The Book of Shadows Part I "The Wrath of Black Adder"


As i settled down into a freelance position. I decided to change my stack accordingly.

2 x Limitless
8 x Khan stage 2

Hoping to replace limitless with QL whem it is released.

I had a dream that the length and girth of my penis has grown substantially. My penis had grown to over 12 inches.

After the first day of listening. Whilst on the way to the coffee shop. A middle age woman began staring at me. It was obvious that i was ozzing a very powerful sexual aura. Which was drawing her attention. Apart from thst nothing else to write home about.


@blackadder - she was sensing that “adder” :wink: lol.

But yes, my stack will be similar. Will drop Spartan when QL comes along and it will be Godlike Masculinity + Khan + QL + UA. I will be switching from a healing stack to a totally creativity+masculinity stack (before I had Regeneration in that too in place of UA). Now I wonder if UA is integrated into QL.


And yes, the reference to the “Wrath of Khan” in the title is fitting :+1:


Day 3

X2 Limitless
X8 Khan stage 2

Stage 2 is refreshing as the changes appear to be alot quicker. A girl at the office kept looking down at the floor everytime she walked past me.

This is i believe is a sign of submissive behaviour.

The weekend was here. The Winter had set in and i focus more on my work. However i could not help myself but go out and hit on about half dozen girls. One girl told me she just wasnt interested. The other four blew me off. The 6th girl i convinced her to join me for a coffee. She said she had a boyfriend but i wasnt phased and just continued to sit and chat.with her.

Stage 4.had more of a push to get things done whereas stage 2 i felt more laid back but not in a rush to get stuff done. My reasons for going for stage 2 was to ingrain the masculine qualities deeper into my psych.


Its been a week now on

X2 Limitless
X8 Khan stage 2

Over the last few days I was wrestling with some programming code which I just couldnt make sense of. I must have spent hours last night trying to figure it out but hit a wall. Limitless kept pushing me to try and make sense of what the code meant. I decided to call it a night and get some sleep.

Had some very wierd dreams last night which I have completely forgot. Today felt alittle down in the dumps. Two girls in my office smiled at me and tried to make conversation but I just was not in the mood.

Raphael is currently using GM and is having great success with this, so I might add that to my mix of subliminals.


A week on Khan stage 2 has broght aboout rapid changes. In fact i feel more masculine on stage 2 then on stage 4.

I have had female colleagues approach me at work and compliment me on my fashion sense, girls smile at me. Even had women blushing when i look ar them in the eye.

I am contemplating whether to add QL into the stack as i dont eant to knock my current results of balance.


This is my concern also and i didnt buy QL yet plus i dont know what stage i want to run in QL. ST3 seems attractive since you can work a lot and feel like you worked just a little but ST4 might be better. Fwiw Khan st2 was the worst for me. I just didnt feel like doing anything


@Rising I think I will stick to 30 days on ST2 before embarking upon QL. After the 30 days I might move back to stage 4 and then invest in QL perhaps run stage 1 to prepare my grey matter for the subsequent stages.


15 days on
2 x Limitless
8 x khan stage 2

Had a crazy dream last night where a fox bites me i screamed with pain. Then woke up.

Did a few approaches during the day. Got blown out apart from one girl who i got a number from. However even that was flakey. Aa she nevee responded to my message. Winter is kicking in. So i must throw in the towel for now. Perhaos focus on social meetups.

Workwise at the client site i bold and confident. Not afraid to speak my mind. Limitlesd has given me the ability to articulate myself much better.


I don’t follow your logic here. Winter is a fine time to meet women :smiley:


Ahhahahaha :slight_smile: don’t fancy going out on the streets talking to girls when there is snow and ice.


Awh c’mon! You introduce yourself to a cute girl, accidentally slip and fall then look her dead in the eyes and say “Geez 3 seconds and you’ve already floored me. A new record!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: