Switching Subliminals?


Hey hey.

So if I’m well into a subliminal, like a week in, but then decide I want to drop it for another subliminal, is that okay?

I just looked at Khan and honestly it seems really compelling. Do I have to keep going with my subs until the 30 day mark or can I drop them?



There is no “rules” to how you decide to use subliminals…

Does Khan feels like it would fit your objective more than your current stack?

How are the results of your current stack? Are you able to accept that if you don’t use subliminals as recommended (set and forget, taking action) you won’t get the results you were expecting?

There are no rules, basically the effect of the stack you are currently running will wear (except for the part that you have internalized totally) off while the effect of Khan will get stronger (Khan’s effect might take longer to notice since the subs cover such a large spectrum!)…

SubliminalClub’s sub are meant to be stacked, just know that you can’t quit your stack after one week and say that “it did nothing”…