Syndonai's Ascended Mogul's Journal


Hello Guys,

I have been running Ascended Mogul for a good while and its been helping me on a couple of fronts.

1.It has been helping me in my self-development by dissolving a lot of the toxic and negative thoughts that has been plaguing me for years.
2. My confidence is gradually becoming stronger and stronger in myself and it shows in the hobbies I’m doing.
3. Recently started modeling, which is due to my increase in confidence as I wouldn’t have been able to be on the other side of the camera otherwise.

  • As my friends photograph me, I’m looking at myself like “wow is this really me? this attractive and confident person?”

The thing I noticed about Ascended Mogul is how unbelievably subtle it is. The changes almost feels too natural. Quite fun in my opinion


Welcome to Subliminal Results / SubliminalClub! Looking forward to hearing about your future experiences, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Quick update on my Ascended Mogul

Mogul Side
One of my new friends connected me with a professional photographer who is willing to help me learn the basics of studio lighting by allowing me to use his studio to learn.

  • This wouldn’t have been possible without Ascended Mogul because it cleared a lot of my insecurities and negative beliefs about being in social situations. It helped me make it a point to become more social in the most natural way that I know of.

Mogul has been helping me save money as well by helping me develop the willpower of not dipping into my savings account.

  • which are a horrible habit of mine and I’m glad that it’s helping me out in this regard


Last week, I met a female model in my photography community and we did a photoshoot yesterday. At first, it was felt like a normal shoot but then she gave me signs of attraction, which I’m usually really bad at picking up, that were really overt. At first, When I was reviewing the photos with her, she closed the distance on me and invaded my personal space. As the shoot progresses and we are moving to different locations, she began bumping into me as we are walking, and when she stands behind me, I can feel her hands feeling up my back.

“Ok this is getting interesting.”

Towards the end of the shoot, she starts rubbing her breasts innocently everytime I show her the shots I took of her and grabbing my arm on occasion. when we began to go our separate ways, she glued herself on to me as she is figuring out where to go and planning our next shoot, Which was today

Fast Forward to Today

We were supposed to go with her and a couple of other people to a photo shoot and photography related seminar. As if the very nature of reality was a infinite being had my back, Everyone but her wound up canceling and leaving me alone with her. and my seduction mindset came out naturally and I was bantering and becoming physical quick. First, it was me putting my arm around her lower waist. She responded well and giggly. When we got on to the crowded train we began grinding on each other and she was getting me hard.

At the seminar, we grabbed the backrow so we can fool around while remaining somewhat civil. I had my hand around her and exploring her body as she sat there with her head on my chest. What stopped me from going ham is the fact that there was a staff member 4 feet away from me, the fact that I was surrounded by highly conservative and religious people, and the look of distain from an old grandma.

The tension finally overflowed when we were hanging out in a dark area of the beach. I started kissing her and fondling her breasts and she was loving every second of it. I felt, as if it was wholly natural, like I became a new person who was way more experienced and way more comfortable with the idea being this sexual being. It felt surreal as if this experience challenged my very idenity because I had a dry spell for over a few years.


I definitely agree that A.M. is subtle. It sort of just lingers in the background… until a week or so later and you realize all the stuff that’s changed.

Nice report man, sounds alpha af to me B-)


Hahah. Yeah, that happens with our subs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So glad for you, and this is just the beginning, especially considering what is in store and experimentally being tested. :smiling_imp:


Quick update:

Its been rough couple of days, the girl I mentioned suddenly ghosted me and i feel devastated. though Ascended mogul is helping get over it. Currently running it all day.

As for business related dealings, I have the opportunity to shadow my friend’s father in a wedding reception to get a taste of how that sort of event photography plays out. so im excited for that