Superchargers on their own or in a combination


A few questions:

  1. Would there be any benefits using QL with beyond limitless supercharger? if so, when should I use the supercharger - before/after/mixed QL?
  2. Can a supercharger be used standalone? Or it has to be coupled with a major program?
  3. If the answer to the previous question is yes then, which supercharger fit to improve social interactions, social connections and friendliness? True Social? commander?

Thank you.

  1. Yes there would be some added benefit by adding BL, when you listen does not really matter.

  2. While it is recommended that you use them with a main program, they can be used standalone yes.

  3. True Social seems to be what you want


Thank you!


What is the meaning of a “name-embedded” sub?


A subliminal with your name embedded into it. :roll_eyes:


Hmm OK… is it a custom made sub? or is it automatically embedded into the file after the purchase? (like a template audio file which your name is embedded into it)


Custom made. Most of the subs since they are being used by many different people require a generic script. But @SaintSovereign and @Fire have found that embedding the listener’s name somehow seems to enhance the results significantly.

There’s an option on the sales page for “creating custom subs” that would allow you to work with that option. Costs more though, since it will only ever be used by one person (unless your name is John, Juan, Tomas, 家樂, Mary, Jane or Hassan, and you have extremely common and popular goals).