SuperChargers are Awesome + TIPS!


Hey Everyone,

I have been Using SubClub Products religiously for almost a week, so far I am Loving their products. I want to talk about Superchargers specifically in this thread as I am finding them Life-Changing beyond hypnosis and subliminal, because they are kind of Supreme Mix of those two.

The one I am using right now are Elixir (My Fav), Legacy (Second Fav), True Social (Third Fav, obviously lol).

With these, my visualizations and my dreams has been more vivid, I am getting better each time I use them, and I can feel my energies and my body literally upgrading in each use, I feel like a Character in Game whose stats being upgraded.

So I want to share some Tips that I have found to be powerful for me that works harmoniously with these God-sent Superchargers:

  1. Relax, enjoy it as if it was a music
    Calm your thoughts and listen to the voice as if it was your favorite music, don’t think too much, and let yourself be guided through the visualization, Intention is key here, set your intention for total transformation. Trust and Surrender with accelerate the process.

  2. Say “Thank You” “Yes I am” “Yes You are” “Yes it is” or Even Repeat The Questions to yourself
    If you want to get a step further or you have hard time quieting the mind, you can repeat the affirmative phrases such as Thank you, Yes I am. Don’t focus too much on the questions as your subconscious mind will work through them.

For you Visual Explorers, you can also do it as instructed, by visualizing, set intention, let go, trust, and enjoy the process.

  1. Play it right before you sleep and the first time waking up
    That’s when our mind the clearest and the line to our subconscious the thinnest, and the affirmations will be absorbed much faster like a lotion on a dry skin, be open and trust the process it shall happen.

  2. Do it Every day consistently
    While doing it once can give you miraculous effects, just like a muscle, every time you play the audio, it gets embedded deeper and stronger, it gets easier too.

The thing is Our beliefs come in Layers, when you clear one belief, it might only clear the first few layers, just like rewiring a new one, the more you do it, the deeper and stronger it will get.

  1. Journal
    Lastly you might want to journal every day or every week to see the changes happening real time in your life, because sometimes it’s easy to get distracted and overlook the changes in your life, it’s a real concrete proof that these are happening and it will reinforce your beliefs that these Superchargers are REALLY working and therefore makes you more open to these suggestions.

There you go, 5 tips for awesome experience with your superchargers. I am curious to know which Superchargers are you using and how have they been impacting your life.

All the Best, Cheers


@Stellarhowl What’s been your experiences with Elixir, Legacy and True Social?


Yes, they are. Only problem I got is that I am too impatient and don’t really engage in the meditation.
Gotta change that.


I am the same way with a few of them lol


Thanks for this @Stellarhowl. These seem POWERFUL.


I just realized it is a pity I never invested in superchargers, especially that I did not use Elixir while I ran Khan St1 for 3 months. This seems to be the perfect addition to it…


@ExploringAstronaut You can just play and set an intention to enjoy it, and see it as having fun instead of a chore.

“I am doing this, I am having FUN with this”


Don’t put shame on yourself, it will block your sacral chakra, put love and compassion instead, it’s okay not knowing.

Yeah you should prolly look into it, or even “try” if they dont work you can ask for refund. But I even wish for longer sessions of these superchargers to be honest maybe around 15-20 mins.


Will share em in my main post about Emperor + Regen


I am not shaming myself in any form haha. But if I I did run Khan St1 again I would pick up Elixir that time.


@friday all the best for you bro.


I thought of purchasing it recently for Khan ST1 but the description explicitly makes it clear that it’s for another subliminal.