The first hype when you listen to a sub

Anybody have any idea about the first HYPE you get when you first listen to a sub?
Why does it happen? Why results get slower after sometime?
Is it even real or just because it’s sth unnatural our mind makes that very big and new
I assume saint saw a tester in person and he could know if he saw a difference between their first days and his own perception of him/her and rest of the days


Imagine before using subs you usually feel this big inner power of something like emperor only in a few very specific scenarios. Than when you start emperor suddenly you feel it in a lot more scenarios, yet still not always. But since compaeritively to before you were using the sub you feel it a lot more often, it stands out. Than over time you get used to it and suddenly the moments where you dont feel that way stand out like a sore thumb. Now it suddenly feels like you lost your results, despite the results not changing, just how used you are to them is.

Also recon and overload ofcourse can also affect it.

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Well THAT is my hypothesis
Do you have any quote to support this?

oh lmfao my bad, i saw the first to sentences and instantly responded without reading the stuff under it. Only have personal experience though to support this. When i shift my perspective to looking for results rather than looking for where i dont have results, the feeling of having little results instantly dissappears.


Also journaling may help