The Crazy Q Stack


Hey everyone

I have decided to journal everything now. I am going to run a very crazy stack that will probably overwhelm me a bit at first but change me for the better.
Starting today i will be running EmpQ with Alchemist Q st1 and Khan st1. The reason I want to run Alchemist stage one is I feel like there is a lot of energy imbalance and negativity so this should help to clear that out. Eventually probably after a few weeks to a month that will be better and I can slim this down a bit. EmpQ is obviously a kind of all in one sub turned up to 100 lol. Khan total breakdown I feel will destroy everything that has been holding me back and what not. Also EmpQ will help me rebuild that foundation to make it 10x stronger that it was before.

Once I am done with total breakdown and alchemist st1, they will most likely be replaced with StarkQ and Ultimate Artist or khan stage 2 and UA.

I will be listening to this as much as possible probably 14-18 hours. I am just trying to figure out how I should stack them and how many loops each should get.

I will be updating this journal every few days.

My goals for the new few months would be:

  • Improve my mindset, lately i have been very depressed with everything going on in the world and my life. Me and my gf broke up a month ago, it hit me really hard and has eaten away at me. We have been trying to make things work since then and talking but keep fighting over miniscule retarded shit. I feel like my life is at a standstill and I’m going nowhere in life.

  • Work on the financial side of my life with my job that is barely hanging in there since business is terrible. Also looking into other forms of income and other ways i can make money, maybe learn some new trade and start a business.

  • Relationships: While my love life is a pile of dog shit and my gf wants to work things out but expects me to do all the heavy lifting lol. I don’t know if i should see what else is out there or keep trying even though i feel as if i should just figure myself out first before i jump back into anything. I am also afraid which is rare for me of getting back together to just end up at the same place i am with her. I would like to see what else is out there if things don’t workout with me and her. Or possibly just date around for awhile and just get laid while i work on myself by making myself a better person and figuring out where i want to go in life.

  • Writing: I would love getting back into writing again. The hard part is getting back into it and finding the drive to keep at it. i was doing really good with it for a few months planning it out and then writing a few chapters. Then i just hit a wall and couldn’t break through it. Maybe total breakdown will help me tear down that writers block I have. I also want to write multiple series in different genres.

  • Health and Wellness: This has always been important to me but at some point i fell off the wagon and stopped working out and getting fit, I used to be really fit, physically healthy, and made a lot better choices with what i ate. I certainly would like to get back to that, that could also help me with stress. And eventually i would like to get into some form of martial arts.

  • Spiritual: I would certainly like to work on getting more spiritually aligned with life and the universe experience more of what is out there. I am a christian but i have way different beliefs then most christians do which probably puts me in my own little bubble lol.

  • Knowledge: I want to learn way more about writing. Also would like to learn another language and a few more skills that can help me out in life. I would like to learn more about running a business and becoming a successful entrepreneur. I would love to learn more about publishing books and drawing. Something i would really like to accomplish after i make a name for myself with writing is opening a publishing company that is fair to writers since most are not.

  • Dreams and Goals: All of the stuff i named leads me to here which everything will eventually come together. My biggest dream ever since i was a little kid was to open up a wildlife sanctuary and build something kind of business or idea that i could leave to my kids and grand kids when ever i get around to that lol. I have alway wanted to give back to the world and find someway to make the world a better place even just a tiny bit. I think it’s important that everyone strives to leave something behind that will better the world in some way even just a tiny bit for future generations.
    Another dream/goal of mine is to become a best selling author and also make a shit ton of money so I can live life the way i see fit and give back as much as possible.

Well hope everyone has a positive, productive, and wonderful day :slight_smile:


So everyone i would love some input on my goals and maybe my situation with my gf lol. Maybe some advice on anything i wrote or ideas that could help me out.


You answered it yourself here without realizing it. You feel at a standstill. What does one do when they feel they’re standing still and need to move? They move. You’re not a tree, man. You are not stuck. I donno how long you and your girl were together for or what your experience is with women but breakups are kind of a universal understanding. They suck, they drain so much energy from you and it’s so tempting to want to run back to the familiar because it’s easy. But if it’s not working then you need to cut it off. As painful as letting go is, holding on will do infinitely more damage. Take more time away from each other and if things are really supposed work out with you two, you’ll find your back to each other 6 months-a year from now.

From your writing style and goals I feel like we are very similar in many ways. I have no advice for your spiritual, career, or other goals except for keep doing what you’re doing. Listen to subs, listen to your heart, and keep your eyes and ears open for opportunity.


Ambitious stack , good luck .


changing your life in all dimensions would be challenging, since you have been a particular way for your entire life until now.
figure out which is the most important to you and do it in phases.

being ambitious is great, however havin a strategic plan would help…

just my 2 cents…


My problem right now is i can’t figure out what i want to run especially with everything upgraded to Q i am going back and forth which to run first lol


exactly stop dabbling, pick you priority.



Shorten your deadline.

The problem is not about “going back and forth which to run first”;
it is “going back and forth on which goals to create first”.

The opening post contains a mix of immediate issues and long term dreams. That’s great, but not the way to go when selecting subs.

Pick a target date that allows for you to choose some concrete tangible results.
Anything will do: 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year.

Once you know what journey you’re making, the best sub/stack to take along for the ride, would be self-evident.



So after about almost a week i have decided what to run and concentrate on first.
My stack for May will consist of KhanQ st1 x1, GLMQ x1, StarkQ x1, and Ultimate ArtistQ x1 on set and forget, probably will loops 2-3 times.

My goal for may is to focus on getting my mindset in the right place with breakdown tearing down all of my negative old beliefs that are holding me back. StarkQ and GLMQ will help me with productivity and creativity among other things and building a good foundation. Ultimate ArtistQ i’m using to start my book off right and help me with creativity. I will also be running Beyond Limitless and Elixir.

I will start running this stack tonight and post an update in a few days.

@SaintSovereign @Fire

Would you guys do anything different or any advice/criticism?


No advice – this is a solid stack with a good plan. Interested in seeing how the 1 loop a day concept works for you.


I guess i should edit that lol… I meant the stack will go like that then loops 2-3 more times. I don’t know how only 1 loop of those 4 would work.


@Floridianninja - I think he means that since the Q version is like playing the standard version 6 times, one loop of your stack would do the job well too.


That is very true too lol, that totally slipped my mind.


What he said ^^^^^^


So if I’m playing EmpQ 8 times a day, that is 48 times a day regular Emp v4. Am I overdoing it?


You have to answer that, everyone is different. But… probably.


Could that delay or even nullify results?


@ksub - unfortunately, this is not a hard science to determine whether it will work or not.

A reasonable approach to this is to try a few loops (maybe 2) and see how it feels the next day. And then increase the number of loops slowly as the days progress.

Or if you are feeling adventurous, you can go all in and listen to it throughout the night and depending on how you feel the next day, you reduce the number of loops or continue with the same “adventure”.

The point is that different people react differently and you can find your sweet-spot by experimenting.

Am guessing one of the reasons for this “variableness” in playing number of loops of SubClub subs is because all the subs over here are stackable (within reason). But other commercial sub makers only allow you to play one major program at a time wherein they will specify the number of loops/hours exactly or within a limit.


I’m going to cut back to 4 loops of Emp Q and 4 loops Godlike Masculinity. For a week. And I’ll see where that takes me.


i guess so… everything in moderation…