Swedge's Khan Journal


I’ve been listening to Stage 1 daily for at least 12 hours per day for the last 3-4 days and here’s what I have to report so far. Note: I have a somewhat skeptical mind and didn’t expect to actually “feel” much, but I was wrong :slight_smile:

Throughout the day:

  • Difficulty focusing on the tasks at hand, like my job (I listen to the sub while I work)
  • A slight pinch of impatience, with myself not others
  • The general feeling of going through some heavy shit (as if there was a recent death in the family, etc.) even though my day-to-day progresses as usual.
  • Feeling a bit emotional but not clear about what/why exactly.

During sleep:

  • Lots of dreams(I don’t bother trying to remember or analyze them, I let them go once I wake up)
  • Trouble falling asleep
  • The feeling of actively trying to solve or work through problems.
  • Harder than usual to wake up, feels like I’ve been working instead of resting.


  • Unusual feelings of fear, feelings that someone is watching me, something/someone in the room even though I can’t perceive it. Feeling like I’m being “seen”.


  • I keep my mentality like this: “Whatever we are going through is going to be tough, but it’s gonna be awesome, so just bolster a little extra grit to push through the day to day tasks. Let your mood and feelings fluctuate as they do naturally, that’s no problem. But don’t let them affect your decision making processes. You still need to cook and eat healthy, you still need to work hard at your job, you still need to exercise daily, and perform your sadhana, and take care of your household and family duties.”


I applaud you @swedge, it’s hard, and even ST2 is hard, but oh so worth it.

Life will be so different when you get to ST3. You’ll be much more of the man you want to be :slight_smile:


@AMASH did you do one month per stage? I’m feeling like I might not need that much time in Stage 1.


Yes, I did a full 30 days per stage.

And you cannot judge whether you need much time or not in a stage when you’re still in Day 4 :smile:


I did 3 weeks in stage 1 then went straight to stage 4. For some of us less healing is required for others it might mean doing a month before progressing to another stage 4


Yeah true :smiley:


Realize that @blackadder has been running Emperor and Primal and Regeneration for like a year before starting Khan. So he’s not a beginner, he has a solid strong foundation :wink:


AMASH is correct I was using other major subs before moving to Khan so this made a huge difference. Don’t rush as I know its easy to get overenthusiastic and wanting to get to the best of the stages asap. Take your time and you will reap the rewards of your investment from the subs.