Telekinesis Subliminal


I think it would be interesting if sub club made a telekinesis subliminal. I know it sounds a bit “out there” but I would be willing to experiment/test out one if that’s an option. I also was thinking of getting a custom subliminal for telekinesis, but I don’t have $700 on me right now. If sub club did make a telekinesis sub, I would buy it. What are your thoughts?


Not possible if they could create such a subliminal they would be millionaires overnight.


Sounds like a win-win


Oh my gawd! Blackadder not being enthused about it?! It’s the end of the world! And it started with a quake in Turkey! Run for your lives! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding, we all love your enthusiasm, blackadder!

Actually, since SubClub technically already believes in the holistic view that we are all made up of the same stuff, that we are one with the universe and that pulling the universe into ourselves is as easy as moving our hand, this might not be a stretch.

There’s two problems though:

  1. SubClub needs to do research before they make a sub. They only release quality. If there are people out there that can do tele-/psychokinesis, they’re not exactly making it public. So how could Saint and Fire find the expertise to help them understand the qualities and skills that would need to be part of this process?
  2. It’s actually remarkably hard to reliably do this. First, you need total, absolute conviction that you and the object you wish to manipulate are one and the same. Second, your energy field needs to be strong enough to envelop both you and said object. Third, I’m assuming there is some universal or karmic equation going there that would prevent you from doing something inherently nasty. Then again, since the universe really doesn’t make the distinction between good and bad, as long as there is balance, that might not be so. Finally, in your mind it really needs to be as if you are moving your arm. How do you move your arm? Some part of you wants it to be somewhere, your neurological system sends a few electrical impulses and the arm is where you envisioned it to be. Can you do the same with an object?

Anyways, if you do want to try and you think you can create the conviction needed, get a compass. It’s a sealed container and the needle has extremely light friction. Place you hands on either side, extend the energy between them to make it part of yourself and envision the needle pointing in another direction. With practice, you may just be able to move it, although there is a theory that what you learn to do is in fact creating an electromagnetic field in your hands that attracts the needle. Which is why you see this experiment often done as the paper suspended on a needle instead.

Still, if you need positive reinforcement to start building it, the compass is easy, portable and reliable. And useful.

Well, I’ve already gone way further than I intended. I will say I would be very interested in such a sub as a person that truly wants to believe that we are part of something greater and a scientist that wants to know what the mind is capable of. If we can create a sub to do something like this, it would open my mind in ways that few other things could. And if Saint/Fire are secretly experimenting with this, I truly hope they consider including me.

Even if some naughty part of me would consider manipulating certain people’s clothes to cause friction in certain areas. It’s human nature, doesn’t mean I actually would, Universe. I’m a good boy. Promise.

PS I get why you would post it here giving its pseudo-scientific nature, but I wonder if this is the right section of the forum.

PPS Thanks for the suggestion, I love theorizing and thinking about stuff like this.


Definitely agree with those 2 points. I’ve found some books on the topic. I haven’t finished reading them but they sound interesting.


Also, If Saint/Fire do make this, they could make a less extreme version. Instead of full blown telekinesis, there would just be control over one element (air, water, or fire for example). It might be easier to make it that way.


You think pyrokinesis and cryokinesis are less extreme? You would have to “guide” the molecules to either significantly move faster or slower to achieve it. That might actually be tougher, considering you would not only need the holistic energetic perspective, but also the scientific realization that at a quantum level it is possible to manipulate physical reality. Since beyond molecules are atoms, electrons & protons and the puzzling big emptiness between it all that we call the Unifying Field. To get to the molecules, you start at the bottom and work your way up the structure.

Although I suppose if instead of going full-blown SubZero, you can use energy to make things hotter or colder, much like serious monks are able to do. Always nice to keep your tea warm and you soda chilled. :slight_smile:

Let me ask your opinion on something, out of curiosity. Do you think the size of the object you intend to manipulate matters? if so, why? After all, there is no weight in energy.

Second, do you think this skill (or its variants) would require the third eye?

Although if someone does manage to control fire, we can finally answer the question that has divided RPG players worldwide: do fireballs explode or not?


@DarkPhilosopher i honestly do not see this in the realms of possibility. Its along the same lines as the subliminal maker who claimed to have created a sub. That makes women want to have sex with you. That particular sub is 4 years in the making.


And yet if you know where to look, it is possible to find those members of the seduction community that have successfully used techniques that are considered in the amoral or grey area, which I won’t name here lest people start googling. Of course, success is less guaranteed compared to the more commonly used techniques, but success in these alternative methods comes down greatly to energetic/mental work and an unbreakable belief that it works. And those things can be helped along with subliminals.

Looking at it purely from a mostly objective scientific perspective, since science can never truly be objective...

Scientists know there are a great many things they do not understand, and there are a great many things they do understand.

For example, physical objects are composed of of atoms, which are made of electrons bound by photons to an atomic nucleus, which in turn consists of protons and neutrons, which in turn are made of quarks held together by gluons. Five species of particles total: up and down quarks, gluons, photons, electrons. That’s it. It is commonly held that if any more exist, we would have discovered them already.

So you would need to identify a force that can remotely influence these particles.

At this point in time, we have identified four forces: gravitation, electromagnetism and the strong & weak nuclear forces. The nuclear forces are very short-range, smaller than the diameter of an atom. Which leaves gravitation and electromagnetism as the two that propagate over longer distances.

Gravitational fields are too weak. Gravity accumulates in proportion to the mass of the source, so the arrangement of particles inside your brain will have a much smaller gravitational effect than just the location of your head and that would not be enough to move an object even when placed directly on top of your head.

As for electromagnetism, although scientists indicate that in theory the human brain is not constructed to generate such fields, they don’t discount it. However, they do not consider it to be true psychokinesis because the fields would be too easy to measure. So science states this method is within the realm of possibilities, but they refuse to call it psychokinesis. Potayto, potahto in my opinion, I would still love to see it.

Physicists do hold the belief that the existence of additional forces is possible. Although they are almost certain those forces would be weaker than gravity, they don’t discount the possibility.

While there are certainly many things that modern science does not understand, there are also many things that it does understand, and those things do not allow for telekinesis. Which is not to say that we can prove those things aren’t real. We can’t, but that is a completely meaningless statement, as science never proves anything, that’s simply not how science works. Rather, it accumulates empirical evidence for or against various hypotheses. We can have two different hypotheses, each with a mountain of evidence. One tends to disappear as the other is promoted and financed. Hence, my claim that science can never truly be objective. I could have written this piece in such a way that would have fostered doubt in even the greatest believer.

Now, from a more mundane viewpoint:

  • I have seen the structure and texture of water change when exposed to certain emotions and sounds.
  • Similarly, I have seen a actual vortex appear in a glass of water that was standing completely still on top of a manifestation altar that used crystals to focus and concentrate energy on whatever was on top of that altar, and only half a vortex when that glass was placed next to the altar and only half rose above it.
  • I have seen cats display unnatural fear at cucumbers and mice hide from an avian shadow even though the cat had never seen a snake and the mouse had never seen a bird, indicating an evolutionary genetic knowledge that we have yet to discover.
  • I have seen scientists use super-colliders trying to discover the particle that supposedly created the entire universe, while one third of the world was holding their breath thinking the world would explode.
  • I see that nearly half the world believes in an intelligent universe, whatever name they may give it.
  • I have seen cancer patients defeat their affliction entirely by stopping their eating and drinking for two weeks. They survived, albeit temporarily weak, the cancer cells had been consumed to ensure that survival.
  • I trust that when people like Robert Monroe talk of lucid dreaming, astral projecting, the astral plane, remote viewing and out of body travel, thinks that science drops under the same parapsychology umbrella as psychokinesis, that they aren’t lying.

Finally, I trust that Saint and Fire would not hire a quack off the street and if they hired @RVConsultant, and he regularly refers to things like quantum entanglement and the kinds of things a truly experienced remote viewer has access to, that it would be completely irresponsible of me to discount even something as unlikely as this in its entirety.

From the day we are born we are told of all the things that can’t be and as the years go by our wonder and joy at the world disappears. I prefer to maintain my childlike curiosity and never stop asking questions, never say that something is outside the realm of possibility now or in the future.

And why not? What’s the harm, really? As long as it doesn’t occupy all my time, thinking about these things keeps my mind alive and dynamic. Try it yourself. Assume that it is possible and then think about how it could be done. It’s fun, like a puzzle or a riddle.

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.”

  • Carl Sagan


This is a very interesting idea. I actually think Alchemist could help in the development of psychokinetic abilities, assuming the listener is already studying a legitimate system that purports to teach that ability.

I believe it’s at least possible to aid in developing the ability, but, IMO, such a sub would probably have to be sold sans the usual money back guarantee and with the clear understanding that it will help to develop psychokinetic abilities, but that there will be lots of work required by the customer aside from just listening to the MP3.

Thanks for the suggestions! I read the Kaltem Gibson book about a decade ago and thought it was crap. The David Petry one is new to me, so I’ll check it out.

I do. Psychokinesis is definitely far less common. I’ve never seen anyone move an inanimate object with their mind (though I’ve seen people online claim they can do it with small, light objects, like paperclips), but what Grasping_infinity is talking about “just” requires mastery over the elements, which can be achieved by years of dedication to the study and practice of an esoteric system that includes lots of elemental work. Franz Bardon goes over this in Initiation into Hermetics and once, on a very still day, I saw a man who’d been practicing the Bardon system for over 15 years put his hand up, palm out, and the wind started blowing furiously as if a hurricane had just descended upon us. He did this for about two minutes and then as soon as he stopped the wind immediately stopped blowing. The same man told me that he knew someone who could light a candle just by placing a finger near the wick and then control the size of the flame

It is possible to get women to have sex with you who otherwise wouldn’t, but I don’t believe it can be achieved by creating an aura for it like the subliminal maker you’re referring to is trying to do. He’s also a charlatan who claims that he could make subs for time travel and myriad other amazing things, but he refuses to because either he regards them as unethical or doesn’t know how to do it safely yet. All that from a sickly man who has one infection after another and blames his customers and cycles of bad luck for his failures.

I’ve spoken to two men who’d experienced kundalini awakenings and could arouse lust for them in the women they chose by directing energy into a specific chakra of the target. I don’t know how to do it, but I trust the two guys who told me.

So much of what limits us is in our heads. Imagine all that what we could’ve accomplished if we hadn’t spent our entire lives being told “that’s not possible.”


@DarkPhilosopher perhaps i am being short sighted. Perhaps SC can build such technology to move objects by the power of the mind.

I look forewaed to hearing input from thr SC developmemt team.


I am moving hot girls onto my bed.

It’s telekinesis :wink:


@AMASH indeed the power of the mind is infinite. Sovereign and Fire have paved the way enhancing human potential.


I bet you drop the girls pants as a party trick using telekinesis :slight_smile: . Using your custom telekinesis sub


Only if they show up from texting or a phone call.
Else, it’s just regular kinesis. :wink: :joy:


Nope, he does this:

Now can we at least try and take this seriously. Please?

If it can be done, then how? What would it involve?


Perhaps you can mail Fire and request SC add in an additional stage “unleashing telekinetic powers”. To quantum limitless.