Suggestions for third title w/ Seductress, RM

I’m doing a washout right now and trying to decide what I want to try for my next stack. I’ve been listening to Seductress zp for about 7 months, and will continue it.

I have been listening to UA as well for 3 cycles and while I definitely was noticing benefits in some of my decision making for my business, it hasn’t been as helpful as I hoped so far, and I’ve also felt much less artistically inspired lately. I’ve barely been creating at all while listening to UA, which is highly unusual for me. So I am thinking to switch to Renaissance Man which I’ve been wanting to use ever since I first found subliminal club, as it deeply resonated with me right away.

My current goals are, to unleash my creativity and self expression and really kind of… Get rid of whatever remaining trauma in me says that my vision and my art won’t be successful. Because my gut and my heart have always said this is my purpose but I took on too many negative voices over my life about my ability to succeed as an artist. I think RM can really help me here.

So my other main goal is to really develop myself better as a business woman and a marketer and someone who can sell. Because my current story is that I’m someone who basically sucks at selling. I hate marketing, trying to sell my product, trying to sell my brand, while staying genuine to myself. But I marvel over other people’s ability to do it, I understand that it is an essential skill for me and I want to be good at it and have gotten better with practice and hard work but it still feels completely foreign to my identity.

I am considering, therefore, using True Sell as my third title. I was also considering Stark, which I have run briefly, and I responded very well to it but didn’t use long enough to know how it would fully express itself in me. I can’t decide between the two. Stark would stack well with both Seductress and RM I think, but true sell might be more to the point in getting me over my specific hurdles around selling?

Any suggestions or thoughts are very welcome.


I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if you start getting bloom from UA when you drop that to switch for RM. especially after 3 cycles. eager to hear how it goes for you


Renesaince Man
True Sell

And your good to go


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was thinking the exact same thing.

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Have you used 5 minutes loops?

I’ve been curious about it but haven’t tried yet since the full 15 minutes was working consistently well with all the other zp subs I’ve used. But I definitely usually notice immediately internal changes, and sometimes I’ll think the sub is about to end, and it’s only been 5 or 7 minutes and I’m surprised.

I remember seeing that the “Sex and Seduction” sun can help with sales ability. But I do not recall is that title is ”safe” for women to run.

If so, that might be a good one to help with the persuasion/sales goals