Super-Soldier Serum Project


Imagine being able to inject a super serum into your system which would enhance every part of your body and mind.

What if this was a digital serum ?.

Word is out that Subliminal Club are working on the “super soldier project” . Or what has been called the Captain America project. In a recent discussion with Saint he hinted that the"the captain america product is in the works". However little is know about it so far SC have preferred to keep their cards close to their chest on this one.

Out of curiosity what would people like to see in this new captain america product ?

Q Modules Requests
  • First off, an deep knowledge of what reasonable and necessary force means and the ability to apply that to any situation.

  • Total situational awareness.

  • Ability to read your environment and the people in it to spot threats. (People evaluating you as a target, concealed weapons, ect)

  • A strong urge to leave a situation when you start to think that you might need to use your super soldier powers. (Unless you are an actual soldier, cop, or other professional who has to go into those situations)

  • The ability to ignore injury during a crisis situation, and the wherewithal to seek or apply first aid afterwards.

  • A presence that discourages messing with you, and can be used to intervene in situations without violence.

I’ll come up with some more later. This is one of my wheelhouses.


Good points especially the “The ability to ignore injury during a crisis situation, and the wherewithal to seek or apply first aid afterwards”

I think one other addition would be enhanced healing

  • Tactically and legally correct action before during and after an incident so you are unharmed and avoid jail and lawsuits.

  • Remain calm and collected despite provocation. (If you’re noticing that I think this should be as much about avoiding violence as it is about prevailing at it, you are correct)


Of course becoming a pro at Frisbee is a must! :grin:

But in all seriousness, I think challenging you on what is right and wrong to provide a rock solid foundation of your personal beliefs, then giving you the confidence and strength to fight for and stay true to those beliefs.


If this idea ever reaches fruition i reckon it will be a multistage program.


A cool shield.

Barring that, how about wisdom? It’s easy to come up with all kinds of abilities one must have, but having all that and not being able to exercise wisdom in its use…

Or patience, restraint. Things like that.

Actually, the first thing that popped into my head was a sense of honor.


True that. Making major decisions without some kind of reflection can end up disastrous. History, both recent and long ago, is layered with stories of ill thought-out ideas. I agree with using one’s Noggin more when making such choices. Using Stark Q right now, I’m starting to see how I can do that more in my own life


@DarkPhilosopher absolutely outstanding please take heed in what Darkie says.

I think that Fire when he wrote Quantum Limitless he modeled the product on Darkies grey matter :grinning:


The ability to withstand extreme pain

When Sex Mastery taps into your pleasure neurons, this sub can tap into your pain ones, giving you full control over them and shutting them down.


Thats fantastic idea Friday well done


That is probably the biggest compliment I have received. Thanks!

It’s actually not as difficult to learn how to disassociate from pain than most people think. It just takes focus and the ability to move perception away from an area. Taking it one step further, being able to actually not get hurt is a more advanced skill.

Think about holding your had above a flame. You can learn to disassociate from the pain, but you’ll still get burnt. But there are people that can even avoid getting burnt. Technically it’s a similar skill to what those monks use that can melt the snow around them while meditating.


I misread the title as " Super Soldier Sperm Project "


Sssshhhh! That’s the OTHER project. We’re not supposed to talk about that one.


That would be pretty dope as well actually. Scripting to enhance the connection between the conscious and subconscious (unconscious?) mind to have absolute control over your body (temperature, sexual arousal lol)


Actually, I was taught that particular meditation by a Taoist teacher. Quite nice. It’s all about solid visualizing (Wasn’t there a product called Mind’s Eye? :slight_smile: ). If done right and often it would alter your brainwaves and energetic field surrounding you.

Haven’t melted any snow yet. Personally I prefer going for the opposite. Imagine being able to cool down completely after an exertion or on a hot day by mentally cooling the air around you.

Who needs sweat? Enter the cryo-mancer!

And if you overdo it, a tropical storm. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it…


You mean isn’t?


I don’t know. You tell me. :wink:


Super Soldier Sperm Project is part of Beyond Sex Mastery Shhhhh keep it quiet.


I can see the Captain America coming in the not too distant future. Think about it why was Fire talking about the “Steve Rogers effect” a special enhancement that was suppose to be added into weapon X. Then a year later Saint accidently lets the cat out of the bag he mentions “Captain America”. If you connect the dots you will see where SC are going with this project.