The Consultant Of Three Cards ZPT2 - A journey threw perfection

After having amazing success with my ZP customs and testing out ZPT I’ve decided I’ve been able to handle them pretty well and wanted more power. This is why I decided to created a custom with ZPT2 power and listen to it one loop per week since it’s pretty strong I think this should be enough. Let the journey begin:

  • Ascended Mogul

  • Physical Shifter - Sexiness

  • Technological Prodigy

  • Productivity Unleashed

  • Machine: Action

  • Sultan

  • I.Q. and Cognitive Booster

  • Carpe Diem Ascended

  • Omnidimensional

  • Pragya

  • Overdrive

  • The Streams

  • Informaticon

  • DEUS

  • Epigenetics & DNA Modulator

  • Submodel Alpha

  • Trailblazer

  • Dominion

  • Earthshaker - Sexuality

  • Ethereal Presence


Will you only listen to this one, or do you have something else in the stack?

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Only listening to this one since it has everything I need


You are so humble :slight_smile:

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I thought this was going to be a @RVconsultant journal, lol.

This is like an Emperor LITE. I like.


Day 1 (Listened to one loop yesterday): Wow ZPT2 is intense but honestly I’m really impressed with myself that I can handle it so well (Maybe because I’m only doing one loop a week?). Like I had almost no recon (In all honestly though I do have some recon today not bad though and definitely not as bad as I’ve read about when other people using ZPT2 have had). It’s definitely a bit overwhelming, like with ZP results come in a steady pace where you have to have good awareness to correlate it to your ZP custom. With ZPT2, on the first day results that are word for word what the objectives say in the module for my custom starting happening (Especially Ascended Mogul core and Technological Prodigy) so far ZPT2 has been more intense but has given me way more results then ZP. Nothing to report on the seduction side but if I do notice something I will update (Also one thing to mention it seems I get really hungry sometimes when I have Physical Shifter - Sexiness which my ZPT2 custom has but my results come 10x faster I feel. For example, I was visualizing my face looking more like Henry Cavil yesterday and shockingly today my face hurt, I had less fat on my face and more crazier my face to have changed a bit in a more aesthetically pleasing way (Thought it might just be my imagination aha). One thing to note, I would strongly not recommend putting a custom in ZPT2 as a first or even second custom (I think I’ve had over 4 -5 months exposure with ZP so that could explain why ZPT2 wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be). Please use ZP > ZPT > ZPT2 in that order don’t take me as a role model for what to do. My honest opinion:)

Also I have noticed some tiredness and fatigue as mentioned would happen by @Melior by usually I’ve been able to counteract that with coffee and MCT oil. Also @DarkAvenger I have a strong intuitive feeling that the custom is going to be interesting when I go out soon;)


One thing to also mention, for me physical shifting modules have also given me exceptional and fast results with this custom it’s no different. My body looks leaner and for some reason I feel my muscles have changed a bit as well (Looking bigger, more defined and more aesthetically pleasing).


@RVconsultant in case your interested:)

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@CyberSec can you give a review of Machine:Action and Productivity Unleashed?

You have I.Q and Cog booster in there

Will you be taking an IQ test to see if the module increases it?

Nope, I work in a very technical job so that’s how I measure it. If things are easier then it works which so far it has.

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It’s pretty good but it depends on what you do. You have to have a set of goals and tasks for it to work. For example, if I have no tasks then I would just get bored, feel empty and kind of sad and procrastinate however if I have do have tasks I will get all of them done without distractions and be productive until I finish all the tasks. For Machine:Action, how I see it, it’s all about scheduling. For example, my schedule from that module is very organized basically no phone, no distractions from 9am to 5pm, check phone maybe once, workout and then relax/read/sleep and repeat. Works pretty well when your going out as well as it lets you have something to do and have fun the whole day on days your going out.

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Hi @CyberSec, does it feel like restful and relaxing activities are time-wasting activities on this module?

In other words, does it organize your day as such that all time is filled and used, even if that means taking a sauna, going out with friends, or watching the stars at night, as long as it is not an activity that is considered empty or useless?

So, it’s not like with Machine: Action you cannot rest or relax without feeling uncomfortable?

Yeah pretty much depends on which relaxing activity. Like watching a movie at home use to be fun for me and now is boring but if I go out with friends and watch a movie then I feel good and happy. Basically if I do something that is unproductive at home without a reason I feel empty so that’s why Machine: Action feel like push me to make my schedule as busy as possible in that I work from Monday to Friday, go to the gym 6 times a week and go out 3 times a week (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) like that 1) I’m almost never bored 2) I’m always having fun and doing different interesting thing (Going to raves, helicopter ride, skydiving). and 3) I’m enjoying life to the fullest so to your answer your question yeah I would say it organizes my day to have all my time filled and used (Most the time I might spend relaxing is reading a bit of a book “The Game” and maybe playing PC games with some friends).

In conclusion, it really depends and it depends on what you like but what I can say if your doing something just to waste time then Machine: Action will make you feel empty and possibly help direct to a better activity that will make you happy and that is fun.