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Could we create a forum like this for people with that rank and approved by the admins? It’s about discussing topics related to Mental Alchemy that are too advanced for newbies and even some people who are Arch Alchemist. I wouldn’t mind if I wasn’t included in that group. It’s only about focusing on more advanced discourses where each member could contribute without any interruptions from people who are less advanced alchemists. I believe it could propel the development of SC Mental Alchemy.

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Your thoughts, guys?


Might be cool. Just gotta be careful with introducing too much by way of separation and cliques


Alchemy is funny.

It’s not always obvious who’s advanced in this area.

Being able to talk about it is not the same as being able to do it well.

And there’s so much of it that is non-verbal or that confounds conceptual intelligence.


It’s also about those less advanced users who may easily get confused by topics that are too advanced and the things may get messy.

"Hey everybody, this is Voytek from Subliminal Club and you’re listening to the Mental Alchemy Podcast, the show where Arch Alchemists discuss Advanced Alchemy for people who love to use Subliminals for their Transformation Journey.

Today, we’re talking with Dragon-Lesson about his experiences with Nature Spirits in the Mountains of Peru."



I’m Barbara and for that reason, I am OUT


Nice one! :rofl:

Every insight is valuable to some point but everybody is elsewhere when it comes to their evolution and its understanding. It’s not about being worse or better but about the pace of evolution and the point we are at and also the quality and quantity of insights we get and the ability to express them. I know there’s that idea of creating an elite group that has access to experimental titles and my idea would go along with it

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It’s a cool idea. But I wouldn’t call myself advanced yet.

Would join when am a bit more ready.


I’d be interested. But I’m not even close to being an Arch Alchemist.

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@Varuna please enter a support ticket about this.

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