The Guardian Angels of SC

I have observed members who were banned from this community have returned masquerading under different names. My concern is that they will attempt to shake the community again with their ideologies. These individuals are toxic and not healthy for the image of SC.

What i suggest is we dedicate a “police community” from different time zones to watch over and keep an eye on these individuals.

We will not engage with the enemy our purpose is to act as the eyes and the ears for the moderators. If at anytime we observe anomalies we will initiate a “break glass” and escalate to the moderators.

Should their be no response within 2 hours we will escalate to the founders

I suggest @Lion and @Floridianninja and @Malkuth be part of the guardian angels.


Hey am already gaurdian angel Raphael. I could also get my claws into the meat of things with my Lion avatar lol.

But jokes aside, I think the idea of SaintSovereign and Fire is to have a community that like you said rightly doesn’t engage the trolls but engages each other in dialogue.

If they pick me to be an SC Cop, I would sign up for that badge in a jiffy but I think the flagging option by any user is good enough to “police” the forum even if it takes time to respond.

And there is a reason why am saying this. I must admit there was some enjoyment I used to get from that “us vs them” drama that happens when trolls come knocking. Both the tribal mindset and our need to be right comes out when we argue with trolls which is when things get ugly.

This is why am trying to change my mindset to one of being helpful on the forum and, more importantly, focus on my journey using SC subliminals (which is the main goal of Subliminal Club.

So there. Just a rant on what I have been thinking about the last 2 days.

@DarkAvenger - love you, bro. You have a straight forward blunt nature but you have a good heart.


Thanks Lion love you too brother :slight_smile:


I swept the community this morning we are on a code green.

There is one individual who was banned and has returned under a different name. We are currently monitoring his posts.

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I understand care for this forum but this attitude of we versus them is toxic and it is the root of all drama here.

It is dividing us.

But if you wish the best for the community you should see to it that you remain neutral and that you let the (enemy in your eyes) to decide his own faith.

Now you are drawing the current one way, a not-so-positive one.

Is this really about keeping drama and chaos out if you are already making the frame of possible chaos?

It starts somewhere, where is it starting? Who is framing the scene towards drama (before it has even manifested)

See, each time I came here their was no drama before the name “hermit” was shouted. I found this most educative.

Because meanwhile, you are plotting a quest towards exiling the [possible] divergent (in your eyes).

Or you could have remained neutral and let my actions determine my own faith but to intervene and give the characters a predisposed faith is not fair nor helpful towards anyone.

It is better to suggest the positive than the negative or to remain neutral.

For example — if you have a teacher and this teacher believes in your abilities even though the results are not as yet manifest. By suggesting, I’m confident you will accomplish your task, I’m certain you will be successful, I’m assured you will be victorious in your efforts you are now playing on the students mind and if the suggestions are accepted they will become his reality.

I so often see people here suggesting the negative about another. Surely, that person will reject it, no? Why not, if drama arises, suggest the positive.

For example a certain individual causes drama.

I, @… know you to be a positive, and humble person (whether that is true in the moment or not by suggestion the attitude and truth will change), so be please be kind towards your peaceful forum members.

Can you see the (re)action leading into something more negative?

Instead of @… you are always a dick, you are a weakling, and you are crying within, you are a danger to this community, you must… etc

Sorry, but I think this is silly, do you not? It shows more about the accuser than anything else…

You can either stop reacting and let the current dissipate, or repolarise/reframe it towards the positive, or change the conversation altogether.

See the best in people and they will see the best in you. This is by the Book, and the Law.

By the way @DarkAvenger, I like you and I know you mean well and that you are a caring person and wish to persecute those who stand between you and what has meaning to you.

Perhaps this is not as helpful as you might think? The persecution…

If this is a community of subliminal programming why not use it actively and suggestively to impose the positive upon someones mind.

Obviously, someone might have serious reconciliation… you once had serious reconciliation do you remember? Difference is for me it never ended and I got lost in it…

Are you really helping the community by starting a plot for exile (which is true from a certain point of view, albeit a destructive one) while you could see it on the bright side as I regain my conscience and become someone who supports and contributes, once again.

How about you see the best in others, suggest things which might not yet be true (in your eyes), but might be helpful if they were true, and see the changes happen.

This forum often talked about Neville Goddard in one of his books there is a story about a school teacher who has a problem child in her class, it was not until she visualised and suspected a change in this child’s behaviour that was starstruck with the evidence of that visualisation coming true.

If we are all co-creating our reality together why not be responsible for your part of creating a positive reality.

A plot to exile a threat sounds most adventurous but it is not so peaceful, and only a story in one mind until more feed into it, it then becomes a creation or reality.

Television, the news? Should I say more?

Why not create a beautiful forum, peaceful, helpful, caring.

It can be done, the frame is set now feed into it…

This seed of having to attack, threaten, and group together against a “troll” is silly, hurtful, and damaging not just to the victim but also to the community as a whole. Because it shows what root is in them.

Meaning that these are the attitudes, actions, behaviours of people driven by self-improvement and development? Does this show or indicate to an outsider the beauty that lies within the community?

What you See in your mind, even what you think (if it is not in images), your thoughts affect reality. If you set the frame and people subscribe to your frame it will become reality… but we have not to forget it is only a perception.

It is not the truth.

Truth is seen with one eye, not with two eyes.

Focus on the positive within people and that’s what you will help create.

A true Alchemist will never make you feel bad because that Alchemist will have rooted out all degrading and debilitating feelings and thoughts in his garden (subconscious), he does not posses of those qualities.

If that is not the purpose of this forum and the products then I do not know what is?

@DarkAvenger go check my new journal post it mentions I’m really exhausted and it asks a lot of me to constantly divert the negative into positive.

I have a worthy quest ahead of me and I could use encouragement and support.

I’m your friend, do you remember? :sparkles:

All blessings out to you but this has to end now.

So essentially, I’m here to heal, grow and evolve as we all are. No need to persecute me or to start a divide and conquer.


Not necessary.

Saint and Fire are well aware of each and every return of a banned individual. They don’t always publicly acknowledge them.

The return of a banned member isn’t a cause for alarm. Perhaps they’ve learned a lesson. Remember, Saint has openly said that though he hasn’t forgotten what that individual did, him and Fire do give grace; as a part of this community that focuses on people’s higher potential I choose to do the same.

If they haven’t learned a lesson, well. The ban hammer hasn’t gone anywhere.


First of all we are aware of who you are. I understand that our good friend Saint has forgiven you for your past mishaps. Please follow the rules and be respectful to all members of the community. This does not just apply to Hermit but to everyone. We do not want a repeat of the wild wild west.

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@Sage_Ninjistic you are one of the good guys and I trust in what you say lets hope you are right.

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I would stop calling him that and treat him new and fresh


Negative. I’m just one of the guys :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Isn’t that what the flags are for? Then @RVconsultant reviews? I get the idea, but please no more of this. Weren’t there specific guidelines put in place for how to handle trolls? Can we just adhere to those and go about our days?


I wanted to add an extra layer of safety to the community. It makes me sad when people try to belittle SC.

Lets not make mountain out of mole hill. Please everyone continue their day to day business as usual.

I’m curious as to how this is news worthy?


There are better ways to be supportive of the forum than to “monitor” people, which really is just a form of harassment.

If people get banned and then allowed to return again, so what? It’s not like they’ve entered your home uninvited. Move on with your happy lives or work on your life if you aren’t happy and let people be.


Doesn’t matter If he’s cured cancer at this point. He was permanently banned. He can go somewhere else


@JCast this is tabloid news

He must prove himself worthy to stay amongst us, so far he has been good so i cannot complain.

That time had passed unless saint or fire specifically tell us he’s allowed back. Everything he’s done has been fraud due to needing to keep “sneaking” back in.


@DarkAvenger can you please consider requesting a mod to close this thread? You created it, you said what you had to say, others chimed in and I’m finding this thread in “News and Updates” rather irritating.