Switching order


I have noticed myself wanting to switch up the order of my stack again and again, I am running the same subs, same amount of loops but I keep wanting to change it around the order in which I play those loops, is this some way of my subconscious blocking me by changing the order again and again


It could definitley be your subconcious trying to sabotage. Once you have been listening to a sub for a few days I recommend you to stick with it for atleast 30 days. If after 30 days you don’t notice even tiny results or the sub just isn’t a good match for you, I would switch.


I’m not switching subs, nor am I switching the amount of loops, just the order in which I play them and I wanna know if that can be considered self sabotage


It’s not sabotage. You’re free to experiment with the balance of your stack.