Suggestions for a new custom

I am currently using a stark Q Core sub.

I want a new sub with The Aegis Core and HOM core to stack with.

What else can I add to make it a solid custom focused on Business and Networking.

Direct Influencing Aura for networking

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Please wait until tomorrow’s new modules. :slight_smile:

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I’d agree with what @Hermit and others have said before about DEUS, Yggdrasil and Omnidimensional. I have all three of these in my custom and I think they make a solid difference in helping the cores manifest into positive results. Plus what @SubliminalUser said :wink:


How is deus working for you :thinking:

@Azriel what is direct influencing aura, how is it different from a regular aura?

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regular aura just goes outward and influences based on it’s effect
direct influencing aura -acts with intentionality based on your conscious or subconscious desires to influence someone to the desired effect, whether business, romantic, or sexual
it’s like turning your aura into a laser or a wave, or lasers and waves, that can be directed lol

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Ok ok, but what if I don’t know what I want :thinking:

Aura control seems tough, I know I can build a strong aura, but controlling it seems hard!

Do you have direct influencing aura in your stack?

It’s only a q-module for customs and I don’t have it in my current custom.
So I can’t comment on it personally, I just paraphrased the copy from the custom store.

Normally you don’t control auras-they just radiate off of you, as far as I know…
Direct influencing aura I believe it has a kind of ‘sniper’ like effect in who your influencing.

I’ve suspected, though I can’t be certain, that DEUS combined with Omnidimensional gave me the idea to push forward with using the pheromone production mp3 I talked about on my journal (the person who makes the program in question has a bit of a Morpheus vibe to them, and I piggy backed a bit of memetics onto the back of my purchase of the mp3 to help improve my chances). DEUS tries to take care of all the little details that can assist the transformation along with puahing processing of input and output. Omnidimensional says “allowing the subliminal to work from an infinitely massive amount of angles. You can expect Omnidimensional to help things manifest rapidly and develop changes in yourself and in your life in ever more profound ways.”

I think my push to throw the kitchen sink at my female attraction goals has been largely the result of including those modules along with Primal. Probably Information Releaser helped to remind me of how mantra aids the process as well. I think theres a possibility Information Releaser has been helping the process too especially in pushing me to learn more about vashikaran practices and revisiting some of the information I had learned in past years.

I’ll be able to say more once lock-down is over, I think though there is the possibility positive results could occur even before then - already I’ve seen results beyond what my expectations were during lockdown.


Hmm, yeah, they do seem interesting, very interesting, but hard to tell how everything is working especially those two.

If you have a “manifest female” module and you see more female, then you know what it does, but those one…

@mecharc what’s the state of your new custom idea with the module pack now released?

Indefinitely postponed :see_no_evil:… Need to solve some newly risen life issues with AM for now… I stopped using my current custom yesterday.