The Beast Within & The Beast Unleashed - Anyone tried it yet?


If so, how was The Beast Unleashed?


Beast unleashed is great for me so far.If i listen to it at gym,dont get tired as easily and can get through my sets easier.Also feel more motivated in general.
As for beast within,not really sure.Dont usually get that much from superchargers cause i have trouble visualising and it just feels like legacy with a different background music(>_<)


That sounds really fucking disappointing.


Hmm,how come?beast unleashed works great for what its designed get in the zone quickly and can consistently have a good training session.
For beast within,people who like legacy will probably get good just an outlier cause i dont get much from superchargers in general.i just listen for the embedded ultrasonics cause i figure it will do something with enough exposure.also the spartan drum backing track of legacy is hard to beat,lol.