Switching programs


Would the best approach be listen to major programs for 3 months daily and then take a week off before starting a new major program ?

Then listen like once a week to the previous program to sustain its effects ?


It seems like a healthy approach (and is the recommended way by at least one competitor that I know of). The short break allows your mind a bit of a rest and recovery, and that can help boost the results of the next sub you’ll listen to. And sticking to a sub helps you to become more mindful of its effects.

I’m not sure how the once a week listen will work though, instinctively I wouldn’t do that. The best way to sustain the effects is to figure out what those effects are (or are supposed to be) and continue to reinforce those through action. As long as you don’t send a conflicting message by falling back into old habits, you should be fine.
(Which makes me wish Saint had even more detailed descriptions on the product pages to act as a guide)

SubClub’s products share a core message, making them quite flexible. From all I’ve read, you can switch over with relative ease, the net result will be that you start emphasizing another goal. Obviously, some products are more compatible than others, use common sense there.

Personally, I categorize the products as Healing, Physical, Money, Seduction and Umbrella (products containing several or all of the above). Switching from Spartan to Mogul might be a bit of a system shock. Switching from Emperor to Mogul much less so.