Suggestions Between Options Please help me make up my mind! 🙏


My Ultimate Goal is to Grow my Family Business into an Empire, also Be a higher Status human.

For The Status aspect, my Program is Khan. I am on Stage 3 Day 3.
I have Also Added QL to my stack (Ql St1 Day 8), I have eased onto this stack with a higher ratio of K.

I recently came across a new business idea on a field completely new to me. Im Using QL to support me while i learn about this new field. I plan to maximize my learning implement this idea when i come back home for good Ie. any time between August 2020 to December 2020.

I Also have EOG and MOGUL in my inventory.

What would be a better Stack for me for the Wealth Aspect of my goal?

The Options I have Came Up with are:

  1. Khan, QL, EOG (this is probably Too heavy)
  2. Khan, QL, Mogul
  3. Khan, EOG, PCC ( EOG also has Limitless in it as well as Wealth Programming, but does the limitless scripting match QL scripting?)

Any Different Suggestion will be appreciated.



I’d say #2 because you’re already using the bigger ones and Mogul is a light program to add by comparison


My opinion

Option 4. Khan + QL, nothing else.


Khan and QL, until August.

Wealth building can always come later. PCC is for when you take the hot seat.

I’d also get the Commander as a Khan booster for August.


Can you Please explain this a bit more please


That’s already in my playlist :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


I wouldn’t even run Khan if you want to build a serious business from scratch. But that’s just my opinion. Khan feels to me more like the sociable entrepreneur that has already build his empire and wants to take a more sociable approach to his business.


@hermit since @mecharc was already running Khan, it made sense to continue with it. He’ll be taking over the family business, so he’ll need to act like a CEO.

You’ll need PCC as well to motivate your workforce and for understanding corporate social dynamics. You do not want to go in blind and naïve about how people actually are. Think Mark Zuckerberg before Congress - he charmed the pants off the senators when he was in a very difficult, potentially company-ending position with Facebook.
You don’t want to be ousted from your position either by some corporate putsch.


@Michel So QL, Khan , PCC till August?


No, Khan and QL.


Ai Ai Commander!


Those are two major programs already. Quantum Limitless & Khan is a heavy stack, I wouldn’t add anything until you’ve finished those completely.

Take my advise and run these as boosters for your life goals but don’t wait for them to bring you the goals themselves, it won’t ever happen. My stack Emperor + Quantum Limitless already is intense, I’m taking in allot of hours but I feel Emperor v4 is really have stacked. For any new member here I would actually suggest going from ascension to ascended mogul to emperor. Than Emperor would be able to work more on it’s Emperor traits instead of still having to program the ascended mogul traits into your system. Ascended Mogul is actually a really good framework to start with before going into any major four stage subliminal - or Emperor which is in fact a four stage subliminal all pushed into one track, from my opinion.

Anyway, I’m not going to switch back to Ascension or Ascended Mogul because it doesn’t contain the latest technologies. New Beginning is working really smoothly on me. If those get updated anywhere soon I might switch back from Emperor to create a good framework to work on.


Absolutely on point!!! If i had my current level of understanding 93 Days ago, I would have started with Ascension.


@Michel I want to use the stackable modules Social King and Commander.

Can you please suggest me a ratio for K,QL, SK and C ?



Keep Khan and QL as your base. 1:1. Give it a month before stacking stuff. You’ll want to feel when to use the others.

Ultimately it’s your stack, but Khan is already a social/alpha subliminal. I suspect it isn’t moving as fast as you want it hence adding stuff on top. Give it time.