The concept of "Spiritual Alpha"


I am wondering, like Ascension is “social alpha”, Primal, “sexual alpha” and Spartan, “warrior alpha”, could Alchemist be seen as manifesting the qualities and principles of the “spiritual alpha”?

I guess the way I would state it is that across cultures authentic spiritual attainment brings a level of power, integrity, respect and wisdom that would be uniquely distinct from the other alpha archetypes. I am still working it out, but, as far as I can see, it authentically exists. Examples would be up for debate but some examples might be Carl Jung or certain Saints, Arhats, and Shamans from various traditions . Don Juan from Castaneda’s books seems like a great example, though he likely did not actually exist. But it would be a compelling study to see what characteristics someone with authentic spiritual power possesses.

A major aspect of spiritual traditions is meditating upon or attempting to model oneself upon significant spiritual figures. Christ, Saints, Bodhisattvas, The Buddha, A guru, etc.

Yoda in Star Wars and Gandalf in LOTR would probably be pretty good fictional examples. In fact, in Star Wars, status as a Jedi came from the integration of all aspects of the individual with spiritual attainment as the linchpin.

The Samurai possessed a code of conduct that was derived from Zen and essentially spiritual. We could also see groups like The Knights Templar as essentially being Spiritual Alphas. Shaolin Monks. The Order of Assassins. The Mystery traditions of ancient Rome. Many martial arts encourage a code of conduct and integrity that is intended to bring about qualities that I would describe as spiritually alpha.


I believe it’s too dualistic to apply “alpha” and “beta” to someone on a spiritual path. I would consider someone like the Buddha an enlightened being, not using the word alpha.

The templars were just, for the most part, alphas fighting for the sake of their belief systems. The amount of bloodshed and lust for result is the opposite of spiritual in my eyes.

I do see what you’re saying though. The characteristics and qualities that manifest within someone due to spiritual evolution.

I don’t think, personally, a subliminal can do this on a spiritual level. On a mental level, in terms of the mental, emotional and physical qualities yes- but on the spiritual level no.

But I think subclub already has enough programs that claim to do that, Ascension being the prime example. Ascension to me is not a “social alpha” though it seems to help the social aspects regardless.

Ascension to me is an alpha subliminal, but if you are an alpha then that “alphaness” automagically drips into everything you do. Social situations included.

Primal is alpha qualities directed more at the social and seduction aspects of things, so I would see Ascension and Primal as extremely favorable compliments to each other.

But yet again it depends on how we define “spiritual”. Of course, not mixing up “spiritual” with “spiritualism” as they are quite different.

The code of conducts you describe aren’t spiritual to me, but some qualities like being present to the moment, expanded awareness, a calm and unshakeable groundedness, etc can definity be considered qualities that would manifest from these things.

Just my thoughts on it, I don’t think “alpha” is a suitable label for anything within the spiritual world.


I don’t think using the term “alpha” must imply dualism or beta-ness and notice that I did not use the term beta. Alpha may not be the right word. I am thinking about the manifestation of spirit as a power that can bring benefit in the mundane world as well.

Just because someone does something that doesn’t fit with your value system does not mean they are not wielding power that may have a spiritual component.

Just because you do not believe subliminals can function spiritually does not mean they cannot. I certainly do not have data to say they can or cannot. I will also note that if you bring up subliminals to most people they will say they do not work, yet we notice that they do. People are full of opinions based on very little or no data.

I never mentioned spiritualism.

I am talking about a certain cross cultural training that leads to awareness, integrity, power, leadership skills. I think there might be a spiritual niche that this works with that may not be covered in other conceptions of alpha. I am trying to work something out and not trying to force anything on anyone as “The Truth”.

I always find it way more interesting when someone wants to help work something out rather than saying “you’re wrong, you’re wrong, you’re wrong”.


No, you’re misunderstanding my meaning.

Also, in order for an alpha to exist there must be a beta. To be strong means weakness must exist. To be confident means that fear must exist. For alpha to exist, it requires something else. Most prominently, beta.

I do see what you mean by the manifestation of spirit as a power though.

Next, I did not claim subliminals cannot. I said I don’t think they can.
Subliminals work for me. I said I do not think they will work for anything spiritual based.

You didn’t mention spiritualism, I did. Because I had to question if we are on the same page. Are are talking about spirituality, or spiritualism?

I was offering my own views as my own views, not as a hard-cold-stone to derail your suggestions. I was assuming you’d respond by clarifying the points and expanding rather than getting defensive. This is not a debate it’s a discussion, and I offered my own views that countered what you said in order to add to the value of the discussion.

Godspeed though.


Like, I said, “Alpha” may not be the right term, but it is a term that gets used a great deal in terms of the development of power and it gets discussed in relation to products like Ascension, Primal and Trojan. Seeing it as a sort of parallel to the development of power in those realms was how I was presenting the idea.

I have no data to determine whether subliminals can work spiritually . Maybe they can. Maybe they cannot. I don’t have any data that leads me to any other conclusion.

I was never talking about Spiritualism and stll am not.


I wouldn’t want Alchemist to be crafted that way. I’d like it to be stupid simple, and it’d be up to the user to use his powers however he wants. Not everybody wants to lead a cult. Some may just want to sharpen their spiritual power, increase the effectiveness of their mystic practices, make reality less rigid, etc.

That’s why I also don’t like the dualistic aspect of Alchemist. They want to make a LHP and RHP side but I think it should be up to the user to use his powers however he wants. But that’s my personal opinion.


What’s is LHP and RHP?



Then get both and use them according to your needs, or wait for the inevitable blended version. I don’t know why we have to keep explaining this over and over – SubliminalClub is about choice and exploration. There will be those who are interested in following JUST the RHP and will want nothing to do with the LHP (or vice-versa) and we want to give them a choice to do so. Only offering a blended version DOES NOT accomplish this. It’d be us forcing programming on people that may not want it. This is already a tough sub to create, as “alchemy” means different things to different people, as we see with this thread. We won’t complicate it even more by creating a sub that claims to be the sole way to approach alchemy.


I just used it as an example to show OP my point.

But since you’re starting the debate again…

I didn’t say I wanted a blended version. I suggested you guys to offer a baseline version of Alchemist instead of a specialized one. It could both be used by LHP and RHP guys, and be used depending on their choice on their day-to-day basis. LHP or RHP are just “branches” of the same fundamental in magick. Being a LHP guy doesn’t make you use another discipline all together, it’s the same magick RHP people are using - but they just use it differently.
A baseline version allows you to be both a LHP or RHP user or heck even a “Alpha spiritual” based on how you use the sub, but a specialised sub lock you within a role, and you’d have to buy all the possible different versions of the same sub if you want to be versatile, granted there isn’t a blended version, but even a blended version also lock you into boundaries. Personally I do not identify with neither LHP or RHP, I only seek raw spiritual power, and however I use that would define my “path”. A blended version don’t quite fit this mindset, but a baseline version does.
I wasn’t the only one suggesting a neutral version, this is different from a blended one.

Of course there’s some benefits for crafting a specialized sub instead of a generic one and if this comes from a thorough decision then by all means do so, I was just voicing my opinion.