Summer Seduction Custom ideas and advice

So considering how much attention my non seduction custom got, my curiosity piqued in knowing what would happen if I make a purely seduction custom? What would happen? For this reason and since I will be on a summer type vacation soon, I wanted to see what you guys think of this custom:

Stark Core
Earthshake - Sexuality
Approachabitlity Aura
Physical Shifter - Sexiness
SPS: Fat Burn
Emperor Fitness: Height Inducer
Epigenetic & DNA modulator
Emperor’s Voice (Maybe to get a a deep sexy voice)
Gorgeous Manifestor
Instant Spark (Perfect for clubs)
Alexander’s Play
Long-Range Seduction (To get girls online)
Seducer’s Gaze
Sexual Manifestation
Charisma & Flirting Automatic Mentor/Improver
The Spotlight

Tagging the masters of seduction @Invictus @Dragon-Lesson @Luther24



Is Stark Sexy???

The modules I would drop

Epigenetic and DNA
Emperor Fitness Height Inducer

But I never ever used stark, so I can’t really speak here.

Now the question is : what have you tested from the Sexual subs?

These modules are if anything the most important to have girls approach me (From my experience). Also I added the dna one since it helps with physical shifting and making the sub work better and faster. The height inducer to increase height obviously and to amplify Physical Shifter - Sexiness effects. Yes Stark is a sexual sub:)

Also the custom is focused on physical attractiveness as well


I did this custom


Alexander’s Play
Aura of craving
Charisma and Flirting automatic Improver
Gorgeous Manifestor
Male Enhancement
Natural Winner
Seducer’s Gaze
Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver
Sexiness Unbound
Sexual Manifestation

I did 6 loops in total and it’s a blast


I get your reasons

Then I would ad Libertine into this Beast

Or Sex Mastery

Could you dive deeper on how you felt and your overall results with this custom? I’ve been considering a more seduction focused custom recently and wasn’t sure where to start. Would love your insight.

I really love the idea of temptation + entranced. Havent used them myself, but i imagine when these two are fully integrated, thats gonna be so freaking powerfull. Also add something like wanted and stark to it and holy shit….


I’m waiting for them to fully integrate :wink:

First of all there is this new state of : Everything is abundantly available for me and this creates happy and alive energy in myself.

Sexual charged hot burning fire in myself

It feels natural to have sex with as many women I like

When I see a women I like I just go and make it clear that I want a good time for us both.
Its healthy to be sexual, It all flows very Natural

Results: I had 2 times sex in 10 days with different women

Before - 5 years, nearly nothing. (South America don’t count :joy:)

And I didn’t even started, I still feel that there will be immensely more to unlock with this custom.

Let’s go


I did try them all, most of them in a custom.

Primal Seduction, Sex Mastery, Khan,Emperor, Libertine, Wanted, Diamond and Primal.

Primal and Diamond I can enjoy my life without massive overflow of Sexual energy

Emperor also but it’s different, it’s more like a well built Machine that has everything in it with a cooling system that gives me total control and never overheat.

Kahn - overheat

Libertine - circus of lust

Primal Seduction - on a mission

Wanted - relaxed, let them do the sexual aspect of the interaction

Sex Mastery - I exuded sexual Competence and was powerfully sexual all the time

Primal - I have Funn to pick what I like

Diamond - internal pleasure

After intensive testing, Primal and Diamond is my way to go.

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Maybe Inner Gasoline would solve the overflow of Sexual energy.

I did try that also.

Its to much for me.

After 3 days I explode


I have it in my Emperor Custom and it’s golden there. I am always ready but never explosive

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“Overflow of sexual energy” caught my attention.

That is exactly what i want.

Which product gave you this result?

The question is: are the girls you are interested in approaching you?

Inner Gasoline.
Q Store custom module.