The gladiator conquerer (Khan, emperor fitness and LU journal)


It’s that time of week again when I write and begin to forge a story, I guess it’s time I threw my thoughts out a bit.

Stack: Emperor fitness, Khan, Libertine.

I’ve noticed I’ve become a bit of a different animal, something more comfortable in it’s skin than ever before, whilst it isn’t as chill as the phases I went through as a teen, it’s insanely more intense.


Well because I am starting to understand women. Actually…I understand femininity a bit more, In a wordless…Powerful protector kind of way.

I show empathy and kindness unlike I did ever before, including men…

I’ve now created a map in my mind, pathways towards all the why’s how’s and what’s of attracting FEMININITY.

Libertine seemed at first like an expensive steroid that’s one of a kind but that’s all it is…A steroid.

I’m starting to see that it’s doing as much work as Khan in the polarity of sexuality aspect.

Blending gentleness whilst sub communicating that you will ravage them.


If anything I’m starting to see why it’s so rare and desirable, most men cringe at their most primal state of genuine--------ness

I’m less dependent on validation and I think I can confidently say that I’m entirely independent now.

Men fuck up.

Men say dumb shit.

Men tunnel vision too hard to be the awkward weirdo that isn’t just putting his balls on the table and saying: “This is me, I’m sorry if you don’t like it”

Of course I don’t want to try to say dumb shit or fuck up. But if it happens, I know I am a flawed being that will trip up, it DOES not matter.

Where am I going with this?

I’ve finally found a good outside open circle that holds events and has beautiful young girls, and they love me.

This is the second time on Khan I have been out to a new social atmosphere and new group.

This is the second time I’ve done this since I moved to this war zone.

So you can say the times I did it were me on Khan.

I was pretty cool, I won’t sit here and try to say I’m amazing because you will never truly know how people see through their glasses.

But in my eyes to be perfectly honest I was a god.

They want to see me again and I was so doped up on 2 loops of libertine that I was getting stares unlike anything I’ve seen before.

Yeah a lot of it is my body, My life has been the gym and I have never gone out with people to hang out outside of my Khan listenings.


long story it’s boring but I manifested some, balls’d through some, and charisma’d some.

Anyway, this journal is now my home.

Ask for coffee or tea anytime.


Hell yeah, good luck on your journey, Khan was incredible for me I am sure you will be amazed about how it changes you!


alright day 2 of journal writing

log: graduated to stage 4 of emperor fitness and Khan 3 days ago.

1 day of 2 loops 1 day of rest for assimilation. 2 loops finished of EF, running a libertine ultima loop as I write, 2 loops of khan come at night.

I’ve manifested like I talked about in my first post, I struck gold actually. I met an event planner.

The type of dude who goes live on facebook during a party.

I met him yesterday and we formed a strong connection!

Lots of beautiful women at the bar we went to.

To elaborate on my inner feelings, I feel like a god. I am very in control of my emotional state, physical posture and social skill, that all seems to be coming naturally.

It literally feels this. I expected khan to somehow drill thousands of social lessons into your brain.

What it appears to have did is something and I don’t know what that something is, because I don’t know the script and what it says.

What I do know is it somehow made me UNDERSTAND social dynamics at a very very very core level.

It’s 90% feel

10% hunch.

I’ve never micro managed my interactions to this level, I feel like I’m just slow dancing with the world around me, rarely choke or panic, always find a way to present myself well.

Always charming people around me.

So at this bar in my city which has low levels of corona, I sat with the person I met and another guy who was a bartender at that popular bar.

He told me his entire life story, I was holding strong eye contact, was very encapsulated by his voice and intend and talks and really in a chill manner connected with him, also being socially aware enough to bring in the guy who hasnt talked for 2 minutes and ask him what’s on his mind and what’s happening.

He went through a heartbreak a week ago, I basically just sat back, let bartender dude give him some deep life advice while I just worked on keeping my vibe chill, thus making the guy chill.

I’m evolving, I’m also starting to lose all my love for beauty.

I love beauty but i love myself and my life more, I think the desensitization process that khan took me through is reaching a good solid high. I have a strong demeanor, I never ever try to dominate, I try to be cool.

I know girls love the cool guy, I’m there to feel good and thus everyone will feel good.

I’m having a calibration of my energy as I interact with people, trying to emphasize and understand them and make them remember talking to me.

I am still an angry fucker so obviously I won’t talk about how well I am in situations where I feel threatened or someone crosses a line, nobody has, if anything they’ve all respected me.

whilst I wanna say Khan brought me from rags to riches and from nothing to something in understanding social situations which I never truly felt comfortable understanding to a level I can enjoy doing it WHILST GROWING AND BEING ONE OF THE BEST.


But I still have a lot to do, I want to get a girl, I want to sleep with a girl, I want to have a friend girl that appreciates me and that I appreciate.

LIBERTINE: very fucking dangerous, women WILL stare. and loop after loop you will get so fucking cocky in a subtle and REAL WAY that it’s almost like you’re asking to be fucking punched.

BUT nobody will, cuz you’re oozing primal win


Another day another report.

To catch you all up on the last episode of my journey.

I manifested a goldmine of possibility by being liked by a party planner, after months of frustration for not being able to meet cute girls and be outside enjoying my life.

I didn’t over celebrate , it seems he really likes me he even gave me free weed and we plan to go out tomorrow, this time I’m hoping I meet some girls, and yeah ill go with the flow.

libertine has now reached a point of effect where girls are choosing to stand next to me during certain workouts, the looks are also increasing, it’s surprising who shows interest and who doesn’t, feels like cute girls seem to show it in a more naive way, whilst some women just DO not show it, none of my business anyway.

I’ll update again after an outting or 2


same day report, I’m going to use this to release my thoughts.

I’m starting to enjoy my life in the “relaxation” sense of the word. I’m starting to have such effortless charm when I talk to people that I am dropping my anxiety bit by bit.

I feel I can make anyone like me if given the choice to.

I’m having a phase where I can just kicck back a bit and wait for opportunities to rise.

Libertine ultima is a game changer, it causes an effect on me where im just in the zone.

the other day I listened to 2 loops and i got stares everywhere/


another day, woke up and ate and ready to go to the gym soon, after my 2 loops of libertine are done.

the khan stage 4 loops are getting to me. I have a sense that the clock is ticking, a bit of a more serious tone towards romance.

I don’t want weird sexual relations that revolve around lust, I want an epic tale of a thief and a princess.

Let’s see what today brings


alright so i wanna keep updates short ish and less like a novel.

social intelligence on khan stage 4 and libertine ultima is godlike.

it’s reached a point where I am literally naturally flowing through every single micro detail when interacting instantaneously, I play with the energy like tuning a guitar. my ability to make myself and women feel good around me is sublime.

2 girls currently in my stack that I’m working on.

my technique is so flawless socially that I can safely and securely say that the girls who start drifting away do it because they’re not ready, and not because I didnt stir them internally.


alright so if anyone is wondering out of my 0.4 viewers how im doing.

I am now 20 days on stage 4 and i just went on a trip to a neighboring country with beautiful girls.

I got laid and also I have been going through a an entire inner spitirual civil war, it’s been intense bois




im trying my very best to keep updating but i can’t, there’s too much happening.

day 1: 1 loop EF KHAN
day 2: 2 loops each of khan
day 3: 2 loops
day 4: 3 loops
day 5: 3 loops
2 days rest.

thats my programme.

Libertine ultimate 5 times a week on average.

So much has been happening that unless I write every single day I cannot keep up with the journal but if i had to do a quick rundown.

I’ve transcended alpha

How do I describe this? I literally reached a point where no girl ever mesmerizes me, my goal socially is to shine like a diamond and make others want me, my main focus is on myself and how to stay absorbed in my own energy and mind, to be witty charming and smart.

in terms of results, I speed seduced a girl i just met in a group. It felt great.

I am less focused on how I look to others and more focused on how I look INTERNALLY, meaning, am i shy? calm? Am I obsessed with which girl wants to enter a staring contest with me? anyway!

I’m passed the point of taking action, it comes naturally to me and i do it for fun, I’m at the point where my entire focus is on being the highest value man they ever met, I do this with a super cool attitude.

This feels better than actually getting laid, and I have no doubt it’ll get me to higher places than trying to hook on to the first girl that wants me cuz if i did that I’d be in a different spot.


ok fuck im going to try to invest more in this journal.

first off this is a very hard program, 2 weeks ago my main focus and spiritual epiphany was as follows

this is during the time i got laid for the first time in 1 year, in a country neighboring to mine.

majority of girls gave me massive IOI’s, some were insane and over the top.

YET, I didn’t succeed in the long run with many of them, as a matter of fact none stayed along.

yes even the ones who said im like a greed god casanova bla bla, they all left.

I have an inner spiritual war week after week on this program so it naturally went onto this.

THIS WEEK, all im getting is signs that i shouldnt ever be interested in a girl in the first place.

like these girls show IOIs and when we’re vibing they vibe they agree to everything i tell them even if i say lets go back to my place and ill let u sit on my lap and we can talk about the first thing that pops up, yet! the next day im out of their life.

I’m starting to see the intense ultra super appeal of just not being interested at all in girls apart from being sexual (literally giving them: I’m horny energy) so i tried

yesterday i was at a party and made it my goal to be super cool and it worked.

I just never really fixated on a girl, at the end of the night i realized i was the top wanted guy there.

How do I know?

I just know.

I was oozing appeal and on top of that i was 3 loops on libertine.

i KEPT doing this, this engaged woman was the one girl i wanted most, all girls were hot but I knew i cannot sell myself to a single girl tonight, and this woman was in my group of 4.

no matter how many times we vibed and talked, I leaned back after done away from her



i love talking to them and fucking them but i wanna reach the next level.

I have to let them chase.

she chased so hard and i kept flexing on the entire group with just my calm tone and my constant smiling to their wanting to impress me with stories and encouraging them that she eventually gave a compliment from the heavens

doesnt sound like much if i type here but i could feel the energy behind it, it had desperation and thats something i havent felt towards me since i was 15

how did i answer?

a sarcastic “thanks”

as if to say “thanks I REALLY needed your approval”

im on my second break day today and waiting for the next week of epiphany and action

on another note I’m also loved by every single male who comes in my vecinity, that or theyre intimdated. if they do decide to open up theyll love me like they met jesus


last update for those who wonder how tf am i going to get women when im not interested

I AM SUPER INTERESTED IN FEMININITY, but not the women around me, I am a walking diamond thirsttrap.

I dress sexy my body looks amazing and i look great but I will not sell myself to the charm of one woman atleast not for more than 20 seconds after she’s caught my attention.

also I have planned to listen to khan for the next year, along with EF.


Did you jump directly to stage 4 of Khan or did you do stage 1,2 and 3 earlier?


Remember, P in V is the only legit and considered IOI, other are just plain BS.


i did 30 days of stage 1 and 45 days of stage 2 and 3 each. then stage 4


okay guys im going to say my results for those that are here looking for tangible changes.

I made out with a girl

got laid first time in a year

god status amongst younger groups

literally casanova in 1v1 talks and interactions.

im always in a zone of ephipany.

the hardest part about this program is keeping my heart strong throughout the entire journey, like “coolness cardio”

im getting better and better looking as i walk through this program which is helping me a lot.

I look in the mirror and I actually like what I see, im at about 11% bodyfat and i know that going to 10 or under on EF takes time, thus why I missed stage 2 when i graduated to 3, hence why im happy now and seeing my muscles get more attractive while the fat slowly simmers off

i have caught girls whispering to eachother while talking about me.

this is 30% libertaine ultima and 70% khan.

But khan is world above anything else ive ever been through in terms of sexual spiritual masculine dominant and WISE growth,

masters make it look easy, right?


Awesome :slight_smile: !!

I was curious about this, what do you think you’re results would be like just running khan without LIbertine-how similar or different?


libertaine is a magic combination of magic pill and ACTUAL AURA.

the confidence u get from knowing than “I AM ON KHAN FOR 5 MONTHS AND NOW ON THIS LOOP” makes you feel godlike and girls respond.


I found out that even i took an intentional break from libertaine to see how much of it was ME and how much was the ultima.

theyre the same.

but that one just WARMS U UP, ready to dive into the deep end.


Very cool, always exciting to read these developments.
Inspiring, and has me looking forward to my own full khan run, whenever that will be (prob next spring)


the thing is

on libertaine u become TOO TOO TOO TOO TOO TOO TOO TOO GOOD.

like ur miles and leaps beyond any of the male competition and the girl i made out with is a girl i took out from the table and into the neighborhood, held her hand then 1 minute later stopped her and kissed her.(IN THE MIDDLE EAST!)

u become so good that sometimes u come ass as an ultra super player and its very intimidating to some, but those are ones who are unable to fuck u tonight.