Survival Instinct Q Core Now Available at Q Store

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Is this the first new module or core that has been added to the Q store?

That’s a moment.

This core seems like a must for any warrior, protection, or possibly even physical health-themed stack.

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Oh yeah I’m definitely making my physical custom now.

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It is. There are more on the way.


Niiiiiiice. I have no idea why I’d ever need such a sub, but I want it anyways. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Adding more on top of the original 152 (first-gen) I see.


If you know, you know :wink:

Eta or theme hint? I can tweak my first custom or get another depending on what’s in queue.

[sigh] Will probably have to rebuild my health custom soon just to add this one in. :slight_smile:

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Great work @HypeDaddySovereign will rebuild my existing sub with this one its a mandatory to have this one in every custom.

@Fire will have to answer that.


@HypeDaddySovereign I sent @Fire a message regarding my mistake. Same message I sent you

Can’t reveal too much just yet, however the ETA is within the next two weeks.


@Fire Did you see the message I sent you?

Yes. Rest easy, it’s all taken care of.

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Will there be upgrades to existing modules in the store?

@Fire Thank You. I did send you one last question

I have put the Survival Instinct module into a Q custom with the following configuration.

Survival Instinct
Emperor Fitness ST4

Ego Adsum

Productivity Unleashed
Debt Annihilator

Lion IV

Blue Skies
I Am
New Beginnings

It is not yet complete, but it will play on an mp3 player and speakers in my basement, next to where I work out. I will hear it while I exercise, when I take a shower or do laundry and when other miscellaneous duties take me to the basement.

I see it as working with issues of physical healing, well being and all around self-sufficiency and preparedness along with any issues around those subjects that may require emotional healing.

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Is it going to be ok adding this to my existing custom which already had the emperor core and 20 licensed build modules. Or should i have it in a seperate custom and stack them ?. What is the most productive way of going about this @Saint @Fire ?


I have a custom in the process being made, I should’ve Waited one more day lol

@Fire Will Iron Thorne be added to the Q store this time round?