Switching to Rebirth and Ascension?


My situation as I’ve mentioned previously is very similar to that of @subliminalguy . I don’t feel like the man I thought I would be at just over 50 years old. Because of how and by whom I was raised I often come across as being terrified of confrontation. I was constantly told growing up that anything bad that happened was somehow my fault. From a step father on one side endlessly telling me I was a bad influence to a step brother on my father’s side blaming me for everything he did and my step mother and father believing him even though I had always tried to have as little to do with him as possible. It’s made me anxious in ways I can’t even begin to describe , afraid of mistakes or upsetting people, and always feeling like I’m in some sort of trouble for something real or imagined. That and it’s definitely impacted my progress at work because I lack the confidence to deal with verbal aggressiveness when need. I quite literally freeze up . For a guy who’s been told he looks incredibly intimidating I sure as shit don’t feel that way at all ever. That’s why I feel running Rebirth with Ascension for six plus months is what I need most at this point.


Being completely honest, I feel like ANY of our stacks would do you good – as long as you stop switching and you work toward a solid, tangible goal. Whether that be a new career, or some other goal, pursue it.


Completely agreed.

The question for you isn’t which subliminal, it is how long you can dedicate yourself.


It was simply a question. I haven’t switched. I ran Ascension one night with Emperor but I haven’t run anything but Emperor for at least the last month I will be adding Rebirth as part of my Emperor playlist