The Emperor - The story of an Empire


So this would be the first week of Emperor.

I didn’t manage to listen as much during Thursday-Sunday as I wasn’t home and I don’t wanna run Ultrasonic on my headphones. I probably only got in 8 hours total during those days.

The first day I didn’t feel anything at all. I was unsure whether I had the correct file on my phone. I began listening on my computer sometime during the day and I could feel my head begin buzzing and feeling energy move around.

By the 2nd to the 3rd day I was angry. Like really angry for no specific reason. I was easily irritated for the smallest of things and wouldn’t take any shit. Normally I would be like “fuck that” and not care about it anymore. But now I couldn’t. The slightest small thing would throw me off.

I had to do release this tension somehow so I did some Feldenkrais exercises and had some other ways I could get rid off all the energy that “got lifted” when my beliefs were changing.

On Saturday night I was exhausted, this was due to me being at a special family event, with a lot of preparations and things that had gotten taken care of the days before. This exhaustion was leading to an intense anger/furiousness. I ended up walking 3 km with a suit back to the hotel trying to cool down, even though I was exhausted. If someone had done something that pushed on my boundaries during that walk it definitively would have ended with my fist in their face. I was FILLED with Rage.

Sunday was a “chill-day” where I mostly was in the car back home. I was emotionally distant, slightly irritated and aloof. Now the night to Monday I had my first dreams while using Emperor.
I had some day-dream moments where I would drift away in thoughts into unusual “depths” of my consciousness. “Something” which caused my thoughts to drift into these patterns or such. But I never had dreams during the nights.
But tonight I dreamt about girls, more specifically I was railing both J-Lo and queen B.

Those dreams by themselves made it worth the purchase of Emperor.

There have been visible changes in my behavior, my assertiveness and with myself taking action. It’s not yet right where I want it, but there’s a significant improvement to pre-Emperor. This is also only week 1!

Women interest has been increased, but I also find myself restraining myself in this area for various reasons. These of which I’m slowly beginning to come to terms with and defining my own boundaries (the kind that I deem necessary), something which I already thought I’ve done but it’s a new sort of self-discovery with Emperor.

Something which I haven’t really consciously taken note of, but through the use/help of my activity bracelet. I now seem to be spending roughly half the time in deep sleep on Emperor, than what I used to. Before Emperor (through the data from my activity bracelet) I was getting an average of 30% deep sleep during a whole night. Now these last days with Emperor I’ve been at a fairly consistent 15%

I’m not sure if this is caused by the reconciliation process, or if it’s something in the script which may be provoking this response. But I will continue to check up on how “my sleep is doing”.

All in all, I am so far, very satisfied with my purchase of Emperor and I’m looking forward to see how it continues to progress.
For anyone sitting on the bench wondering if they should give it a try I would encourage to try it out, you still have that 30 days refund :wink:


I suppose it’s time for an update.

I’ve been doing primarily the Emperor Experimental since it was released (2 weeks I believe) but I also throw in Masked whenever I’m using headphones. I’d say I’m averaging between 8-12h/day when I listen. But taking a day off or two doesn’t seem like a bad thing.

I’ve now been on Emperor for about 3 weeks, and I like the results I’ve seen. The anger that I felt the first week has not returned, but I have definitively noticed being more negative from time to time. I am a person who doesn’t consciously acknowledge how I feel or even what I’m feeling. But what I’ve learned from my Ascended Mogul and now also my Emperor run is how my left shoulder gets extra tense during a “bad day”. A day filled with negative emotions and where things simply don’t flow as they should.

So even if I am not consciously engaging with my emotions or feelings, I can notice when I should “shut off” and just relax. The best way I’ve found to deal with this “negative energy” or emotions, is to use PSTEC Clicktrack, so I use 1-3 tracks of those depending on how “bad” I seem to be doing. The longer I’ve run Emperor the less I’ve seen a need for using PSTEC.

I feel like Emperor is helping me to get more in touch with myself in some way. During the first week, I began reading a novel that I used to read in my younger years and well, that “habit” has continued. I get a new sort of satisfaction from reading now that I haven’t felt in ages. During the past 2-3 years haven’t read any novels but rather books of the more “intellectual” kind, I read books more for the purpose of learning than actual enjoyment, and it seems like that removed a lot of happiness in my life.
Just today I finished one of Bukowski’s books.

Because of this “better connection” with myself, I feel a lot better/happier and more satisfied with life in general.

I haven’t noticed much on my productivity or financial wise. But it could be rather that I don’t know what to put my focus on, rather than that I’m in general unproductive. I do get things done, just not of the important kind where I can say I’ve made progress.
I did get offered a free gym membership (which I’ll be accepting), so I suppose I can’t say nothing has happened on the financial end.

My popularity, in general, has increased. Can’t say there have been any specific “outstanding” moments with girls that I remember specifically and attribute to Emperor, but there is a higher interest in me.

My sleep has slowly gotten better before Emperor I was averaging a deep sleep of 30-35%/night (according to my activity bracelet). During the first week it got like 15-20%, 2nd week 17-22% and now during the 3rd week I’m looking at a 22-28%

During days where I’ve taken a break from the sub, I’ve gone as high as 40-50% deep sleep (with shorter total sleep) waking up feeling more rested.

I’m having an easier time integrating knowledge I acquire, and therefore there is also less need to continuously learn something more. It’s rather that I now get a deeper understanding of things much easier and see how they can work in different settings. Where I then want to practically apply the principles/techniques that I’ve now learnt.

Willpower is on a completely new level.

Physical changes; I’m hungry.
I’m slowly losing fat (at least that’s what it seems like) and my jaw is getting more defined. I’m a little uncertain but my walk has changed slightly as well.
The jaw thing has been very clear to me where I can feel how muscles are moving around and that “something” in my face is changing. This began around the end of week 2

I’m having more and more intense dreams now since week 2, fighting armies to protect my heir, dreaming about marriage, affairs, fighting with parents/siblings and old childhood friends
The symbolical context has not been easy to figure out and I’m still struggling with some dreams that I’ve written down. But they are certainly more interesting and more vivid than any other dream(s) I’ve had.

I can tell there is something being worked on under the hood, and I can’t put my finger on it. But I’m looking forward to seeing Emperor building up as I will continue to use it.
I still would like to see some sort of module encouraging one to physically relax and stop being so tense. That of course without hindering people from actually taking action because they “want to relax”.

My behavior with people has changed where I’m making myself more distant (such as from the forum), this has not been conscious. It’s rather that I don’t find myself being that interested in the forum. That said, it’s not limited to the forum. I’m simply being more wary of where I’m putting out my voice to be heard.
I’m acting more like a leader and taking charge of things.


I agree, adding a part that encourages / allows us to relax deeply and let go when we choose to will be great in Emperor. It seems to push me to go go go, and neglect much needed rest of relaxing activities that used to make me happy. So happiness decreases that way.

I find this great in most cases, but where it’s not so good is that I find myself not that interested in talking to girls and if I see a cute girl, I feel it’s kind of a “waste” to talk to her. I hope in a future revision it can be added that “if finding a girl is one of your goals, then you will find some time to do that and not lose your interest in girls that are your type and will bring happiness to your life. Of course, not in a way where it takes over everything, but still give it the priority it deserves.”

It seems there is a specific section in Emperor, not sure which, where when sleeping and running it, I keep on waking up during that time. If in the beginning something can be added that says: “You will have a restful night of sleep and will never be caused to be woken up by this subliminal” that will be great.


I had that only during the first week or so, afterwards it hasn’t occured, at least to me.

Haven’t listened anything to Emperor the latest 2 days, and now when I hit it up again I can feel movement/twitches in my jawline again.

Either I’m getting used to the sensations when I’m using Emperor, or there is a possibility of “overdoing”. Where it’s taking up your energy and it’s no longer making any major progress, because there’s not enough energy to access.

I’m thinking of doing 1 day off and 1 day on with Emperor (Experimental version) the following week and evaluate. Afterwards I’ll likely continue figuring out what kind of listening schedule works best for me.

Edit: Actually, I’m gonna go back to the usual Emperor version together with Masked when I have the possibility to do so.


A week of the usual Emperor. Again, I’ve been mixing Masked/Ultrasonic depending on what I’m doing when listening.

The experimental definitively hit me deeper emotionally but using the analogy that Sayian4Blue did. It’s like your in the water and I felt like the sub just kept me afloat, I wasn’t sinking nor swimming, I was just afloat.
During the time of it, I had lots of dreams, even relating to marriage which caught me completely off-guard.

Back on the usual Emperor, I feel like I’m swimming, albeit slowly. I’m also noticing how tough Emperor really is. Taking days off at least to me seems like it’s Necessary for the sub to fully work.
I was doing maybe 12-14h of the sub whole week until Thursday night, where I took a day off. That night I had the best results, at least in the girls-department (I had also done PSTEC before going to bed).

Girls were OBVIOUSLY checking me out. I was listening to a person speaking and a random girl sits down beside me, and during the presentation, she starts touching her rings (no she wasn’t married, she just happened to have 4 different rings lol) where she “accidentally” is brushing her hands against me. This happened up to something like 20 times? So it was by no means really an accident.

I approached her group a 20min later or so, where she was the only one I didn’t already know. I isolated her at a point and we could properly talk, gained some social proof by her finding out more people we knew in common. This said I’m fairly cautious with gaming too hard at this place, as it’s a venue I’m going to a weekly basis. And there are other girls there who’s caught my interest more. Right now I’m thinking about which of 2 sisters I should focus on more.

This week I’ve in general been more flirtatious with girls, exercising more, going out being social, and sticking to the schedule I’ve set up for myself.

I’ve slept better the days I’ve taken breaks, been more likely to have dreams and feeling better. Also feeling a drive to accomplish and hustle things.

I really like the module that has to do with learning, as I’m having a much easier time applying things into life and seeing things from an outside perspective and when/where I’m doing things wrong.

Currently thinking of beginning to be “social” on social media again. I had a while back when Snapchat was bigger where I was utilizing the shit out of it gaining social proof and FOMO (for others) where people LONGED for when I was gonna upload a new story. This kept me in contact with girls I hadn’t seen for years, where they contacted me to meet up etc. It basically became a marketing funnel where Snapchat sent me leads (replies to my stories) where I could continue to escalate things with the girls I wanted to meet, or in general cool people who could value to my life. The stories made them wanna be a part of my life^^
I haven’t tested it on Instagram yet, but I’m expecting the same on a bigger scale.

I had a chat with a friend of mine last week. Where we came “deep talking”, and where I felt like I could describe my process with Emperor (he don’t know about subs or Emperor) in the metaphor of a mirror.
On this mirror you have people (and yourself) putting up labels, notes, brands and more shit on the mirror. You, therefore, can no longer see yourself but are seeing the labels others (or yourself) is putting on the mirror. Emperor feels like it’s removing these labels slowly but surely so that you can begin to look yourself in the mirror and realize what you’re really like.

Continuing with the Usual (and masked) Emperor.


Haven’t listened to Emperor for the 2 past weeks.

I had about 3-5 days when results were still there, (after I quit).

There was a lot of benefits and growth with Emperor, it really pushed you. I did have to pretty much on a daily basis do some sort of “release” that would remove any negative emotions that WOULD come up. My relationship with my parents got better, I had girls hitting me up wanting to hang out and I had an easier time socializing with people. Had I forgotten to release any of this negative “energy”, I was in a foul mood and people would be intimidated as well as respect me.
My dick would look bigger.

But, I also had some negative side-effects that caused me to quit it, and I don’t see myself going back to Emperor this year, could be it was me not being “prepared” for being pushed as hard as Emperor did push me. But I also think there are some improvements to be made.
Do note that this is my response to the sub, the sub did not cause this.

Emperor mentally pushed me towards exploring new areas and “thinking outside the box” and going into ventures I previously hadn’t considered. But there was something “holding me back” where I rather stayed even more inside and started playing video games. I haven’t played video games for the past 1-2 years.

My sleep pattern got very bad, where I would go to sleep between 2-5 AM, and go up at 2 PM, or something with that kind of schedule. Obviously not the best schedule for a productive life.

The negative energy would tense me up, make me aggressive and tired.

Now these 2 weeks after my last run (for this time) of Emperor; I’ve stopped playing video games, my sleep pattern is back to “normal” 23 PM to 6 AM. Which as a result increased my productivity.

I do think there might be a conflict with the energy that Emperor is supposed to give you that “drives you” to accomplish things and with the rich/deep sleep module.

I was planning to run SS but seeing both of those modules (Rich Sleep, Physical energy) turned me off a little bit and I hope these modules get reworked (assuming there is some kind of conflict).

For now, I’m using subliminals by other vendors.


Have you considered using emotional clearing techniques other than PSTEC?

One theory I read said that PSTEC works by disassociating you from specific experiences; cutting them off in the same way something like a rape victim might experience. As I understand it, the reconciliation process has something to do with accepting the parts of yourself you disowned (shadow work), so you can use the energy suppressing those parts of yourself for a more constructive purpose.

If that’s true, PSTEC is fighting Emperor; Emperor brings up a part of you that you disowned, then you use PSTEC to disown it again, and the cycle repeats over and over again, causing emotional turmoil without any progress.


I have only tested using PSTEC and EFT-Tapping. While EFT does seem to do some small things, it does not touch upon the emotions/energy in the same manner as PSTEC, not even close.

I don’t think that’s an accurate description of the reconciliation process, what you described is part of it, but it does not represent the reconciliation process in its fullness.

If I have a belief that “I’m ugly”, but Emperor is trying to change that belief into “I’m a sexy mofo”, my response during this transition from “I’m ugly” to “I’m sexy” is what would be described as the reconciliation process. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with yourself accepting parts of yourself. But from my understanding Emperor does have some scripting to do with that as well.

You might be onto something about PSTEC working against Emperor, as I had that thought coming up from time to time. But we might come to think about it in different ways. However, I don’t think I would have lasted as long as I did on Emperor without using PSTEC. I remember multiple times where I would be pissed off and if something/someone would have looked at me I would have snapped and gotten into a fight. There were multiple times during the first week where I snapped verbally at family members during a stressful situation. It was right for me to “stand up” for myself, but in the way I did it was rude and uncalled for. Had I gotten into a physical fight on Emperor I would have stopped listening to it way earlier


My experience has been pretty much reversed. PSTEC provides only temporary relief. Everything I tried to solve using it came back. EFT, if used properly, cures things permanently.

That’s predictable. If you are like most humans, you have a massive amount of negative experiences and memories stuck inside of you. Which cause not so helpful behavior. For example, when you were a kid, you might have perceived lack of parents’ attention as a threat to your survival. So you would scream, your face would turn red and you would make a ruckus, until you got the attention you needed. For a baby, that is appropriate. But maybe later in your life, you were in a meeting, where managers were talking about cutting your project and letting you go, without letting you speak much. Losing a job is a big deal, and you wanted to speak up, but nobody paid you any attention. So the thought pattern you learned as a baby would pop up, and you would start screaming at the people, your face would turn red and you would start slamming your fists into the table. Not so appropriate a response for an adult. It’s your job to eliminate all the unhelpful habit and thought patterns. Emperor just brings them to the surface. That said, there is nothing wrong with taking a break, or going at a slower pace. Do what helps you grow and don’t let anyone tell you what to do.

I don’t see a conflict there. I’m sure you know some people who are very energetic. Ask them if they sleep well. Or look at kids. They bounce off walls during the day and sleep like logs during the night.


I find EFT hasn’t been as effective in relieving/releasing these negative emotions, so even after I’m done with tapping I feel bad. But I also then don’t know that much about EFT either. I have only had about one time where I definitively could feel my energy changing and it felt like weight got lifted off my shoulders.

Certainly, but the result caused by these negative emotions were the ones that turned me off. Going into a new venue and giving off the vibe that you are about to punch someone who looks at you in the wrong way is not always the best way to handle things.

I’m not thinking these are conflicting with each other by their existence. I’m thinking that the energy module gives you energy that makes it hard(er) to fall asleep and get a good nights rest, because of all energy.

I have data from my activity bracelet that has time and time again shown me that I slept worse whenever I had listened to Emperor the latest 24 hours. This was extra visible if I had run Emperor Extreme.


Wel, that’s why we have options to choose from. :grinning:

True. I wanted to encourage you to handle them more and maybe give Emperor a go again, but you know what’s best for you, not me.

That sucks, I sleep a little better since I’m on Emperor.

In the I believe end it matters little what you use, as long as you make some progress on yourself each day. I’m struggling a lot with emotions as well, that’s why I thought I could tell you what worked for me. I hope we meet someday somewhere on the top. :sunglasses:


I personally would stay away from using EFT or PSTEC. I know there is one guy out there who creates subliminals encourages tapping away the negative emotions that come up. He developed a product which allegedly gets women to approach you but it never worked for me.


@blackadder I agree. Tapping is a gigantic waste of time. I have no ideas what PSTEC is


The thing I miss the most being off Emperor

Is the social aspect. I’m somewhat of a loner. I don’t like bigger groups or a room where there are lots of people unless I hold a presentation where I clearly “command the room”, big groups aren’t for me. I prefer a small group of 3-5 people where you can actually get to know each other in a deeper aspect. On Emperor, this was a common occurrence, which actually made me enjoy the social interactions I had.

Now that I’m off it, there hasn’t been that kind of interactions now for a while.