Test Ultrasonic by playing something else first?


So, I have a bluetooth speaker, and whenever I put my phone right next to it and use the Frequensee App, it says the ultrasonic is on a relatively low volume despite putting it on a reasonably audible level. It works well with my phone, but I want to instead use my speaker.
So, my question is: can I just play a few songs first, and judging whether I can hear them comfortably or not, set that volume level for what I’ll be using for my subs? Or do I have to be a little stricter rather than depending on what volume I would normally use to play music? I feel like this method would just simplify things rather than worrying about “-xx decibal”.


The thing is that the ultrasonic tracks tend to have a pretty low gain volume (my guess is to prevent someone blowing out their ears). Play something you can hear at a level comfortable to you and check the frequensee app to measure what dB you’re at. Then set your player at a volume that plays the ultrasonic at the dB you just measured.

Also it’s important that you measure from where your ears will be listening and not next to the speaker itself. :slight_smile:


Okay, that makes sense. Thanks for the very prompt response. The thing that I am very confused about with the speakers though is that is doesn’t seem to pick up it as much. It obviously seems to pick up on the phone, but on the speakers, if I were to move away like you said, I would almost get nothing. But, yeah, that is a pretty low gain volume.


It shows like “-80” dB even when playing at a VERY HIGH volume level. I don’t think frequensee is acurrate for speakers at all.


There shouldn’t be any reason why frequensee picks up your speaker any less than another device. What are you using to play the subs on the speaker? Your phone? Laptop? Is there another device you can try hooking up to the speaker to test?

  1. Some Phone Microphones are not great recievers of ultrasonic frequencies.
    If possible, try checking with Frequensee on another phone.

  2. Some Speakers may not play ultrasonics well.
    Run a frequency test on the speaker. (Google How)


As a guideline you can play the masked version at comfortable level then play the ultrasonic at the same level


don’t think so they are compareable volume wise.

If I play ultrasonic at 30%, I get 80db. Playing the masked version at 30%, I get 50db.

I have to play the masked version at 3% to get the same volume as Ultrasonic at 30% (80db). (using Colibri for Mac)


I had the same issue and the way I solved it is this:
I started with the lowest volume possible, listened to it at night during sleep and did this for a few days.
Now I would notice something shifting, even it is just a tiny little bit and by that I could tell the volume was enough. So what I found out is that the lowest volume possible is just right for me.
If the phone is a little bit further away, I’ll play it on 2/15, but never above.
Hope that helps


Try running the file I linked to here:

You should see it do the wave across the range on FrequenSee. If it suddenly drops before it gets to the end, your speakers likely don’t like the high frequencies.

I tend to start by setting the volume based on the masked tracks. Yes, the ultrasonics are slightly lower, but they are loud enough. I can fine-tune with FrequenSee afterwards.


That is not true for SubClub products. Nor is it a general subliminal guideline.
Only 1 competitor recommends that for his products.


I didnt know that my bad