The Fame Game (Success)


I used to use Emperor, Limitless, Limit Destroyer and Beyond Limitless, as of now I’m purely just using StarkQ as it fits my goals better than the above.

Hey guys,

So I’m new to Subliminal Club however not new to Subliminals, I was using ones I found for free and always found myself getting some results and then going into a funk I couldn’t get out of. I even made my own, nothing compared to the free ones and nothing compared to these, and whilst I got results I wanted to use ones that were made by experts. I ended up finding Subliminal Club.

I wanted to Journal my days, as I’ve never done it before and right now - even on day 2, I’m experiencing some stuff - good and bad - that I want to keep track of and share.

I have a few different goals, I want to be more alpha in my life, and definitely manifest a bunch of money for sure - whilst working on my businesses and being success. I work as a dancer and choreographer and find myself struggling sometimes to choreograph and have motivation - hence limit destroyer - as well as removing limits around money and my business and all that jazz.

disclaimer, I bought them before I found the forum properly so I don’t even know if these are exactly the things I need - I am looking into the creativity ones - do you guys think this would be better?

I’ve been listening to both since I bought them, I bought Emperor two nights ago and Limiting Beliefs last night. I had Emperor running through the night I bought it, and throughout the day using Ultrasonic and then made a playlist with both running both through last night and all of today pretty much.

Anyway, what I’m experiencing already, including the obvious:

  1. Today has been a huge downer for me, I’ve felt restless and super tired - I have really been struggling to sleep whilst listening over night - I read the book so I’m going to try and adapt to it. It’s worth the price.

  2. I had a self reflection moment where I was struggling with my self worth today with my dancing ability and choreographic ability and took a second to know I should be taking more classes - this has been obvious for a while but I’ve been procrastinating and I’ve made the decision to be taking some tomorrow. Starting with foundational classes in other styles. We shall see if this happens for sure.

  3. Now, this might be irrelevant to some but to me it isn’t - I always have this thing where I take weeks or months to decide to do something and today I decided I wanted to dye and cut my hair so that’s happening tomorrow for sure also. Nothing big but making even the smallest decision like this for me has been a struggle in the past.

  4. Not sure if I have, but kind of linked in with what I’ve already said - feel like I’m getting the bad day feeling already - which for me is super good I think, as its only been two days and whilst it may get worse, it can only get better after. Feel like I’m hitting that reconcilation stage already.

That’s all I can think of for now, so we shall see where this takes me.

I want to stick and use these, however I’m also going to look at the other subliminals too.

Can you guys suggest if these are the ones I should be listening to based off the above?

Just a recap:

I’m a dancer and choreographer - so I need to be super creative with my choreography but also need to learn dance material quickly and as of right now, it’s okay but not as great as it should be. I got limiter destroyer to also help me destroy any limits I have with dance/choreography too.

I also want to be more alpha in my life and start controlling my life in the way I want it to be, rather than procrastinating and all that stuff whilst making the money I feel like I deserve I should be making and creating a successful dance company that I own.


If you’re a dancer and choreographer, it would mean you need to work with a lot of people. I’m not sure if Emperor is a good fit as your 1st sub. Maybe AM would be a better choice as a starter.

As for creativity and learning dance material quicker, you may want to consider Quantum Limitless, Limitless and/or Beyond Limitless. You may also check Ultimate Artist as it should help with creativity.

In either case, please do journal.

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Can I ask you to elaborate why? I have seen on here that people recommend Ascension or Moguel before Emperor as a foundation, but I don’t understand why. I only saw this after I had already bought Emperor, and thought it had all of the Ascension/Moguel stuff in it too.

I mainly got Emperor because of manifesting money but also not feeling like my own individual self and feeling like I had to rely on others to survive. Also because I feel like a bit of a push over in life and business and want that to stop.

I’m going to have a look at the three you suggested for Creativity and learning, I have been already but not sure which one to get to help the most.

I’m not adding Day 2 in yet, however I wanted to add a little update:

  1. I had a great sleep last night. I’m feeling a little tired right now and its only a couple hours after I woke up however the sleep was better than yesterday.

  2. I felt anger/aggression this morning, and started to get ideas on how to make my life better and what I should be doing for certain aspects of my life. Sounds petty, but the dogs annoyed me this morning more than usual and it’s because they haven’t been trained properly - normally I’d let this go but today it got out of hand and I realised this is one of my annoyances in daily life. I feel better knowing this, and now have the ideas to change it.

I’ll update later today.

From my experience, Emperor lets you see all the crap and bullshit other people give out. Given that, it may lead to bouts of anger and may lead you to prefer to be alone. On the other hand AM, Ascension or Mogul have social components that may help you handle the crap better. Because you need to talk to others a lot, Emperor as your first sub may not be ideal. If other dancers are making excuses or are not that quick to understand your choreography, it might lead to bouts of anger and frustration that they would likely see. This can then cause tension.
When I ran EmperorV4, I expected people to work like me, think like me, or even behave like me. I had high expectations of myself, and if I couldn’t reach my goal, I got frustrated. Given I expect the same from my colleagues, who many are just lazy asses, I found it very difficult to work in such an environment. Switching to AM helped me refocus my efforts and attention more on my work rather than seeing the incompetence of my coworkers.


That’s actually what I need and to be honest what I’m already seeing. People’s bullshit and normally I’m a push over to it. Especially in my company. I’m a lovely person but admittedly I let people in my company push me around when I know I should be pushing them to be the best they can be and that really annoys me because I know I can do it. I’ve already felt the effects of telling people about their crap today.

I feel I’m already great socially and all that kind of stuff, but I do understand what you’re saying - so I’ll check them out and buy them later and if things get too bad I’ll use stop Emperor and use them instead.

I’m sorry about your experience with your lazy ass colleagues for sure, and trust me I totally understand where you’re coming from because I work in that kind of environment with dancers and all that too, and to be honest they need the brutal honesty. They need that when I’m teaching them - because honestly otherwise I’m lying to them. I can understand when it’s a 9-5 job though, if that makes sense?

Thanks for your input, I’ve definitely got it in mind.

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So I didn’t update, because I was super tired but I ran Emperor and Limit Destroyer on UA throughout the day whilst watching TV and on my way to the studio. I normally run subs back to back, which is what I had been doing, but decided I’d run my main programs more often and run my stack/supercharger programs a little less, unless there’s a routine to this?

UPDATE - Due to having to learn choreography quickly - something I’ve struggled with massively compared to other dancers I bought Limitless and Beyond Limitless to add to my collection. I’m now running the Major Programs back to back and then going to run the supercharger/stack a little throughout the day.

Anyhow, I feel I’ve been feeling the effects of Emperor. I’ve been noticing things that have been wasting my time more and more and noticing things I should be doing more of which is great. I’ve also started to notice behaviours of people, especially friends, that are annoying me when it comes to rudeness such as cutting me off whilst I’m talking or whatever else. That shit stops.

I’ve been more alpha with my company already, telling them to cut their bullshit excuses and to be prepared for our trainings - and I 100% mean it too. Normally I’d be like okay, yeah I say it but I don’t want to be too hard - no I do. Proud of myself for this.

I had Emperor on loop before and during my walk to the studio and had Limit Destroyer on about 30 minutes before class so that felt like I could pick up choreography. I struggled big time and nearly gave up, I was about to sit out, but something in me told me not to and just to keep going so I did and I ended up getting it, which I’m proud of. This is why I bought Limitless, to help with learning and remembering choreography.

I felt more like a decision maker and didn’t get scrambled in my head with things I had to do either:

  1. I made and organised plans for my friends birthday with our friends as she was going to spend it alone due to her friends from London cancelling on her- I also made sure she was coming to training.

  2. I took the decision to do more classes and did an online dance class before I went to the studio to take 2 classes. I also challenged myself in various ways.

  3. I didn’t end up dying my hair yesterday but I will be today and I’ll be getting it cut also.

I shall update if anything else comes to mind.

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Definitely making decisions better, which is great for me because usually I’m someone who takes a while to make them - like a long time. I decided to get my hair - still not dyed it but one step at a time, that may come tomorrow when I have the time.

Anyway, I’ve started to notice people’s bullshit when it comes to my company and them telling me what they’re going to do and whilst I’m not totally calling people out on it - I’m telling them about what they’re doing and putting them into their place, finally - and trust me, they need it. They need the accountability.

I did classes today, I did one yesterday and one a half today so that’s already an improvement. I want to go over what I learnt yesterday and add on by finishing that half off and get a move on.

I’ve had Emperor and Limitless on loop repeatedly throughout the day, and then had Limit Destroyer on whilst I was taking classes. I felt like I picked stuff up quicker but we shall see. No where near perfect but I feel better with it for sure.

I’m going to use Beyond Limitless in the morning, just once for now to meditate to maybe when I wake up and see how it goes.

Oh I’ve also noticed that hitting the goal I had initially isn’t enough. I hit a goal I’ve had today, I believe, and whilst I’ve got it - it isn’t enough. I want more and I’m going to make sure I get more but knowing I wanted more led to frustrations within myself, but I’ve found myself more motivated in taking action.

Emperor does help with taking action right? It’s felt easier for sure after having Emperor. I’ve had less procrastination to do things for sure.


No idea what day it is, but that doesn’t matter, its update time.

So I’ve been using this loop set,

Emperor, Limitless, Emperor, Limitless, Limit Destroyer on Ultra Sonic through the night and masked throughout the day.

I haven’t been consistent with Beyond Limitless but I want to use it when I wake up - most likely when I have a bath, and at night before I sleep, but maybe just once in the morning will do. + If I need to be creative I’ll most likely use it before I need to choreograph or have any sessions I need to manage.

Anyway, I feel like Emperor has made me stand on my own more and I’ve been more upfront about the way I’ve been feeling - like way more upfront than normal. To the point I’ve nearly been starting arguments. I’m feeling like I’m no way scared of confrontation like I used to be, which is like wow to me. I have to choose my words a lot more wisely now, but that’s okay.

I’ve been getting ideas on how to take my business further, and due to the Corona virus, how I can work through my business with people who aren’t with me in person - which is amazing. I’m super excited. Figuring out the work but it’s doable.

One thing I’m noticing is I’m taking more action and having less excuses about things - and things are easier to resist if I really need to.

  1. I’ve stuck with doing my dance classes online, which I’ve procrastinated about for months - and I’ve done them ever since I said I would on the first day of the journal.

  2. I’ve cut and dyed my hair like I said I would, dying my hair took a little longer to do but I’ve done it - may seem like something small but to me that’s huge in terms of actually doing it.

  3. The plans for my friend’s birthday happened and we worked around the self isolation, and it was pretty much managed by myself which I’m proud of.

  4. I’ve been way stricter on my company, which they need and that’s great.

  5. Does Emperor have some kind of part of Spartan aspect to it? I don’t want to add too many programs but that was one I was looking at as I’ve always felt mentally weak, somewhat physically too, but I’ve felt mentally stronger and even physically.

I feel like Limitless and Limit Destroyer have been helping too, whilst I don’t think I can pick up every single step yet and execute it perfectly they’re helping me remember them and the details whilst also eliminating the negative thoughts I had towards me dancing which is great.

Of course it’s still going to take a while to use as it’s the first week but I’ve definitely been managing myself and remembering what needed to with these two, they’ve also been helping with the steps for when I’m doing my online classes which is useful as fuck for me - especially since I want to be as versatile as possible.

I haven’t tried to choreograph yet so not sure if it’ll help there yet but we shall see soon when I have to do it this week.

So far, I feel like these are all little changes. I won’t remember everything that’s happened, all the good and bad, but I feel they’re definitely working. I didn’t feel it yesterday but now I’ve looked back on it I feel they are.

Will keep journalling.

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Jesus. My head has been absolutely killing me, I’ve been having headaches - todays headaches have been some of the worse - I kept thinking it was Corona but I did some lurking around the forums on this and found it could be due to the subliminal with Emperor which I think it is, apparently reconciliation? - Does anyone have any thoughts of this?

Also my sleep has been ridiculously terrible, like I’ve been having to nap during the day because my sleep has been so bad - I can’t remember any of my dreams either. The quality of my sleep has just been dreadful, tossing and turning. I’ve been playing the subliminal on ultra whilst I sleep.

My loop usage has been the same in terms of Emperor, Limitless, repeat, Limit Destroyer. I haven’t been using Beyond Limitless yet but I think I’ve found a good use to start using it which is before I choreograph tomorrow. I actually changed my loop usage today, and I’ve started doing Emperor x3, Limitless x1 and Limit Destroyer x1. I wanted to feel the effects of Emperor more, and I feel like I am in general. No idea how many hours I listen throughout the day but I’ll listen through the night without fail and listen through the day whilst watching something or doing something when possible.

Normally I teach my dance class on a Tuesday but due to the lockdown we now have in the UK, we can’t leave the house properly for 3 weeks, so tomorrow I have to teach online instead - I’m going to use Beyond Limitless for the 2nd time since I bought it but before I start choreographing so hopefully it’ll give me ideas and help. Whilst I’m on this subject - would it be bad to use Beyond Limitless in the evening before I sleep? Would this cause more issues with me sleeping, due to the creativity I may be inspired by, or not?

Moving on, I’m starting to really not care about what people think anymore and their interests in relation to my business now, and I’m actually super proud of that. For example, someone from my dance company has decided to leave and I’ve actually been okay with it. Thought I would be more upset and annoyed about it but funnily enough I’m not and this is someone I consider my friend too. However, it’s not as if I’m just totally being harsh, this person and their energy has been dragging my company down and that’s not okay as it’s affecting everyone else, including me.

It’s more than just about the money, plus my prices will be increasing regardless of the loss people that leave, as I want to offer more for the remainder to the people in the company and I don’t actually feel terrible about the price increase. + I’ve had ideas on how to expand my company to be online (I believe I said this in the previous post) so that’ll also possibly make me more money - which I think is a great idea, I’m super excited for it. This could take my company to better heights, give me more experience and allow me to have a supplementary income.

Talking about supplementary income, I’ve been given the opportunity to make some money on an app and this month I’ve already hit my target (without Emperor) but ever since I’ve been listening to it I’ve been laser focused on getting shit done with it and I’ve been flyer higher with it, at least I think so. So this, for now, is a great way to make a side income, along with the possibility of making more money taking my company online as well as doing my original company. I’ve had the ideas and I’m putting them into action which I think is incredible.

Action has been one of my biggest problems too because of procrastination - not seemingly a problem anymore, I’ve been doing dance classes since I said I would, yesterday I worked out - I was supposed to workout today but go preoccupied and had to have a nap due to my lack of sleep but I WANT to workout. I read on the forums that apparently Emperor makes you prioritise the things that are important to you - working out, dancing, working on my business, making money and all that jazz are important to me but I’ve just procrastinated so much. Can anyone confirm this? Especially if you’ve done emperor?

Due to taking my online classes more seriously and actually taking the classes, I haven’t had the momentum to KEEP taking more classes mentally, what I mean by this is I can start them but my energy fizzles out at the end of one or two (about an hour in) - I think I need Spartan for that, but I’m going to wait before I buy it - I don’t want to be that person that jumps from sub to sub (I’m normally that person.) I feel as if Limitless is helping me learn so much quicker, I’m struggling to get the co-ordination for certain moves but I feel like I’m starting to pick up the steps more which is great for me. I don’t feel like a total idea doing simple steps anymore so far. It’s way too early to tell however since I’ve been using the sub less than a week and these are beginner classes I’m taking (which I still struggle with) but still.

I’ve just re-read the Limit Destroyer page, as I had no idea if it was helping but re-reading the page has made me feel like it has - I’ve not being questioning my insecurities any as much anymore and that’s an incredible feeling for me. Questioning my worth in this side hustle, questioning the new ideas popping up that could make me money, the fitness regime I want or the dance moves I’m doing, none that. I’m just doing it.

So far so good, massive headaches, shitty sleep, feeling a bit like shit at certain times and cutting out people’s bullshit (to keep them my friends) are my drawbacks, the last one isn’t really a drawback, but it seems to be worth it so far.

Going to update ever couple days rather than every few days.

I said I’d do an update every couple of days but going to do a small update tonight before I sleep.

I ran my loops as normal and again, a headache - so I’m going to take a rest day and see how I feel and start running them again and seeing if it happens. The headaches could be many factors though, they’re not THAT bad today. I may just not listen whilst I sleep tonight and listen tomorrow instead. I haven’t had them on loop that much today.

Anyway, ran Beyond Limitless in my bath this morning and didn’t even listen, just tried to breathe and relax and let it all happen subliminally. I believe it helped. I ended up choreographing one of my favourite ever choreographies I’ve done (I think) and it was super hard which I love aha. People loved it and it was somewhat different for me. I loved the creativity and definitely found it easier to choreography after using Beyond Limitless

However now, I’m super sore and I think my body and mind need a rest. Going to focus on actually sleeping tonight rather than listening to a sub.

Nothing to report on the other subs really, will update maybe tomorrow and in a few days and regarding sleep.

Does anyone have anything to report about having trouble sleeping and headaches? I know the Subliminals That Work book says that you can have trouble sleeping.

Will missing one day really affect me that much? Especially if it’s like going to the gym, need a rest day right?

Small update.

I didn’t run any subliminals last night due to the headaches I was getting and I had a wayyyy better sleep than I have the last week or so I’ve been using the subs. I think I’m going to not run them through the night, or keep my phone slightly further away from my head, and them through the day. I’m going to experiment and see which one is best for me and my body right now.

I think doing what Saint said in another thread would make sense and work the best for me in terms of being able to sleep and not get headaches, but not necessarily best for me in actually getting it done.

What I’m talking about is doing the subs during the day, playing them on Ultra Sonic during the day whenever I can, or even masked, and then sleeping without them on at all. I’m going to try sleep with it tonight, away from my head now that I feel my subconscious has had a night break from them. I currently have them on Ultra Sonic whilst I’m writing this now.

Limitless has been helping me, I feel, so that choreography is coming to me way easier than normal and doesn’t feel as hard to create like it did before - thank the Lord, because I would stress about it. I made about 5-8 counts in about 15-20 minutes or less, and I’m super proud of that. It was for my beginners class but still something to be proud of.

Limit Destroyer really is helping me still with the things I said yesterday, I’m barely questioning anything anymore and I’m super proud of it.

Like I said, small update but it’s an update nevertheless.

So, still running my loops - been running them more again now that the headaches have gone, one night off really helped and I think that’s what I’m going to do from now on - if it gets too bad I’ll just take a day off, hydrate myself and get back to working the subliminal for sure. I’m sleeping with them on ultra sonic, away from my head (I used to have them next to the pillow) and then on masked throughout the day whilst I’m watching TV with the boyfriend or parents.

3x Emperor
1x Limitless
1x Limit Destroyer

I’ve been having to choreograph a lot lately and I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve been creating, normally I stress and come up with so many reasons as to to why I can’t do it or whatever and it really is starting to change. I created a new piece of choreography last night/today and even though it wasn’t my style - I really enjoyed the process and creating it. It turned out super good as well. I just need to work on it for sure. I really think Limitless and Limit Destroyer are really kicking in.

Emperor, I’m not sure if I’m feeling too many differences but I know I’m giving more of a ‘meh, it is what it is’ attitude - is this normal? I’m kind of moving of from situations that used to affect me that aren’t anymore a lot quicker than normal. Like when someone, especially someone I’m close to, leaves my company. Two people have left my company this week and I’ve just kind of let them go, without fighting for them or even breathing into it. I quite like this attitude, because usually I’d feel totally emotional and upset and like ‘oh…it’s me’ but I’m not. I’m feeling that they can be replaced and that it’s ready to go.

I am noticing that I’m making a lot more decisions easier and actually taking action more - like I said in previous entries I used to struggle with procrastination. I’ve been doing things I said would - maybe delayed but actually doing them, for example bathing the dogs today when I said I would and getting it out the way, doing my tutorials and choreographies etc. I just have these plans in my head, they’re not necessarily things I’m writing down.

Talking about these subs, I’ve never really had ‘goals’, especially ones written down, for these subliminals as I’ve never really thought about them. Should I have goals for these? Can anyone answer this? I see different things around the forum. I’m definitely taking action towards my goal, like choreography with limitless/limit destroyer or taking classes and I’m definitely moving forward with Emperor but less than the former.

Do I need to make goals to direct these? I have ideas in my head about what I want to do with my life right now, but nothing I’ve written down for sure.

Also, can anyone tell me if I can use Beyond Limitless before I fall asleep, or no? I would assume in the morning is better, but let me know. I can’t remember if it’s in the book.

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Haven’t really been listening as much as I want too, the loops are still the same. I’ve been playing the loops whilst I sleep still and more or less whilst I’m watching TV/listening to music or sleeping throughout the day. I’ve been super tired during this isolation so I’ve been using it to my advantage to allow my body to rest and get so loops in.

Actual listening whilst I’m awake hasn’t really been happening though so I’m going to pick up on that now.

People have been leaving my company, which whilst sad, I’ve not really felt anything? I’ve cared for the money but feel like that can be replaced and even changed. I’ve had about 3 people leave in the past couple days and one of them who I was quite close to I haven’t even spoken to - I’m not even bothered by it. This sounds sound but this is actually the attitude I want.

This sounds silly also but I’ve been uploading more dance videos onto Instagram whilst we’ve been on isolation and normally I don’t get a lot of engagement but people have been asking me for tutorials, have been commenting on my stuff, messaging me and all those kind of things. People are trying to help me out more too and I’m just grateful for it.

I’ve felt a little lost with what I’ve wanted to do recently however, as I’ve felt so tired in general - I’ve had two naps and a great sleep last night so I don’t know why I’m so tired, even now I’m yawning, but when I wake up tomorrow I’m going to write down some definitely goals so I don’t feel as lost and see what I want out of my life with Emperor.

I REALLY want to change to Khan though, I’ve been debating buying it but I’m not sure if I should. I’ve been having some signs that I should - I use an app I get paid on and people have been entering the app called Khan.

I mainly want to use it because I want to start from the bottom of my Subconscious and build back up, especially the action taking as I don’t want to procrasinate on things. Whilst I’ve been an actor taker more with Emperor than I was without, I’m still taking my time to delay things a little.

What are your guys thoughts of this?

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So, I messaged one of the guys on the forum as I thought their advice would be useful and upon that advice I’ve now decided to stop using the above and use StarkQ instead.

We spoke about my goals and they stated that normally multiple subs would be used as a recommendation to fit what I wanted, however StarkQ would fit all of the criteria that I needed it for, therefore here we go with StarkQ.

I’ve just started using it on Ultra Sonic. I’m excited to put my main focus onto one sub and one sub only whilst I give my boyfriend the Co-vid 19 sub. I’m going to update the journal based off both however - as he wouldn’t use the forum so I’ll update for him, especially as he has as shitty immune system. Lets see how it goes.


I decided, upon talking to this person, that I no longer wanted own my dance company - as I no longer enjoy it. At all. I enjoy dancing for me, and teaching normal classes. Something StarkQ will help with. I want to be known for my dancing abilities and for my choreography, I want to build my empire in dance, I want to make tutorials, classes, travel the world and all that jazz whilst making a bunch of money and being known for it.

I also decided I wanted to make my side hustle one of my main jobs - I work on an app on the side which requires being social with other people and being on camera. I have goals and targets for this side hustle that I actually enjoy so I want to make that happen asap.

I’m excited to report back.


So I haven’t been active on here as I wanted to give it a few days before I wrote a post.

I haven’t really listened to Stark that much through the day as I’ve been doing other things that prevent me from doing it as much (such as being with my family so can’t use ultra Sonic but could use Masked) however that’s going to change tomorrow. Going to see if I can find my speaker tomorrow and use Stark 24/7 for sure.

However I’ve been using it whilst I sleep and even just doing that I feel way more social than normal and I’ve been making goals happen on the app that I’ve been using for work. I’ve already hit nearly half way my goal in 3 days so that’s pretty cool. Been way more social and just been making more friends and more connections so I’m super excited about that.

I feel like it’s working even though I haven’t used it as much. I’ve been having ideas and making some fun stuff happen. Also not sure whether it’s related or not but my company really appreciated me tonight and we did something they could have easily done, and they really showed the appreciation and love for me tonight so I’m going to assume it’s down to the help of StarkQ.

I’m going to up my useage throughout the day and throughout the night and just see what else happens.

Following a listening pattern of 6 days on and one day off. So today I’ll up the useage, Sunday I won’t listen at all and then starting Monday it’ll be higher useage until Saturday and then an off day, and then repeat. I’m

Hey guys,

So I want to take a couple days between posts so I can have more things to journal about.

I’ve been down recently and my StarkQ loops has been lacking. I’ve been procrastinating and all that shit. Today I got my other phone and put StarkQ and all the others I’ve bought on there and out Q on loop whilst I was in and out, I’ve currently got Q on whilst I’m writing this and whilst I’m about to learn German.

What I did notice from doing this today is that I’ve been social WAY more with people on the app I work for than normal and I feel like Inner circle is working and that many people are starting to like me, even ones that don’t know me, and they’re seeing me around everywhere. I’m grateful as fuck for it. So many people mention my name on this app and hopefully I’ll gain more respect from it and what I need to hit my targets on there.

I’m really trying to up my loops to be 24/7 so I’m gonna have to have an earphone in nearly all the time which is fine. But after today it needs to be done, I’m excited for sure.

Anyway, I’ve really been struggling to choreograph recently and I had Q on whilst I was choreographing - the result? A new favourite choreography which I think is quite difficult has been produced. I’m making more to it tomorrow whilst Q will be on in the background. I’m super excited for it.

I’m sure Q got Limitless updated or something so I’m going to try and use it to learn German now as a bunch of my friends on the app are German and I’ve only learnt a few words. We shall see the result for sure.

I feel like things are coming together, I’m getting annoyed at certain things but I feel like things will come together definitely.


Quick update.

I normally SUCK at learning languages, I’ve tried before but I was listening to StarkQ whilst trying to learn German and it actually makes sense to me and I can understand it. I need so much more practice but I’m super fucking proud of learning what I did. Come on languages.


  1. Learn German. Spend 15-20 minutes doing Duolingo.
  2. Make 100k target on the app I’m working on for this month.
  3. Create some kick-ass dance tutorials to provide.
  4. Work on my choreography and take some dance classes so that I get better.
  5. Give my company some incredible tasks for this Friday by being creative with StarkQ - I’ve literally just had some great ideas to be honest.

Guten Morgen,

It’s been 4 days. I’ve been playing StarkQ as the ONLY sub I’ve been using. I forgot to say I didn’t end up using the corona virus/health sub so that was dropped. I have considered using Spartan or Emperor with StarkQ as I wanted the mindset from Spartan (especially as I’m into fitness) but I’ve not fully decided and don’t think I will.

I’ve been using an external device to play StarkQ on whilst I’m doing other stuff on my phone and been using it in the background on Ultrasonic only. I’ve had it on 24/7 during the day and whilst I sleep. No masked.

In this four days so much has happened in general and I’ve just been looking at the goals I wanted to achieve.

I’ve been learnin German and finding it so much easier to achieve with StarkQ than without. I’m picking up words. I have had struggles and it’s definitely gotten harder but I’m working on it. I didn’t do it yesterday but today’s the day to start again (I’ve actually started since saying this, and whilst it was hard to pick up German it’s definitely making more sense.). I’m remembering and learning words easier. Makes more sense to me now.

I’m picking up choreography a lot easier than I used to, for sure. May not get it perfect yet but it’s sticking in there and it takes less attempts to learn.

I’ve been creating choreography easier and pushing myself more for it. I’ve created two pieces and they were great in my opinion.

The biggest thing is the social aspect and inner circle. I joined an app that is technically a job as it helps me get paid (I got paid from it this month) and it requires being social and having people help and support you for sure. The first month I struggled, I made a good target but I ended up not hitting what I wanted to. Since using the sub I have made so many friends and have such a great support system - I’ve also been hitting crazy targets that I didn’t even think was possible - everyone calls my name whenever I go into their lives and is willing to help me out and give me the help necessary. I absolutely love it and I think this is something that StarkQ has helped me out with the most - fucking crazy honestlty and I’m super grateful for it.

I made some amazing tasks for my company too, to keep them social during this isolation and has brought them together when things like Corona are keeping them apart. They’re doing so well.

I quite genuinely feel like people love me and want me to succeed which honestly I didn’t before.

I can’t remember what else I wanted to say but that seems like the updates for now. I know my thoughts are a bit scattered but yeah.


Hey guys,

So, StarkQ is doing great. I think I’m getting a bit frustrated as I’m not hitting a goal I what to hit as quick I want to but I’m sure I will. Nothing to report that’s changed too much from StarkQ as of yet.

However, even though I said I wouldn’t, I bought Spartan. Ever since I was 16 I’ve wanted an amazing looking body as well as a great mindset and honestly neither has happened. I give in to temptation too much. I eat way too much chocolate/sweets than I should do, I don’t do the dance classes I should do - even though I want to, I’m lazy in a sense. I have the passion and drive and I also have the want to do stuff but mentally I’m weak and give in. No longer do I want that to have power over me.

I want to have a great body, I already workout but my nutrition isn’t the best and all that kind of stuff. I want to have a stronger mentality and all that kind of stuff. I want to work towards my goals etc. So that’s why I’ve chosen Spartan to add to my stack.

I’m going to run Spartan 3 times, and then StarkQ 3 times and repeat.

I’ve been running Spartan since I bought it, which was about an hour ago, and already I want to make better food choices. I’m excited to go with this.

Hopefully it can help me hit my goals and all that jazz.


I want to see how this combo works. Stark just seems to give a subtle nudge to get you to do things. I’ve been holding off on stuff to do for whatever bullshit reason I come up with but since stark it’s been getting done.

I ran spartan before but didn’t give it a fair shot, stark might be the extra nudge.