Temporary Stack for and During Travel



Thanks to God, I have come across a special charter flight to go back home on the 7th may.

During Travel I will pause my current stack.

Starting from the advise i receive here, I will be listening to the stack until i get home.

So, Aegis will be in my stack for sure.

Should i add any of the Following from Stark Q, EQ, Khan St4 to keep the masculinity, alertness and independence during travel, or will Aegis alone do.

Note: I do not want to make friends or be social during travel, but just be able to lead myself safely back home!

Your feedback will be apprediated!

Thank you!

@AMASH @raphael @Michel @Simon


Congrats on getting a flight back home, @mecharc. What’s your current stack though?


QL Q Stark Q and a loop of aegis.


No changes to the stack needed IMO. But do observe what happens. Interested to find out.


Yes. What @Michel said. No need to change the stack. Just add Aegis to it. The journey will definitely be better with a Quantum Limitless Stark along for the ride. Both for others and yourself.


Thank you! \Done Done Done! @raphael @Michel


Hey Mech, this isn’t 1820. Your travel is going to be a few hours long, not a few weeks. :smile:


Glad you figured out a way home, be safe.

I would increase Aegis by a few loops, but keep the rest of the stack.


I agree with @Fire. I recommend you increase the loops of Aegis to 2 or 3, depending on how much time you are able to listen during the day.

And congratulations on this good news! I am happy for you and wish you the best!


That is a productive stack welldone on your choosing the right ones.


A stack hopper has to eventually come to his senses some day!


@mecharc thats good mate I can see productive changes in you since you joined subclub keep up the good work.


Valid point! but unfortunately, just like 1820, 2020 can’t teleport you and eliminate the need of a stop over at an uknown geographical location.


Safe, smooth travels @mecharc! If workable, drop an update when you get there.


If they tell you they will stop over at an “unknown geographical location”, I’d stock up on survival gear, you’re about to meet the Dharma Initiative. :wink:

Have a safe flight tomorrow!