Superchargers - True Social


Is true social the only supercharger that doesn’t require one to sit still and meditate while listening?


So far, yes, it’s meant to give you a rush. Moving around while listening helps support that.

Personally, I find it difficult to do the visualization in True Social if I’m walking around doing other stuff. It’s like creating an augmented reality, overlaying the visualization on top of ever changing visual impulses. I’ll probably get better at it with time.

I just had a thought: Libertine 3.0, best listened to while having sex. :slight_smile:


I’m really liking True Social. I’ve added it once in the morning since Wednesday, so 6 times now. It seems to be the first thing that has reduced the self consciousness I’ve always had but hid well when talking to people. And, I’m an extreme introvert but I find myself seeking out conversation with others more.

I sit and use it as a meditation.