The geographical limitations of subliminals


Is it possible for a subliminal to improve one’s social goals if he is spending a lot of time online perhaps due to his work and hardly gets to meet people? For example, if he lives in a very remote area, how social can this person get? I know that person can take “action” by moving out of his village to a bigger place to meet people, but this isn’t what I am thinking about.

I was thinking about whether one can become more popular in terms of “online social status” and get more approaches from specific persons online with the help of subliminals . I mean this with the ultimate aim of improving one’s offline social life in the long-run.

For example, suddenly a specific person you don’t know but you have interest in just because you just saw her nice photo sends you a message out of the blue telling you that she is coming to your city and so-and-so told her that you might be free to take her around.

Or for the business-minded, you think of a certain business opportunity and the next day someone you don’t know calls you out of random to offer you that opportunity you just thought of.

I don’t know whether it is possible to project an aura of influence across the Internet. Perhaps if we go by certain beliefs regarding the Law of Attraction and quantum physics, it is possible.


I do not think an aura of influence exists or can be created. One subliminal company did create an experimental product which claimed to get women to have sex with you. I would class this as an “influencing sub”. It has been four years in the making and still does not work. As you have rightly said the sub might motivate you too move to another city or country other then that. Its not going to do anything magical.