Superchargers guidance


I have this huge problem with superchargers, if I run it on 2 or 3 points I can’t hear anything but if I run it on 4 or 5 points I can hear clearly but then I feel ear pains and headaches, they really help me a lot but I have to deal with this every time, is anyone else facing this problem, and if so is there any solution


Points? Just run them at the same volume as you run masked or music.


Like the volume level, the squares on the phones when u increase the volume, I listen at usually 2/3 points and in the superchargers when I do the same I can’t hear anything but when I go upto 4/5 I get ear pains and head aches


That’s a bit odd. If you can hear music at 2/3 points just fine, you should be able to hear superchargers just fine.

Unless you’re listening to the ultrasonic tracks that comes with most pre-ordered superchargers. Those are obviously meant to be inaudible.


In order of preference…

Option 1: use a different hardware that has more volume levels - phone or mp3 player.

Option 2: use a headphone that has it’s own volume knob.

Option 3: on a phone, use another app to play the audios - one that allows smaller volume jumps.

Option 4: use an app with a graphic equalizer, keep the profile Flat, just lower the master volume.


I’m listening to the superchargers not the pre order tracks


A solution i can find is listening from a pc. You have more volume options


Are you listening to the meditation track or the ultrasonic one that comes with it? There is a binaural that is in there that will cause like a vibrato effect too.


Meditation track