultimate Artist in Q format.

Many inspiring thoughts arrived on my mind since I’ve added UA to the stack. Along with a will to pave my road, my highway to paradise. True Freedom. Ultima’s arrived on the right moment to help me take action.

Years ago, many peers told me I have a knack for drawing. I tried improving my skill on my own. And did it for a certain way but as a hobby. Now let’s get serious.

The idea of owning a sort of small studio for my stuff, networking with fellow minded artists and achieving freedom. No longer repressing my skill and ideas, but expressing them as I want to.
Not sitting in a boring-ass job. Not studying aimlessly at college. Not for impressing others.
But for me

The CustomSub is the same as before. No changes at all. Mixed with Ultimate Artist.

  • CustomSub (3x loops) Actual Status: Dropped out of stack

  • Ultimate Artist (2-3 loops)

Adding The Executive along too. It’s a long way, but it will be all worth it.


October 1st:

Another month over, another start. Executive is the one who’s helping a lot in this journey.
So, after a long time I’m finally being more consistent with habits and work towards goals.
My first goal is to express myself more in my art. Not only that but learn more indepth theory and practice.

I’m taking lessons from a course someone shared to me. As I keep on with practice and applying new techniques to it. As for the goals related to the body morphing technology it’s where Executive shines even more. Consistent routine (that’s a first) along with discipline for different tasks.
As of today:
Ultimate Artist = 19 days
Custom = 3 months

I’m very interested in enrolling in a online art academy. Will do so but before that I’ll finish the course and then practice a bit before signing up. Polishing writing and at the same time drawing. I was amazed to know that drawing is a skill that develops both mechanical skills and perception as with intuition.


Where is the product copy and module list? :wink:


For the record, here it is, same as usual.


Congratulations on finding the next pathway.
Always inspiring to see people convicted with where they are choosing to go next.


Sounds awesome! I was just thinking a few days ago that UA sounds like a very underrated sub… It’s been cool getting to hear some of Saint’s music, are you going to post any of your art?


@Azriel Thank you, thank you very much. Feels very different when you have a goal, a desire and a dream. A path to take. I’m content that I found out what I want to improve and works towards it.
Now I woke up everyday in a different fashion than last month. Let’s get cracking!

@BLACKICE UA is indeed underrated. Looks like I have a tendency to share experience from subs not many people talk about :sweat_smile:
The idea of sharing some art here has been on my mind for a while. Sure, I’ll share some drawings.
It’s incredible how fast this sub works!


October 2nd:

Finished more goals that eventually will lead into becoming habits in it’s due time. Learning more indepth info regarding perspective and structure along with which emotions transmute into the art piece and how the finished work is to provoke a proper illusion.
Putting more effort in my personal sketches as with trying for a first time to place a meaning into them.
Today I noticed a lot of mirror hours. Many of them.

It’s been three months since I began with my custom (July 1st). The most obvious results I’ve noticed are regarding Rogue, I AM, PoMaQ, Potentiator, Overdrive and Informaticon.

  • Rogue: It’s been a priority to focus on my own stuff and express myself disregarding external opinions. It’s usuaI now that I lost focus very quickly on topics that don’t interest me at all.
    Don’t bother anymore with trivial topics and avoiding typical gossip like a plague.

  • I AM: The past is gone. Why focus on something that happened years ago? Sure, as everybody I’ve fucked up many times. But no longer feel anything about it, now a memory. Feel ready to take on a challenge if it arises. I attribute this module to help me discover what I really like, therefore taking the road of an artist.

  • PoMaQ: Struggled a lot regarding porn and masturbation before this custom. Effortlessly I got over it. No relapses at all. It’s been 3 months since I last visited an adult site. It’s been a breeze.
    Cleaned since the first of July.
    Confident thoughts tell me “I no longer need this shit.” Sure, sometimes I stumble on erotic images or small clips but nothing happens. My self control with this improved a lot. Get more aroused with real women.

  • Potentiator: Many paths got presented to me, and I took the one I liked the most. This explains why I chose to no longer repress the skill of drawing and writing.

  • Overdrive: Every setback came back with a better alternative for the best.

  • Informaticon: Info appears suddenly when I get a interest to a goal or topic. Ergo, thanks to it although it took me some time to become aware of it I found the online academy along with a whole course which is very complete in order to learn properly drawing.

Spartan & Daredevil: My legs got more tonified in a matter of couple months. Improved my muscles in short time, they get more sore than usual. Improved reflexes.
Although I’m not so open about social interactions, got a bit more confident about it and expressed myself as I really am, not someone pretending to be cool. Had a good time today thanks to this belief.

Let’s see how the body morphing tech shifts this body and face. Meanwhile I’ll focus on my artistic pursuits.


October 4th:

Yesterday I spent time in drawing for the first time with theory learned and to put in practice what the course taught to me for now. Both this and thanks to Ultimate Artist (the flow was natural as hell) you can see a vast improvement in just 22 days of using it. Imagine the potential one can reach in three months.

So, the first picture, not gonna lie, was how I drew a guy without using any reference pic.
This was pre-UA. I depended a lot on basic sheets to draw a human body better.

Now, here’s what a drawing looks like thanks to Ultimate Artist and the theory learned. Keep in mind that to make this new drawing I also didn’t use any reference picture.

22 days of UA, along with basic theory. First results everyone.
Today I’ll just chill out. It’s Sunday after all. But I’m happy than in just a week I saw a lot of changes than I honestly didn’t do in a long-ass time.


October 5th:

Managed to recover from a quite shitty Sunday. Today I kicked ass regarding the action I took for my goals. Added meditation too in order to reduce overthinking.
Kept my routine in order and I’m still having the discipline of a cold shower. Almost a streak of 7 days.

So I’m still studying theory related this time about how structure is everything both in 2D and 3D drawings. Didn’t knew that 3D modeling goes hand to hand with drawing in general.
Today was a good day.


October 6th:

Busy day and got a bit tired. First time in a couple months! Even more and more action I’m taking for this path. I’m still learning more about relation about mechanical skills & perception. Volumes and overall practice in order to properly draw any figure. Didn’t knew the importance of a reference picture until now.

Thanks to Executive once again, my habits are being made on a easy streak. Cold showers, morning workouts, evening meditation and time for the art course. Today I even cooked for the family. All went well.

Relaxing mornings, busy afternoon and a chilly evening for me to wind down and enjoy a couple games.
Meanwhile I’m working to remove limiting beliefs, talked to my friends and removed the ones I didn’t even message for a month.
I’m glad they’re still there. I fucked up in believing they were gone.
They didn’t. I’m content for having them. Despite how boring the classes were, I’ve always had a good laugh with them and supported me. I don’t really know why I thinked nobody really gave a shit for me.

Look, it may not be a LARGE group. But I’m happy with a handful of friends who are supporting and loyal. Not fake fuckers.

This realization came until today really. Another blockage gone I guess.

I’m also considering adding something for gratitude. Maybe a few exercises related to it and keep on with the meditations. No matter how much I learned, most of it comes back to the same bit. Gratitude and proper self-acceptance. I’m missing out on that one, and I’m gonna correct that.

Overall, another fine day.


October 7th:

Decided to take it easy today. Still ran Executive but didn’t continue the next lesson from the course.
However I decided to better practice the theory learned and drawed with a reference picture, the final product looks good.
I’ve still gotta learn perspective, but it’s nice though!
It’s official, today marks a 7th day streak of cold showers and not missing a day of working out.

Apart from that I’ve also signed up to a website to share my drawings and eventually hear feedback to improve them. Finally I’m not longer in the shadows. I’ve already uploaded some drawings.

The start of a career…

Didn’t expected this a month ago! 25 days of UA and counting, changes have been happening.
CustomSub, 3 months and 7 days. Lots of mirror hours today. (12:34 for example)
Time to relax for the night. Another productive day done.


October 8th:

A year has passed since I signed up to the forums.
Boy oh boy, how much shit has changed. Free of studies and working towards a real goal of mine.

Once again, didn’t ran The Executive today since I was taking a small break.
Despite not using the Ultima I still made some goals for the day. (I’m still craving it tho!)

Engaged in the next lesson of the course and practiced for 40 minutes my drawing skills and corrected some small mistakes regarding perspective. Plus, from now on I’m gonna practice every single day.
Perseverance is what I need in my long journey.
I’ve noticed my skin is… softer? Holy shit, it did surprise me. Aside from that there’s been some unusual mood, there is something bothering me but can’t point it out, something like anxiety.

Well, another day gone. Not as productive as I like it but there was progress!

Managed to sketch an interior with some reference pictures. UA at it’s finest.


Very inspiring posts here, @PurpleRT73. It’s very clear that your drawing skills are improving thanks to Ultimate Artist and you are building excellent habits thanks to the other modules. Also good to know that your relationships with your authentic friends are healthy.


Thank you man. All of my efforts are making visible results in short time. UA helps in concentration and applying theory.
Y’know, I forgot the stuff I do daily will eventually end up as a good habits. Thanks for reminding me that.

I’m glad they’re here, despite what I used to think. I’m not alone in this.


October 9th:

Friday, the best goddamn day in the week.

Damn, The Executive’s so powerful I’ve done my tasks even faster than before, actually had to find me stuff to do in the evening to keep myself busy.
Cold showers, exercise, meditation & limiting sugar intake. All of this is feels effortlessly.

Practiced again with a new drawing, they didn’t lie when they say that drawing can lead to headaches and exhaustion. 40 minutes in the zone before I told myself to call it a day.
Perspective, critical analysis and proportion changes are my priorities to master at the moment.

Usually I would take the weekends to chill and not do anything important but I’m starting to dislike that. I’ll add Executive tomorrow to accomplish my habits at least.

Also, for the sake of trying something different (and hopefully entertaining) I’ll try to make me a new style for my hair. Something like a pompadour.


October 10th:

“If god had a favourite sub, it might be The Executive!”

Today I decided not to use Executive, but didn’t stopped me from doing almost all my tasks. I skipped meditation today, but I still made the rest of my goals for the day. Workout (10 days streak), Cold showers, etc.

Practiced again a total of another 40 minutes in another drawing. Perspective and the usual stuff, nothing special. The final product looks good, however there is always more room for improvement later on.
I did had the hair as I desired for a while, might use some wax later.
Overall, a nice, relaxing and quiet day.


Great to see this success!


October 11th:

Not the Sunday I like, but managed to mantain my habits at least. Got some recon at the moment.
Practiced again my drawings, but many old beliefs came back regarding my past social experiences and self-loathing. Maybe it was just a rough day but I like the idea of removing many wrong beliefs I’ve still have.

I do want to address them better but I’m not sure if replacing the CustomSub with Regeneration or use other Ultimas like Rebirth or Limit Destroyer.

Any suggestions?


October 12th:

Better than yesterday. Focused on keeping my habits and keeping up with the practice.
Total time of one hour spent on sketching . Different perspectives and new angles.
Eventually I’ll join the online academy, but after a certain time spent with the pencil, although today I bought a stylus to begin focusing also on digital art.

I’m not learning new theory at the moment, gotta focus on improving mechanical skills and perception, as I said. Practice every single day.

Had a nice surprise today, was prepared to begin my workout until I remembered today was a rest day.
Tomorrow I’m back at it. Executive keeps shining, being more productive as usual. Finished my tasks quite quickly and effortlessly. I’m also adding Limit Destroyer Ultima to the mix.
I’m eager to achieve more freedom, being limitless.

CustomSub + UA /// Executive + Limits Destroyer

Now this is some good stuff. Another nice and productive day, first time in enjoying more business days and hating weekends. How ironic! I remember it was the opposite. But when you find something you enjoy, it’s no longer work.