Support Hub Feedback

Just wanted to provide some feedback on the new support hub. I had asked for feedback on a custom that I’m currently working on building. I had narrowed it down to 25 modules, listed them, and was hoping to get some insights / ideas about how to narrow it down further.

Their response was essentially that it looks good and the build will mesh well. There was no mention of the 20 module limit. For me having spent enough time on the forums and understanding the requirements for a Q custom, this was not an issue. It might be, however, for someone new to SubClub, who may not be familiar with the module limits and think that it is ok to build a custom with more than 20 modules.

The quickstart guide, first paragraph:

What more are we supposed to do?


I feel you. I know you’ve had a lot of issues with people ignoring those instructions and building massive customs - only reason I brought it up.